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Death of Jimmy Buffett – WWE Raw in Charlotte

See my first post on this story if you haven’t already

Just a couple of weeks ago, I made this post which examined how on Yale’s 322nd anniversary, WWE Raw was being held in Omaha, home of billionaire Warren Buffett. It appears as if this is now also synced to the death of Jimmy Buffett, whose full name sums to 117.

"James William Buffett" = 117 (Reverse Reduction)

Jimmy was born 117 days after Warren’s birthday:

Warren’s net worth was most recently evaluted to be $117 billion:As of June 2023,[5] he possessed a net worth of $117 billion making him the fifth-richest person in the world.

The next edition of WWE Raw will be hosted in Charlotte, North Carolina, which is the birthplace of WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair, who provides an intriguing Supermatch with Margaritaville.

Charlotte Flair and Margaritaville both = 148, 230, and 67

Charlotte Flair

Jimmy had Primary birth numerology of 102:(12) + (25) + (19) + (46) = 102

"Charlotte" = 102 (Ordinal)

This week’s Raw will be in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"Charlotte North Carolina" = 250 (Ordinal)

Jimmy died 250 days after his birthday:

"Yale University" = 205 (Ordinal)

Charlotte was 149 days after her birthday when Buffett died, and will be 187 days after her birthday for Raw in Omaha:

In Ordinal, Skull and Bones = 149 and Brotherhood of Death = 187

Charlotte Flair was born 20307 days after Warren Buffett:

"Pascagoula Mississipi" = 237 (Ordinal)

Margaritaville came out 237 days before Yale’s anniversary:

These spans are also 20308 or 238 days. The Omen238. Six hundred sixty-six2038.

Yale / Pascagoula Riddles

Yale will be celebrating its 322nd anniversary on October 9th, or 10/9:

On this same night, WWE Raw is being held in Omaha, Nebraska, in a riddle connected to The Omen. Omaha is home to Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

Omaha Nebraska, The Omen, Buffett, and Berkshire Hathaway Inc all = 109

In Ordinal, Omaha sums to 38.

"Omaha" = 38 (Ordinal)

Buffett’s Death fell 38 days before RAW on Yale’s anniversary:

Jimmy Buffett was born in Pascagoula, MS and married to Jane Slagsvol. Yale is located in New Haven.

"Pascagoula MS" = 38 (Reduction)

"Jane Slagsvol" = 38 (Reduction)

"New Haven" = 38 (Reduction)

Warren and Jimmy’s shared last name Buffett has Standard gematria of 719.

"Buffett" = 719 (Standard)

719 is the 128th Prime number

"Pascagoula MS" = 128 (Ordinal)

"Jimmy Buffetts Margaritaville" = 128 (Single Reduction)

The next edition of WWE Raw will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, a city which has matching 128 gematria with Ashley Fliehr, the real name of superstar Charlotte Flair.

Ashley Fliehr, Charlotte North Carolina, and Charlotte all = 128

Raw in Omaha falls 128 days before the anniversary of Margaritaville’s release:

"Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville" = 1208 (Satanic)

"Brotherhood" = 128 (Ordinal)

Consider how 1:28 on a clock is 88 minutes. Pascagoula sits on the 88th meridian:

Jimmy died a span of 8 months, 8 days after his birthday:

"Margarita" = 88 (Ordinal)

Warren Edward Buffett = 88 and 214

Margaritaville was released on February 14th, or 2/14:

The song’s release date had Standard numerology of 93:(2) + (14) + (77) = 93

WWE Raw debuted in year ’93.

"WWE Raw" = 93 (Ordinal)

Jack Sonni just died on Warren Buffett’s 93rd birthday:

That was a riddle connected to Music Television.

"Music Television" = 93 (Reverse Reduction)

WWE Raw = 30, 33, and 303, Pascagoula Mississippi = 303

Buffett passed away 30 years, 33 weeks, 3 days after WWE Raw first premiered:

He died on a date with Standard numerology of 33:(9) + (1) + (23) = 33

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