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This Blog Will Pause for a Bit

First of all, I want to extend my gratitude for those who have made the transition of my website and blog from a hobby to a profession possible.

I don’t know how many people support the website for its tools, and how many people support it for my work. To those who take a particular interest in my Blog and YouTube, it is with my deepest apologies that I have to take a step away from doing Gematria work for a while. I plan to go back to working on the website and adding more tools, but I absolutely need some time off first.

Last month, on March 22nd, I did Super Stream 49, where I talked about the 2004 passing of my cousin Chris. I explored the remarkable synchronicity around his death – some of which I knew to be organic, some of which I still have questions about. I also re-visited the 2016 death of my sister-in-law’s father in a workplace accident, which is what sparked my interest in organic numerology.

A week later, I madeĀ this live stream as a follow-up. In my local news, there were two deaths that were highly-connected to both of those stories. As trippy as I found this to be, neither of the people involved had anything to do with me.

However, exactly one month after that live stream, just this past weekend, another first cousin of mine was taken too soon. Upon reviewing the gematria/date connections, I almost got physically ill. I’ve been blown away and tripped out by a LOT over the years, but this was the first time it has truly disturbed me.

Lately, I cannot shake the idea that I am messing with something I shouldn’t be. Whether I’m angering those with the secret knowledge I’m sharing, or poking too many holes in the fabric of reality, things are starting to hit way too close to home, and I need to take a step back and unplug for a bit.

I will come back in due time and talk about the numerology of all this so you can see why I’m as spooked out as I am. Whatever, or whoever, is trying to send me a message has gotten it across this time, loud and clear.

Thank you endlessly for the support. I promise, this is not an end, just another new beginning, and I will provide updates when the time is appropriate.

Much Love,


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