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Damian Priest and WWE RAW on Yale’s 322nd Anniversary

Last month, WWE Superstar Damian Priest won the company’s prestigious Money in the Bank ladder match, guaranteeing him a title opportunity at any time of his choosing.

This happened in 2023 in the 1st of July, or 1/7.

One day earlier, former WWE wrestler Darren Drozdov died following years of paralysis from an in-ring injury. See my post on his how his passing was a massive Moon riddle. As with any major “Moon” post, there is a powerful link to the number 666.

Damian Priest and Six hundred sixty six both = 549

Although the name Damian or Damien means “tame” or “peaceful,” it’s commonly been associated with evil. From 1996 until 1999, two years with similar digits to 666 in them, Leonardo Carrera, who wrestled as Damian 666, appeared in World Championship Wrestling:

Leonardo Carrera =148 Ordinal and 88 Sumerian

Priest was 14,888 days (or a span of exactly 2127 weeks) old when he captured the Money in the Bank briefcase:

666 days often = 21 months, 27 days

"Six six six" = 2127 (Standard)

Damian 666 and Damian Priest were born a span of 21 years, 80 days apart:

Moon = 218 Hebrew, Death = 218 Standard

Richard Donner / 666

The fact that Damien is associated with evil is due in large part to the horror film The Omen, which was first released on 6/6/76. In that movie, a child named Damien becomes adopted by a family hoping to love and care for him, only to learn that he’s the son of Satan. Rough luck.

The Omen was the breakthrough film for director Richard Donner, who passed away in July of 2021.

Richard Donner and Damian Priest both = 404

There are 404 verses in Revelation

Priest’s victory came at Money in the Bank, which has matching gematria with Six six six and Triple sixes.

Money in the Bank, Six six six, and Triple sixes all = 156 Ordinal

Damian Priest was born a span of 156 days after Donner’s birthday:

The 156th Prime number is 911

Ritual human sacrifice = 911 Satanic, Ritual sacrifice = 1506 Reverse Sumerian, Human sacrifice = 156 Caps Added

Damian 666 was 21,911 days (or 3130 weeks) old when Donner died:

313 is a number significant to 666, as told in the Book of Revelation:

"Six hundred threescore and six" = 313 (Ordinal)

Two Eighty-Three (283) / Droz

Yale’s anniversary falls on October 9th, the 282nd day of the year, or 283rd day in leap years:

Richard Donner died 282 days (or 283 w/ end date) after Damian Priest’s birthday:

Priest’s victory fell 282 days (or 283 w/ end date) before the 2024 Great American Eclipse:

"Six hundred and sixty six" = 2083 (Latin)

Droz died 283 days before the 2024 Great American Eclipse:

Damien 666 was born a span of 2830 days before Darren Drozdov:

Droz died just two days before turning 2830 weeks old:

The former wrestler died a span of 283 days before his birthday:

283 is the 61st Prime number
Damian 666 was born in ’61

The Moon is an average of ~238,000 miles from Earth:

666 is revealed as the number of the Beast in the Book of Revelation, which is about Judgment. Damian Priest belongs to a stable called the Judgment Day.

Six hundred sixty six and Judgment Day both = 2038

WWE RAW – October 9th

Is there a chance that Damian Priest will be cashing in his Money in the Bank contract on October 9th?

In Reverse gematria, The Omen sums to 109.

"The Omen" = 109 (Reverse)

Yale University turns 322 years old on October 9th, or 10/9. On this same date, WWE RAW will be held in Omaha, NebraskaOmahaOmen

"Omaha Nebraska" = 109 (Ordinal)

Omaha is home to billionaire tycoon Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Buffett was born in 1930, the same year as Richard Donner.

"Buffett" = 109 (Reverse)

"Berkshire Hathaway Inc" = 109 (Single Reduction)

Yale University has been in a public feud with Warren Buffet for decades. Makes sense, since they share Extended gematria of 2059.

Yale University and Warren Edward Buffett both = 2059

On that same night, the Raiders, whose logo is similar to the “Skull and Crossbones”, will be hosting Monday Night Football in Las Vegas, Nevada:

223 is the Standard value of Las Vegas, Nevada in Hebrew:

223 is the 48th Prime number

RAW in Omaha, Nebraska takes place 242 days before the 48th anniversary of The Omen:

"Omaha Nebraska" = 242 (Reverse)

Warren Buffett was born in Omaha on the 242nd day of the year:

October 9th falls exactly 118 weeks after the Death of Richard Donner:

Death and Homicide both = 118 Latin

11/18 is the 322nd day of the year:

Warren Buffett will be in his 1118th month since birth:

Skull and Bones

In Ordinal, Skull & Bones with the ampersand sums to 130.

"Skull Bones" = 130 (Ordinal)

Damian Priest will be 41 years, 13 days old for this episode:

41 is the 13th Prime number

October 9th falls a span of 41 days after Buffett’s birthday:

"Skull and Bones" = 41 (Reduction)

RAW in Omaha will take place on the 41st parallel and 95th meridian:

"Six hundred sixty six" = 95 (Reduction)

A span of 95 weeks is exactly 666 days

"Ninety five" = 129 (Ordinal)

Warren Buffett was born 129 days after Richard Donner:

"Damian Priest" = 129 (Ordinal)

Even More “666”

Six hundred threescore and six has gematria of 1610 and 313.

Six hundred threescore and six = 1610 Latin and 313 Ordinal

Damian 666 was born when Buffett was 1610 weeks old, which was 313 days after his birthday:

Warren Buffett‘s full name sums to 214 and 110. So does Leonardo Carrera‘s.

Warren Edward Buffett and Leonardo Carrera Gomez both = 214 and 110

Carrera’s full name also sums to 1092 in Latin, which contains the same digits as 129.

"Leonardo Carrera Gomez" = 1092 (Latin)

Damian Priest was born 19020 days after Warren Buffett:

Warren Buffett = 192, Berkshire Hathaway = 1092, New Haven Connecticut = 1902

"Eclipse" = 192 (Latin)

RAW on Yale’s anniversary falls 182 days before the 2024 Great American Eclipse:

Berkshire Hathaway, New Haven, and Six six six all = 182

It would make a lot of sense for Priest to cash in against World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, who is called the “Monday Night Messiah.” It seems like a great night for some sort of “Christ” sacrifice.

Rollins won the title 19 weeks, 2 days before RAW on October 9th. That victory over AJ Styles666 was on the 27th of May, or 27/5, and Six hundred sixty-six275.

Seth Rollins and Jesus Christ both = 151, 146, and 70

Priest was born 1340 days before Rollins, who will be 134 days after his birthday. Christ was crucified as darkness fell over the daytime sky, like a Solar eclipse.

"Solar eclipse" = 134 (Ordinal)

Or…nothing like any of this will happen.

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