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“Eclipse Sacrifice” Coding in Death of Dex Carvey

Dex Carvey, son of comedian Dana Carvey, dies at 32

This is my second of three posts on this story that broke late last night.

“Sacrifice” Code

In Reduction, Sacrifice sums to 46.

"Sacrifice" = 46 (Reduction)

Dex Carvey died on the date leaving 46 days in the year:

"Dex Carvey" = 46 (Reverse Reduction)

As mentioned in my first post, there is no birthdate given for Dex Carvey that I can find, other than the fact that he 32 years old and born in 1991.

The first day of 1991 was a span of 46 years, 46 days after Lorne Michaels was born:

On the final episode of SNL’s 46th season, the musical guest was Lil Nas X, whose performance featured a “wardrobe malfunction” in what was a very obvious satanic ritual. See my post from 2021 on that.

The 46th Prime number is 199

Dex Carvey son of comedian Dana Carvey dies at 32 = 199 Reduction

Dex Carvey was 11099 days old for SNL’s 909th episode:

"Carvey" = 1199 (Standard)

The media broke the death of Dex Carvey 199 days before Dana’s 69th birthday:

"Dex" = 609 (Standard)

He passed on a date with Primary numerology of 69:(11) + (15) + (20) + (23) = 69

Dex passed away 166 days after Dana’s birthday:

Dana Thomas Carvey was born on June 2nd, or 6/2:

Dana Thomas Carvey and Sacrifice both = 62 and 170

Lorne Michaels also has 62 gematria.

Lorne Michaels = 62 and 73 Reduction

73 is the Ordinal value of Sacrifice.

Sacrifice = 73, Ritual sacrifice = 73 and 616

Dana Carvey was born 6 months, 16 days after Lorne’s birthday:

With the S Exception, Sacrifice sums to 55.

"Sacrifice" = 55 (Single Reduction)

Dana’s birthday in ‘55 was a span of exactly 550 weeks after Lorne’s:

His son Dex Carvey has Ordinal gematria of 107.

Dex Carvey and Ritual sacrifice both = 107

Eclipse Code

In the New Testament, Jesus is hung on the cross as darkness falls over the daytime sky. This typically only occurs during a Solar Eclipse.

Carvey and Jesus both = 74, 29, and 34

The Bible contains a total of 1189 chapters.

"Carvey" = 1189 (Latin)

Dex609 died on 69 date numerology in connection to Dana’s 69th birthday. This brings us to the Eclipse code.

Eclipse, Eclipse of the Sun, and Eclipse the Sun all = 69

Solar and Lunar eclipses always occur 1, 5, or 6 lunar phases apart. The word Eclipse sums to 156 in Hebrew:

"Eclipse the Sun" = 156 (Ordinal)

Michaels was exactly 1056 Sidereal months old when Dex overdosed:

"Montero Hill" = 156 (Reverse)

"Thirty three" = 156 (Ordinal)

Dana’s birthday falls 30 weeks, 3 days before New Year’s Day:

Lil Nas X’s performance made big news as he suffered a “wardrobe malfunction,” a term coined after the Super Bowl halftime show featuring Janet Jackson.

Janet Jackson was a span of 3000 years, 3 days old:

Dex was born a span of exactly 33 weeks after Janet’s birthday:

Montero Hill’s malfunction happened on a date with 33 numerology (it was after midnight EST, where SNL is filmed):(5) + (23) + 2+0+2+1 = 33

Dex died on another date with a Life Lesson number of 33:(11) + (15) + 2+0+2+3 = 33

Dex’s next birthday would have been his 33rd. Many believe the Crucifixion of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ occurred at the age of 33 in 33 A.D. Christ died on a Hill – Lil Nas X’s real last name is Hill.

Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ both = 303 Ordinal

Dex died a span of 33 days after the 2023 Annular Eclipse:

Dex and Eclipse both = 33

Dex died a span of 146 days before the next Great American Eclipse:

Solar eclipse = 146 English Qaballa, Eclipse = 146 Reverse Caps Added

"Dex and Dana Carvey" = 146 (Ordinal)

"Michaels" = 146 (Reverse)

Jesus Christ nad Six hundred threescore and six both = 146

Dana Carvey is currently Sixty-eight years of age.

"Dana Carvey" = 146 (Capitals Added)

"Sixty eight" = 146 (Ordinal)

Another former SNL comic, Trevor Moore, died on the date leaving 146 days in the year:

Dex died a span of 2 years, 101 days after Trevor Moore, and news broke exactly 119 weeks later:

Ritual human sacrifice = 911 Satanic and 211 Ordinal

See my post on Trevor’s death and how it was also synced to Lil Nas X’s performance. Also recall that 911 is the 156th Prime number, matching Lorne Michaels’ lunar age from the other day.


The 2024 Eclipse falls 12,152 days after 1991 and 1052 days after Lil Nas X’s SNL appearance:

"Comedian" = 152 (Reverse)

See more on how the Skull and Bones code is connected as well:

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