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“Skull and Bones” Riddle in Death of Comedian

Dex Carvey, son of comedian Dana Carvey, dies at 32

This is my third of three posts on this story.

Skull and Bones

In Ordinal, SNL = 45 and Skull and Crossbones = 223

Lil Nas X performed 45 years, 223 days after the show’s first episode:

As I’ve been discussing for a long time, 2023 is the major Skull and Crossbones year.

The other name for Skull and Bones is the Brotherhood of Death.

Dex died a span of 38 days after Yale’s special anniversary:

Brotherhood of Death sums to 187, aka the homicide codeTotal eclipse187.

"Brotherhood of Death" = 187 (Ordinal)

The 187th Prime number is 1117
187 has Prime Factors of 11×17

Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels was born on November 17th, or 11/17:

SNL’s satanic ritual ended 187 days after Lorne Michaels’ birthday:

Yale’s anniversary falls a span of 130 days after Dana’s birthday:

"Skull Bones" = 130 (Ordinal)

"Human sacrifice" = 130 (Ordinal)

Dana Carvey was a span of exactly 3,572 weeks old when his son died:

"Skull and Bones" = 572 (Latin)

Yale is located in New Haven.

"New Haven" = 1019 (Standard)

1019 is the 171st Prime number
Yale was founded in 1701:

Dex Carvey turned exactly 1710 weeks old on Yale’s 322nd anniversary:

Norm Macdonald was born on 17/10

Former SNL cast member Norm Macdonald died on the 14th of September, or 14/9.

"Skull and Bones" = 149 (Ordinal)

Six six six (666)

The number 666 was important to this riddle.

Dex Carvey son of comedian Dana Carvey dies at 32 = 666 Reverse

Dana was 24,966 days old for Yale’s anniversary:

Dex reportedly died from an Overdose. This has matching 724 gematria with The Brotherhood of Death and Number of the Beast.

"Overdose" = 724 (Standard)

The Brotherhood of Death and Number of the Beast both = 724 Latin

The Number of the Beast is of course 666.

"Six six six" = 1197 (Latin)

Lorne Michaels is 10 years, 197 days older than Dana Carvey and 1991 was 11970 days before Yale’s anniversary:

Trevor Moore

I briefly mentioned the death of another SNL comedian, Trevor Moore, in my last post. His death was synced to the Skull and Bones code too.

"Skull and Bones" = 76 (Reverse Reduction)

Lorne Michaels was 76 years, 263 days old when Moore died:

"Skull and crossbones" = 263 (Reverse)

Trevor Moore died 2 years, 63 days (or a span of 26 months, 3 days) before Yale’s big anniversary:

"Norman Macdonald" = 263 (Reverse)

Dex died a span of 2 years, 63 days after Norman Macdonald:

263 is the 56th Prime number

The date he died had Primary numerology of 56:(8) + (7) + (20) + (21) = 56

Moore’s death was also exactly 33 Lunar phases before Yale’s 322nd:

Unsurprisingly, Trevor Moore has a lot of gematric overlap with Yale University – some of the same numbers found in Murder.

Murder = 79 and 83

Trevor Moore = 1230 and 65, Yale University = 1230 and Yale = 65

News of Dex’s death broke a span of exactly 79 years after Lorne was born:

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