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Mage Wins the 149th Running of the Kentucky Derby

Last year, I made this video on the 2022 Kentucky Derby. I consider it one of my best videos, but you can also check out the post I made for some extra nuggets.

In subsequent videos, I referred to the 2022 Derby as a “Jesuit magic ritual” connected to actor Sonny Bono, whose full name is Salvatore Phillip Bono. The letters “IHS” on the Jesuit emblem stand for Iesus Hominum Salvatore, and the name Phillip means “lover of horses.”

Intriguingly, this year’s winner was Mage, whose sire is Good Magic, a horse that placed 2nd in 2018’s Derby. He had to pass a horse named “Two Phils” down the stretch in order to get the win.

While I can understand why people argue that horseracing could be rigged, I don’t believe many, if any, of the big races are. The best evidence of this lies in the winning times of the horses throughout history.

Notice how consistent those times are – all of the winners are within just five seconds of each other, with the vast majority being close to the middle of that. If the races were rigged by having all the jockeys run slower than the chosen winner, you would end up with a much higher variance in the winning time.

It’s a fairly simple statistical scenario. If you take the best time out of 20 horses, you’re going to get a much more consistent number year-to-year than you would if you were to pick one horse before each race, and record only its time. Besides, with the way horse betting works, the house cannot really lose, as opposed to typical sports betting, where individual games could give a book’s balance huge swings.

This isn’t to say horseracing has never been rigged – in fact, there have been many scandals exposed throughout history. But if it’s going on here, then it’s being done by more discrete means…like magic, perhaps.

Anyway, this year’s Kentucky Derby, the 149th edition, fell on the same date as the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

King Charles III and Queen Camilla = 149 Single Reduction, Charles = 149 Reverse Caps

Charles III and his full name both also have overlap with 149 when spelled out.

Charles III = 234 Latin, Charles Philip Arthur George = 279 Ordinal, One hundred forty nine = 234 and 279

The winning horse, Mage, has some decent overlap with the new king’s various titles as well.

Mage was ridden to victory by jockey Javier Castellano. The name Castellano traces its roots to the word Castle through Latin – interesting, given that Castles typically house Kings. The name Javier translates to “new house.”

As I pointed out, Mage had to pass the leader on the final stretch, Two Phils. Queen Elizabeth’s husband, who passed away in 2021, was named Prince Philip.

Castellano was born on October 23rd, or 10/23, a date with numerology of 30 and 57, which was also the 69th day of the year:1+0 + 2+3 + 1+9+7+7 = 30 and (10) + (23) + 1+9+7+7 = 57

Charles = 123 and 30, Charles III = 57 and 69

"Castellano" = 30 (Reduction)

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