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Zach Hubbard Meets the Gematrinator for First Time

Nearly six years after launching the website that has assisted Zachary K. Hubbard in his goal of reaching as many people as possible about the language of gematria, I met him live and in person for the first time today as he stood out at nearby Marquette University (I show up at 21:45):

The two men whose combined powers have brought gematria to more people than anyone finally met – did you think it wouldn’t be by the numbers?

While Zach focuses on exposing organizations like the Jesuit Order that use gematria to guide the general public into blind obedience, I make it a point to also focus on organic synchronicity, which is the motivating force behind numeric rituals. His visit to the campus today is a perfect example of this.

Zach arrived at Marquette University today, September 7th. This is the same date in history that the founder of Marquette, John Henni, passed away:

John Henni = 97 and 250

September 7th, or 9/7, is the 250th day of the year:Day of Year: (Sep-7) = 250

Zach met the Gematrinator at Marquette exactly 141 years after the death of John Henni:

Gematrinator = 141

Today is 95 days after my birthday:

My full name sums to 95, and I was born on a date with numerology of 95:(6) + (4) + (85) = 95

Derek Michael J Tikkuri = 85


The University was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the year ’81, just ten days before John Henni died.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin = 81

This is the number that sits between Henni’s full name gematria.

John Martin Henni = 80 and 82

Jacques Marquette

Milwaukee sums to 37 on its own.

Milwaukee = 37

The school was named after Jacques Marquette, who was born in the year ’37 and died at the age of 37. His birthday was June 1st, written 6/1.

Jacques Marquette = 61

Marquette died on the 18th of May, written or 18/5 or 5/18. John Henni was born in the year 1805, and his full name sums to 518.

John Martin Henni = 518 Primes

Jacques Marquette died on a date with Primary numerology of 114, matching Marquette University:Marquette University = 114

Marquette University = 114 Reverse

Marquette died 1 year, 14 days before his 39th birthday:

Marquette and Marquette University = 39 and 93

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