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Dex Carvey, Son of Comedian Dana Carvey, Dies @ 32

Dex Carvey, son of comedian Dana Carvey, dies at 32

This is my first of three posts on this story.

“Murder” Code / Lorne Michaels

Dex was the oldest son of comedian Dana Carvey. Dana was a star of Saturday Night Live for almost a decade, propelling him to movie stardom in films such as Wayne’s World and…well, Wayne’s World 2. He was in some other movies, but those are the only two I saw.

Dex Carvey reportedly passed away on Wednesday, November 15th. News of his death broke yesterday, November 16th.

Dana Carvey was 25004 days old for the death of his son (w/ end date) and its subsequent news:

"Murder" = 254 (Primes)

However, most people, even hawk-like news watchers like myself, learned about this today, November 17th. November 17th happens to be the birthday of Lorne Michaels, the creator of Saturday Night Live:

Notice how he turns 79 years old today. This post will talk about the potential Murder of Dana Carvey’s son as an Eclipse sacrifice.

"Murder" = 79 (Ordinal)

"Eclipse sacrifice" = 79 (Reduction)

Lil Nas X

Lorne Michaels was born on the date leaving 44 days in the year ’44:

"Lorne Michaels" = 404 (Primes)

"Kill" = 44 (Ordinal)

"Comedian" = 44 (Reverse Reduction)

"Dex Carvey" = 44 (Reduction)

Lil Nas X got gay for Satan 44 days after his birthday:

The number Forty-four when spelled out even has matching gematria with his birth name, Lorne David Lipowitz.

Forty four = 99 Reverse and 1512 Standard

Lorne David Lipowitz = 99, 99, and 1512

See my post from 2021 on a major 99 riddle from the season finale of SNL, which featured a satanic musical performance by cross-dressing rapper/singer Lil Nas X:

Lil Nas X performed during the 909th episode of Saturday Night Live:

SNL’s 909th episode aired 16660 days after SNL premiered:

He was born on the 99th day of the year ’99:

The 99th Prime number is 523
The 909th episode ended on 5/23

News of Dex’s death fell a span of 909 days after SNL’s 909th episode:

This is also 129 weeks. Ninety-nine129.

"Accidental drug overdose" = 99 (Reduction)

"Sacrifice" = 99 (Capitals Added)

The Moon

The Moon has gematria of both 99 and 90, which is appropriate as 666 is the ultimate number of the Moon.

The Moon = 90 and 99

There is no birthday listed for Dex Carvey that I can find on the Internet. All we seem to know for sure is that he was born in 1991.

Lil Nas X was born a span of 99 months, 9 days after the first day of 1991:

Dex Carvey son of comedian Dana Carvey dies at 32 = 666 Reverse

Six six six has matching 156 gematria with Montero Hill.

Six six six and Triple sixes both = 156 Ordinal

"Montero Hill" = 156 (Reverse)

Michaels was exactly 1056 Sidereal months old when Dex overdosed:

One Lunar phases is 29.530589 days.

His dad Dana was exactly 816 Lunar phases old for SNL’s ritual:

"Dex Carvey" = 816 (Reverse Sumerian)

One Sidereal month (Lunar orbit) is 27.321661 days.

Lil Nas X turns 329 Sidereal months old today:

"Ritual human sacrifice" = 329 (Reverse)

In my last YouTube video, I pointed out how we would probably see some deaths in the celebrity world connected to the Moon and the number 248 soon, as this is the Reverse value of Human sacrifice.

"Human sacrifice" = 248 (Reverse)

Dex Carvey died during Brown Lunation # 1,248:

"Dana Thomas Carvey" = 248 (Capitals Added)


"Carvey" = 88 (Reverse)

Lil Nas X (Montero Hill) was 8080 days old for his Wardrobe malfunction:

"Montero Hill Lil Nas X" = 88 (Reduction)

"Wardrobe malfunction" = 88 (Reduction)

Dana Carvey is currently 68 years old:

The 68th Prime number is 337

"Dana Thomas Carvey" = 337 (Capitals Mixed)

Read more about the Eclipse Sacrifice code in Part 2 of this post.

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