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Earth Supercomputer at Work in Car Crash Synchronicities

Last week, I made this post right after learning about a fatal car accident that occurred in my family. Details were scarce at the time, so I was very limited in my ability to find any intriguing numerical alignments for the date, outside of the fact that the vehicle they were T-boned by was a Dump truck, which lined up perfectly with the date.

Dump Truck = 37 and 53, Truck = 73 and 19

It turns out that it happened in the town of Jackson.

Jackson = 73 and 19

Imagine my stunned reaction when I saw that on Monday, Zach Hubbard, whom I met earlier this month in what itself was an alarming synchronicity, posted a video on his channel about the “Organic” side of gematria because a friend of his he met during his trip AND his own father both got in car accidents on the exact same day – September 22nd. Watch his stream at this link. To compound this, I first learned about Zach’s syncs while I was visiting with my uncle yesterday.

That’s strange enough as it is. But consider the fact that back in April, I made this post and this video on the death of NFL quarterback Dwayne Haskins, who was struck by a Dump truck while walking on the interstate. It was later determined that Haskins was under the influence of multiple substances at the time of his death.

So – is it possible that the death of this athlete in Florida, a man no one in my family had ever met, was connected to the death of my uncle’s girlfriend? Strap in.

Last week’s fatal accident occurred in Adams County, Wisconsin. Here is the press release from the sheriff office’s official Facebook page (click to enlarge):On September 22, 2022, at approximately 7:57 AM, the Adams County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a two vehicle accident at the intersection of County Road G and County Road I, in the Adams County Town of Jackson. The initial investigation determined that a dump truck driven by John Meyer, age 54 of Friendship was traveling south on CTH G. An SUV driven by Mark Tikkuri, age 64 of Wauwatosa was traveling west on CTH I and failed to stop at the stop sign for CTH G and entered into the path of the dump truck. Linda Mueller, age 63 of Wauwatosa was a passenger in the SUV and succumbed to injuries sustained in the accident and was pronounced deceased at the scene by the Adams County Medical Examiner’s Office. Wisconsin State Patrol Technical Response Unit is completing a post crash reconstruction of the accident scene. The Adams County Sheriff’s Office was assisted at the scene by the Oxford Fire Department, Marquette County EMS, Wisconsin State Patrol, and the Adams County Medical Examiner’s Office. The accident remains under investigation at this time and no additional information is being released at this time. Sheriff Brent York

The odds that two random names would have the same gematria in 3 of 4 base methods is just a fraction of one percent.

Dwayne Haskins and Linda Mueller both = 198, 54, and 72

Notice the 54 in Reduction. The driver of the dump truck is 54 years old. This is the value of Tikkuri in Reverse.

"Tikkuri" = 54 (Reverse Reduction)

Note how the number Forty-nine has gematria of 54.

"Forty nine" = 54 (Reduction)

Haskins was killed on April 9th, or 4/9

Linda died on the 22nd of September, written 22/9. This can be reduced to 4/9.

Crash, Accident, Town of Jackson, and Zach Hubbard all = 49

The crash that Zach’s friend had in New York was the first of his entire life, and he is 49 years old.

“Florida” Connection

I have a lot of love for all my uncles on both sides of my family, but if I had to pick, Mark would be my favorite. We have a lot of similar personality traits, also being very focused on work, no interest in having kids, etc. Remarkably, his common and full names both match mine in gematria.

Derek Tikkuri = 142 and 182, Mark Tikkuri = 142, Mark Allan Tikkuri = 182

Note the 142 in particular. In April, Dwayne Haskins was killed in the city of Fort Lauderdale, just outside the airport.

"Fort Lauderdale" = 142 (Ordinal)

Mark’s crash fell 142 days after Haskins’ birthday:

In my original post on Haskins, I have an entire section on the number 124. Dwayne was born on a date with Primary numerology of 124, on May 3rd, which is the 124th day of the year in leap years:(5) + (3) + (19) + (97) = 124

His nickname was “Simba”, revealing a connection to The Lion King, and he died in Florida.

The Lion King and Florida both = 124

Although my uncle’s legal name is Mark, I don’t know anyone who calls him that. My whole life, he’s always been Uncle Gus. He’s lived in Wauwatosa ever since I was a little kid.

Gus Tikkuri and Wauwatosa both = 124

Gus has some big ties to Florida. His second wife Lynn, whose name is very similar to Linda, moved to Florida in the 90’s. His step-daughter from that marriage (who is actually somewhat of a celebrity) also lives in Florida.

On top of that, his third wife’s name is Mickey. In my last Super Stream, I covered the numerology of a funnel cloud that appeared at Florida’s Disney World, whose mascot is Mickey Mouse.

After all this, my jaw didn’t actually hit the floor until I looked up the site of the crash on Google Maps. To the immediate east of the intersection of Highways G and I sits a tiny one-strip airport called Clearwater Ranch Airport:

Clearwater Airport, in Wisconsin? Why?! Clearwater is a city in Florida.

I did not know until just now that Clearwater is home to the Church of Scientology. The church has matching Ordinal gematria with Linda’s full name.

Linda Suzanne Mueller = 226 and 287, Church of Scientology = 226, 287, and 100

She was born on a date with Primary numerology of 100 and left us on the date leaving 100 days in the year:(4) + (18) + (19) + (59) = 100

Check out all of the overlap Scientology has with all of the people involved in this story. Linda was 63 years old.

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