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What is Gematria?



Gematria is a method of computing the numerical value of words based on the letters within the word or phrase. Gematria was originally used for the Kabbalistic method of interpreting the Hebrew scriptures. By summing the numerical value of letters in the corresponding word or phrase, Hebrew scriptures would be interpreted numerically through gematria and other decoding methods of Temurah and Notariqon.

Gematria is used in many ways currently. From personal, self-exploration to decoding sports, news, and current events, it seems that gematria is ingrained in the fabric of our reality. Whether it be an organic phenomenon or contrived by man somehow, gematria continues to show truth and trends numerically in almost all scenarios.

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To help answer the question “what is gematria”, one must understand that ciphers have been used since the beginning of language. Furthermore, it’s also considered very important to understand that the ciphers of most significance are almost always those that are the simplest. While the “Ordinal” gematria cipher may be the most logical for some, “Reduction” is frequently referred to as the purest form of numerology.

Take a look at the ciphers listed below that are considered the “four base ciphers”:

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what is gematria, what is gematria reduction cipher, what is a gematria pythagorean cipher
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what is gematria, what is gematria cipher, what is a gematria cipher, what is reverse gematria

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The most recent post of Derek’s Gematrinator Blog can be viewed here. With over 3000 posts, Derek discusses the numeric connections between current events, news stories, sports, and personal observations.

Topics typically include bits of Gematria, Date Numerology, Date Durations & Spans, and even Astrological phenomena like Solar & Lunar Eclipses.

Undeniable connections between all of these topics become very clear to the point were patterns are starting to trend. Take a look for yourself.

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