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Jets Defeat Bills 22-16 After I Blog About “2216” and Venus

This is my fifth of five posts on this story. See my first one for a synopsis of all the synchronicity and links to the others.


The final score of last night’s game was 22-16:

2216 is a number I just Blogged about a couple of weeks ago – see my post on why the date September 14th is so significant. Isn’t it pretty crazy that the last NFL game to be played before September 14th ended with a 22-16 score?

14/9 falls a span of 2216 days after the first Great American Eclipse:

Revelation 22:16 refers to the Morning Star, which is Planet Venus:

Planet Venus and Morning Star both = 149

Skull and Bones, Francis Xavier, and Azpilicueta all = 149

"Xavier Gipson" = 1409 (Trigonal)

1409 is the 223rd Prime number

Aaron Rodgers

Venus has a boat load of matching gematria with Aaron Rodgers.

Aaron was injured on a sack by Leonard Cornilus Floyd.

In Latin, Aaron = 172 and Leonard Cornilus Floyd = 1172

Last night was 172 days after JFK’s 172nd Venusian birthday:

The only quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl for the New York Jets was Joe Namath.

Joseph William Namath = 1172, Joe Namath = 172

Drew Bledsoe was 10072 days old for Vinny’s injury in ‘99:

Drew was born in 1972

Kobe Bryant was exactly 172 Mercurial years old when he was killed:

Kobe was born on 8/23. Rodgers got hurt playing for the Jets 8023 days after Drew Bledsoe got hurt against the Jets.

Brett Favre left the Packers for the Jets in ’08. Rodgers left the Packers for the Jets in ’23.

Lee Harvey Oswald

JFK’s assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was born in the year 1939.

"Lee Harvey Oswald" = 1939 (Standard)

Oswald was 39 days after his 39th Venusian birthday when he died:

Zach Wilson was the same age as Oswald just two days before the game:

The day before the game marked 39 Venusian years since Testaverde’s injury:

I noted this double 39 connection twice last week, both in this post about the death of Jimmy Buffett and this post on the death of Gil Brandt.

Rodgers was exactly 39 years, 39 weeks old when Buffett died:

Aaron was also a span of exactly 39 years, 39 weeks old when Brandt died:

Aaron Charles Rodgers, Yale, and Robert Saleh all = 390

More Fancy Alignments

Vincent Frank Testaverde and Venus both = 256

The man whose tackle resulted in Rodgers’ injury was Leonard Floyd.

Leonard Floyd was 2560 days old when Testaverde got hurt:

The game was won on a punt return by Gipson.

"Gipson" = 256 (Latin)

Last night’s game had date numerology of 27 and 18:(9) + (11) + 2+0+2+3 = 27 and 9 + 1+1 + 2+0+2+3 = 18

Venus and JFK both = 54, 27, and 18

Tom Brady was born a span of 5004 days after JFK was killed:

I mentioned Kobe Bryant up above. He wore numbers 24 and 8 during his career, which is why 24/8 is now Kobe Bryant Day in Los Angeles.

"Human sacrifice" = 248 (Reverse)

Rodgers was born exactly 248 Lunations after Vinny Testaverde:

Aaron Rodgers was born 240 months, 8 days after Jack Ruby shot Oswald:

The Eagles play Minnesota 2048 days after the Eagles won the Super Bowl in Minnesota:

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