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Do you have questions about Gematria and Numerology? Many people have had the same questions. Check out our answers on the following questions and topics.

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Can I just use the old calculator?


Tier 1 (Casual) subscribers have access to all three previous versions of the Gematrinator Calculator on the Nostalgia page. None of these calculators will have any of the new powerful features found in the 2022 version, like the vast databases, but the same old look and feel will keep your decoding experience consistent until you’re ready for change.

Why do I have to pay now?

You don’t!

All of the features that were on the previous Gematrinator site are still available with a Free account.

You also get new functions like the History Match, Most Common Match, and stored user history. The three tiers of paid memberships unlock various NEW tools that have been added to the website to help make decoding easier and more robust, in addition to supporting my work here on the Blog and on YouTube.

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Why are my Database Matches so small?

The entire “Match” function has been re-written to provide only the most relevant of results. Because of that, we’re starting from scratch and re-building the data. This may take a little time, but it will grow quickly. Before long, you will be able to filter your searches by category as well. Because of the limitations, users currently have access to twice the normal number of Database Matches.

Why did you remove a bunch of ciphers?

Some of the ciphers you remember from before have simply been renamed. “Jewish” gematria is now “Latin”. The “English Extended” cipher is now “Standard”. The ciphers called “Capitals Added” and “Capitals Mixed” are the same as “Francis Bacon” and “Franc Baconis”, respectively.

The Kabbalah methods (English Qaballa, Cipher X, and Trigrammaton Qabalah) are featured for Members (Casual, Enthusiast, Mystic) along with a slew of new features, such as Create-A-Cipher, saved Options, saved and History Tables, and more.

To see the full list of ciphers available, please check our Ciphers page.

What is Gematria?

The study of gematria is an ancient mystical practice that likely dates back to the origins of written language. While English and other Latin-based languages are accustomed to using separate spelling and numeral scripts, this wasn’t always the case throughout history.

In languages such as Hebrew and Greek, the letters used to spell their words are also used to communicate numbers. By paying close mind to the gematria of particular words and phrases in English, primarily pertaining to geometry, astronomy, and the Gregorian calendar, one finds that this concept is every bit as much in use today as it ever has been.

Those who dig deeper will find that this code is observed by authoritarian organizations throughout the globe, and those who search beyond that will also discover some fascinating truths about the world we call our reality.

Who built the Gematria Calculator & Tools?

I did. My name is Derek Tikkuri. Find out a little more about me in the Gematrintor 85 about page.

Why all these different ciphers?

It’s considered very important to understand that the ciphers of most significance are almost always those that are the simplest. While “Ordinal” may be the most logical for some, “Reduction” is frequently referred to as the purest form of numerology.

Ancient Hebrew and Greek utilized a different format, however, assigning their letters the values 1-9, 10-100, and 100-900. This progression is called “Standard” gematria and is labeled as such on the calculator. The “Latin” method uses the same chart, but honors the order of the Latin alphabet. These ciphers are certainly just as important as the “base four” seen when opening the calculator.

(To see the ciphers featured on this website, please visit our Ciphers page.)

While the aforementioned group is all that’s necessary to understand gematria’s relevance, more insight can often be provided through additional methods. The ones featured on this site are typically based on simple mathematical concepts (Prime numbers, Triangulars, Squares, etc.) that were also observed in older languages. “Sumerian” gematria multiplies the alphabet by 6, the upside-down 9 that our knowledge of time is based off of. “Satanic” gematria is an occult method that begins on 36 because the 36th Triangular number is 666. “Satanic gematria” = 666 in that very cipher.

While there are certainly other ciphers in existence not featured, it is generally impractical to attempt to derive any meaning from them, but that does not mean they don’t have their place. There are good arguments for Chaldean numerology, as well as the various “Qaballa” methods. Users who wish to go deeper can sign up and create many additional ciphers to use on the site as well!

Can't you do anything you want with so many numbers?

While the amount of different numbers at first appear large to any reasonable skeptic, those who are initially doubtful of this code’s relevance are often impressed by the consistency of the methods used, which also happen to be the most basic available. No one can deny that the alphabet has a specific order, and it’s that same simple order which is applied and aligned with the calendar, whose numbers are universal.

Is everything coded?

In my observations, significant numerical alignments will be the strongest for our births, deaths, and major life events. This could include a marriage, the purchase of a house, or the start of a dream job, but also suffering an injury, having something stolen, or getting in an accident. All of these things shape the direction of our lives, and can determine where we will be spending significant amounts of time.

In my experience, I have little question that synchronicity itself is also coded. Ever have something happen that seemed so incredibly unlikely, there just HAD to be something more to it? The names and ages of the people and/or symbols involved are likely to have strong connections with you and the event’s date.

Many, many other things have evidence of being coded and connected. Significant achievements in sports, film and television release dates, the beginning and end of wars…all the way down to individual news stories and other things in media every day. There’s even evidence of patterns related to gematria in the stock market, in cryptocurrency, and more.

How useful is knowing more about numerology in investing or other markets of risk, like gambling? It can give you a bigger piece of the larger picture, and may even increase probability in your favor. Very few would be wise, however, to use what most consider a pseudoscience to direct their resources without having a lot of meaningful (even revelatory) experiences on their own. Like any language, it takes time to understand, and those who claim to have all the answers are the likeliest to still be seeking some.

Why the number 85 for "Gematrinator_85?"

It used to be “Gematrinator_64” prior to my first YouTube channel being deleted. I was born on 6/4 of ’85. I then met the future co-owner of Gematrinator.com, who was also born in ’85, exactly 85 days after me.

Do you believe in God?

I believe that our world is a divine creation whose purpose is to provide us with a series of experiences and relationships that teach us more about ourselves. It reveals our true connectedness with others to those who better the lives of themselves and those around them by working hard and spreading love and kindness.

I had always held a generic belief in God since I was young, and this was re-affirmed to me with a powerful experience I had in the summer of 2001. However, it wasn’t until I began observing the world through the perspective I’m now sharing that my overly-analytical mind could no longer ignore the evidence that someone (or something) far more intelligent than us is at work.

This creator or entity is not as concerned with our emotions as we’d like for it to be. Unfortunately, not all the lessons we learn are fun, and things like failure and tragedy are something many of us have to go through to earn this growth. But it does appear these types of things happen at junctions in our life that may be preestablished in some sense.


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Topics typically include bits of Gematria, Date Numerology, Date Durations & Spans, and even Astrological phenomena like Solar & Lunar Eclipses.

Undeniable connections between all of these topics become very clear to the point were patterns are starting to trend. Take a look for yourself.

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