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Why I Needed a Break From Numerology

Back on April 25th, I made this post letting my readers know I would be halting work on any blog posts or videos for a little bit.

As long as I’ve been doing this work, I’ve said it would continue until I wasn’t learning anything. What I didn’t quite anticipate, however, is that there may come a point where it ceased to be fun. And indeed, the synchronicity I experienced with the recent death of my cousin briefly sucked the enjoyment out of what I do and left me truly disturbed.

I’ve been known to call the Gematrinator Calculator a “digital Ouija board.” This is for very good reason. Those who put consistent energy, emotion, and speech into the study of gematria and horology, with myself near the top of that list, will inevitably come to learn that their reality is a mathematically-produced hologram, with events in your life becoming increasingly-connected to the “greater consciousness” – or events that grasp the attention of a large majority of people.

Two Hundred and Twenty-Three (223)

I made this live stream in March that focused on the synchronicities surrounding the 2004 death of my cousin Chris. He died after suffering a pair of strokes, the first one occurring while he was a freshman on campus at Valparaiso.

The closest major university to my house is Marquette, which I visited in September of last year to help Zach Hubbard teach gematria out on the street. Last month, I made this live stream (as well as this follow-up on the death of a freshman at Marquette University named Kamrin Ray.

My live stream was on the 22nd of March, or 22/3 of 2023

Kamrin Ray died a span of 223 days after I went to Marquette:

Exactly one month after my video, my cousin April died…in the month of April. This is the first time I’ve lost a first cousin since Chris died.

April Tikkuri (1981 – 2023)

She passed away in 2023 on April 22nd, which can be written as 2023/22/4.

"April twenty second" = 223 (Ordinal)

April was 2200 weeks, 3 days (or 2200 weeks, 4 days w/ end date) old:

April was born 223 weeks (or exactly 224 weeks w/ end date) before me:

She passed away 322 days after my birthday:

I’ve been blogging about the numbers 223 and 322 all year. Skull and Crossbones has gematria of 223, and the Skull & Bones secret society, which has 322 on its emblem, is at Yale University, which turns 322 years old later this year.

"Skull and Crossbones" = 223 (Ordinal)

April passed 170 days before Yale turns 322 years old:

"April" = 170 (Latin)

April had also just turned 506 months old:

"April" = 56 (Ordinal)

Chris died on the 56th day of the year:

April died 56 days after the anniversary of Chris’s death:

The Foo Fighters

My follow-up video on the death of Marquette student Kamrin Ray explains how it was a riddle connected to the 1994 suicide of Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain.

Dave Grohl, who used to be part of Nirvana, announced the release of a tribute record to deceased drummer Taylor Hawkins between Kamrin’s and April’s exit from this plane of existence.

Hawkins was a span of 9 years, 2 days old when April was born, and he died 15010 days later:

Dave Grohl = 92 and 151

Grohl’s new band is called the Foo Fighters.

"Foo Fighters" = 128 (Ordinal)

April’s death fell 1 year, 28 days after Taylor Hawkins’:

These are the same digits found in April’s birthday – February 18th, or 2/18. Kamrin Ray died at Marquette, whose mascot is the Golden Eagles.

Kamrin Ray, Golden Eagles, and Death all = 218

Her birthday can also be written as 18/02. The Foo Fighters‘ upcoming album is called But Here We Are, which shares gematria with Kurt Cobain and my name.

"Foo Fighters But Here We Are" = 1802 (Latin), "Kurt Cobain" = 1802 (Squares), "Derek Tikkuri" = 182 (Reverse)

The day after she died, a newly-reunited Blink 182 headlined the Coachella music festival.

There’s another remarkable alignment in Reverse.

Foo Fighters and April Tikkuri both = 169 Reverse

April Tikkuri died a span of 10609 days (or 10610 w/ end date) after Kurt Cobain:

The Foo Fighters = 161, 217, and 1981

Taylor Hawkins was born on 2/17. April was born in 1981.

April’s full name matches Kurtis Donald Cobain in the two most relevant Extended methods.

April Marie Tikkuri and Kurtis Donald Cobain both = 713 Latin and 993 Standard

I would have pointed this out earlier, but it’s not actually Kurt’s full name. The only reason I’m mentioning it is because in my 2021 post I made on Kurt Cobain, I made note of that very gematria at the very bottom of the page.

Full Circle

Now to bring this full circle – one of my very first posts on this Blog, and the first post in the Organic Matrix section, talked about the murder of a man named Kurt – Kurt Kraenzler, who used to date my cousin Tori.

My first post back after taking a break was about the death of an Olympian named Tori Bowie.


It’s worth pointing out that April‘s death, although very sudden, is not suspicious. Without too much detail, she had been struggling with some demons that had finally prevailed.

To make this even more strange, earlier in the month of April, we got this news story in Milwaukee County, telling us that a whopping seventeen people had died from overdoses “since Saturday” – which was the first day of April.

Needless to say, this was a very tragic event to the family. Remember that back in September, the Tikkuris suffered through another tragedy when my uncle and his girlfriend got in a fatal car wreck. That crash happened on the same exact day that multiple people Zach knew got in accidents, and fellow researcher Dan Behrendt also lost a former friend to a motorcycle crash that day.

I don’t intend by any means to exploit anyone’s loss or pain for the sake of views or support on my platforms. However, the intention of my Blog from the outset was to get closer to the truth about what we’re really studying, and I believe this type of decode is vital in terms of understanding what type of world we really live in, and how each of us is individually connected to something far greater than our minds were ever designed to comprehend.

I would like for this Blog to focus mainly on things that pertain to the aforementioned “greater consciousness,” and not personal tragedy, and hopefully I can apply myself to that going forward. But the clarity this event has brought me in light of what I was questioning just a couple of months ago is part of my journey, and it feels like my obligation to share it with you.

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