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Maryanne Trump Barry, Sister of Donald, Dies @ 86

The death of Maryanne Trump Barry, sister of the Forty-fifth president, is a riddle connected to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Maryanne Trump Barry and Pittsburgh Steelers both = 243 Ordinal and 243 Reverse

"Forty fifth president" = 243 (Ordinal)

The coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers was 243 days after his birthday when she died:


A few days ago, I made this post on Week 10’s NFL matchup between the Steelers and Packers. Pittsburgh entered the game with 666 total wins, and it was exactly 666 weeks after their Super Bowl matchup.

The Packers got their 45th playoff victory over the Steelers in Super Bowl 45. Last week’s game was the 37th time the two teams have played each other.

Maryanne Trump Barry, whose brother Donald was the 45th U.S. President, was born on 4/5 of the year ’37:Maryanne Trump Barry, the former president’s older sister and a retired federal judge, dies at 86

The night before Trump was elected, the Seahawks beat the Bills on Monday Night Football. The game was officiated by Walt Anderson, who also officiated Super Bowl 45. There were 45 points on the board at halftime, and the game ended with the same score as Super Bowl 45, 31-25.

Donald Trump was born 45 years, 138 days after Art Rooney:

"Donald Trump" = 138 (Ordinal)

Steelers31, the 11th Prime number

Maryanne died 11 days after the Steelers got their 666th win:

"Eleven" = 775 (Latin)

Barry died a span of 77 years, 5 months after Donald was born:

The Steelers’ next win, just one day before Barry died, came against quarterback Jordan Love.

Jordan and Love both = 775 Latin

Remember Trump’s Covfefe Tweet? That was almost exactly 77.5 months before Barry’s passing.

"Covfefe" = 775 (Latin)

"Forty fifth president" = 775 (Primes)

Thirty-three (33)

33 is shorthand for 666
The Steelers were founded in ’33

Art Rooney II was born exactly 33 weeks after his father’s birthday:

The Steelers franchise was 33000 days old when Maryanne died:

It was also a span of 3 months, 3 days after the Packers’ anniversary:

Thirty-three is a number of Ritual human sacrifice.

In Latin, Thirty three = 148 and 895. Ritual sacrifice = 148 and Ritual human sacrifice = 895

Maryanne died a span of 148 days before the second Great American Eclipse:

Maryanne’s brother is Donald J. Trump. The owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers is Art Rooney II.

Barry died a span of 14 months, 8 days before Inauguration Day:

"Donald J Trump" = 148 (Ordinal)

January 20th is also 148 days after the anniversary of Rooney’s death:

"Art Rooney II" = 148 (Reverse)

The Moon

With their win last weekend, Pittsburgh improved their record to 17-20 against Green Bay. The Steelers were established exactly 172 Lunar phases after the Packers.

Astronomers began counting Lunar phases in 1923 with the Brown Lunation Number. The game ended with a score of 19-23.

The Moon = 793 (Fibonacci). The Packers came in with 793 wins, and the Pittsburgh Steelers 794 (Primes) prevented them from grabbing their 794th.

Maryanne Trump was born exactly 50 Sidereal months after the Pittsburgh Steelers were founded:

Pittsburgh and Steelers both = 50

The founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers was Art Rooney.

"Art Rooney" = 50 (Reduction)

Her brother Donald was the president of America, and is trying to do it for a second time.

Donald and America both = 50 Ordinal

Barry died when Donald was a span of exactly 929 months old:

"United States of America" = 929 (Latin)

929 is the 158th Prime number

"Forty fifth president" = 1158 (Latin)

Skull & Bones / Art Rooney II

This is also connected to Yale’s recent 322nd anniversary.

"Barry" = 35 (Reverse Reduction)

Barry died 35 days after Yale’s 322nd anniversary:

The 35th Prime number is 149
The Steelers are now run by Art Rooney II

"Art Rooney II" = 149 (Ordinal)

1409 is the 223rd Prime number:

In Ordinal, Skull and Bones = 149 and Skull and Crossbones = 223

The Packers were founded on the 223rd day of the year:

223 is the 48th Prime number

Donald Trump and Six six six both = 48 and 60

His sister died on the date leaving 48 days on the calendar:

Maryanne Trump died a span of 223 days after her 86th birthday:

Art Rooney has Latin gematria of 806.

"Art Rooney" = 806 (Latin)

Art Rooney was born exactly 806 weeks after Maryanne Trump Barry (and a span of 163 days after her birthday):

"Maryanne Trump Barry" = 1630 (Latin)

Art Rooney III was a span of exactly 854 months old when Maryanne passed away:

"Art Rooney II" = 824 (Latin)

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