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CM Punk Gets in Fight w/ Young Bucks, Titles Vacated

It was announced tonight that both the AEW World Heavyweight Championship and the brand new AEW Trios Championship would both be vacated on the heels of the ugly events that occurred after their pay-per-view show All Out on Sunday. After champion CM Punk (Phillip Brooks) used the media scrum to attack AEW executives, he was confronted by The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Massie) backstage, where a fight ensued.

The event is being reported as real, but it’s important to be skeptical about anything that has to do with wrestling, particularly in an age where working the fans has become so much more difficult. Regardless of whether or not this was staged, the numerology is quite significant.

The story right now is that CM Punk threw the first punch, going after Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks. Punk’s birthday is October 26th, or 10/26.

Phillip Brooks was 16020 days old:

Phillip Brooks

Matthew Massie was 13690 days old:

Matthew Massie = 1369 Latin

Massie was born on March 13th, or 3/13:

CM Punk was 313 days after his birthday:

The event was called AEW All Out.

AEW and AEW All Out both = 52

Brooks was 52 days before his birthday:

At the end of the show, he was confronted by MJF, who was returning from a long absence.

MJF = 52

He’ll be 44 years old

Punk = 440 Standard

Massie and his brother use the ring name Jackson.

Jackson = 44 Reverse

This event occurred the exact same day that Pope John Paul I was beatified. As I mention in that post, it’s a riddle connected to the Beatles, whose popular Get Back documentary was directed by Peter Jackson.

CM Punk and Beatles both = 343

Jackson is best-known for directing The Lord of the Rings series, and a new Lord of the Rings TV series just premiered on Amazon on September 1st.


Without the end date, Punk was 16,019 days old for his match against Jon Moxley:

This is a very interesting number – it’s connected to the 1331 Eclipse code. The number 1331 first appears in Pi at the 16,019th digit, and 16,019 sums to 1331 in gematria.

Sixteen thousand and nineteen = 1331 Latin

In Ordinal, 1331 sums to 233, which is both a Prime and a Fibonacci number.

Thirteen thirty-one = 233 Ordinal

Punk and Jackson were born 2330 days apart:

CM Punk has that special 156 gematria with capital letters.

CM Punk = 156 Caps Added

His comments were centered around his past friendship and subsequent fallout with Colt Cabana (Scott Colton).

Scott Colton = 156

Eclipses always occur 1, 5, or 6 lunar phases apart. The Hebrew word for Eclipse sums to 156:

Eclipse the Sun and Plane of the Sun both = 156 Ordinal

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