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Mass Shooting at Mall in Allen, Texas Reportedly Kills 8

The latest on the deadly Texas outlet mall shooting

This incident at Allen Premium Outlets occurred on Saturday, May 6th, a date with Primary numerology of 54:(5) + (6) + (20) + (23) = 54

The 54th Prime number is 251

"Allen Premium Outlets" = 251 (Ordinal)

"Ritual sacrifice" = 251 (Reverse)

It’s being reported that Eight people were killed at the mall in Allen, Texas.

Eight = 86 Reverse and Fibonacci, and 224 Satanic. Allen = 86 Latin and Allen Texas = 224 Caps Mixed

Allen has Ordinal gematria of 44.

"Allen" = 44 (Ordinal)

Kill, Shooting, Gunfire, Execution, and Military all = 44

Another shooting of random people with no apparent motive whatsoever. Continued psychological operations from the Military make the most sense, regardless of whether or not anyone was killed.

Thirty-Three (33)

In the aftermath of the attack, helicopter footage showed bodies scattered in front of the H&M sign at the mall:

H&M, which is a Swedish company, stands for Hennes & Mauritz:Hennes & Mauritz The name is changed to Hennes & Mauritz when Erling Persson buys the hunting and fishing store Mauritz Widforss in Stockholm, including a stock of men's clothing. This is the start of sales of men's and children's clothing. H&M is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

This is peculiar, because the first name of the shooter is Mauricio:Mauricio Garcia, the suspected Texas mall shooter, was terminated after three months in the army and did not complete basic training, according to an army spokesperson.

Mauricio Garcia, H&M, and Murder all have gematria of 254

Garcia was 33 years old

"HM" = 33 (Reverse)

"Swedish" = 33 (Reduction)

Allen, Texas is located on the 33rd parallel:

Thirty three and Ritual human sacrifice both = 895 Latin

Erling Persson

H&M was founded by Swedish businessman Erling Persson, who was born in 1917 and passed away back in 2002.

He died on October 28th, the date written 10/28, syncing up with the name of the shooter, Mauricio Garcia:

"Mauricio Garcia" = 128 (Ordinal)

One day after the shooting was a span of exactly 1071 weeks after Erling Persson died:

Erling Persson = 171 and 180

Mauricio Garcia carried his attack out on a date with Reduced numerology of 18:5 + 6 + 2+0+2+3 = 18

"Mauricio Garcia" = 180 (Capitals Added)

“Active Shooter”

"Persson" = 106 (Ordinal)

The shooting fell a span of 106 years, 106 days after Persson was born and 191 days after the anniversary of his death:

Active shooter = 160 and 191

The name Mauricio Garcia also matches Death, Killing, Active shooter, and Hennes & Mauritz in the base ciphers.

Mauricio Garcia = 74, 97, and 250, numbers found in Death, Killing, and Active Shooter

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