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Pitcher Matt Strahm Ejected for National Anthem Shenanigans

Phillies’ Matt Strahm on ejection after national anthem standoff went too far: ‘Not the wisest decision'

What a strange story from the world of baseball this weekend. Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Matt Strahm was ejected from the game before it ever started – all because he wouldn’t sit down after the playing of the National Anthem.

That’s right – Strahm was playing chicken with Kutter Crawford, his former teammate when he played for their opponent, the Boston Red Sox. Neither man would get off the field, leading to an ejection for both.

The date in was the 6th of May, or 6/5. It was the same date as King Charles’ coronation, which was a tribute to the U.S.

Philadelphia and Matt Strahm both = 65

Of course, this fiasco with The Star-Spangled Banner happened in 2023 in the city of Philadelphia, the city where Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag.

The Star Spangled Banner = 223. Philadelphia = 223 and 101, Betsy Ross = 101

Player Ages

Excluding the word “The”, Star-Spangled Banner sums to 190 in Ordinal, just like The United States.

"Star Spangled Banner" = 190 (Ordinal)

"The United States" = 190 (Ordinal)

Matt Strahm was 190 days before his birthday (or a span of 191 days):

"Philadelphia Phillies" = 191 (Ordinal)

In Latin, Star-Spangled Banner has that special 666 gematria.

"Star Spangled Banner" = 666 (Latin)

In turn, 666 sums to 275 in Ordinal.

"Six hundred sixty six" = 275 (Ordinal)

Kutter Crawford was exactly 27 years, 5 weeks old:

Crawford was born 275 days before Betsy Ross’s birthday:

Betsy Ross

American flag has Reduction gematria of 54.

"American flag" = 54 (Reduction)

The game was played on a date with Primary numerology of 54, which also left 239 days in the year:(5) + (6) + (20) + (23) = 54

The address of the Betsy Ross House is 239 Arch Street

Betsy Ross would have been 239 years old when Strahm was born:

"Betsy Ross" = 142 (Ordinal)

Crawford was born a span of 142 days after Strahm’s birthday:

The United States of America sums to 1042 and 1602, which helps explain why Baseball is the national pastime.

The United States of America = 1042 Latin and 1602 Standard

Major League Baseball = 162, Baseball = 162 and 162, MLB = 162

Strahm and Crawford were born 1602 days (or a span of exactly 229 weeks) apart:

Betsy Ross’s full name was Elizabeth Griscom Ross.

"Elizabeth Griscom Ross" = 1229 (Latin)

Strahm wears #25 for Philadelphia:

Strahm = 25 Reduction

"Philadelphia" = 205 (Latin)

Matt Strahm was exactly 25 weeks after his birthday:

The 25th Prime number is 97

"Betsy Ross" = 907 (Latin)

The game fell a span of 97 days after the anniversary of Ross’s death (or 68397 days later):

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