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Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter Dies @ 96

This is my first of three posts on this story from yesterday.

Yesterday, former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, the wife of President Jimmy Carter for a whopping 77 years, passed away at their home in Plains, Georgia, where both of them were born in the 1920’s.

I’ve documented on several occasions the strong numerical relationship shared by the Carter family with the Kennedy family – specifically, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and her husband John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Eleanor Rosalynn Carter, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and John Fitzgerald Kennedy all = 100

See this post I made on the Carters from August. This theme was also mentioned at the end of this post from 2021.

My post from August points out the strong numerical alignments Jimmy Carter had with August 22nd, written 22/8 or 8/22. It’s intriguing that Rosalynn’s death in Plains, GA happened 2 months, 28 days later. The gematria of this city fits remarkably well into these posts.

Plains, GA = 228 and 822

Eleanor Rosalynn Carter died on November 19th, or 19/11.

"Eleanor Rosalynn Carter" = 1191 (Latin)

These numbers are also found in the name of her husband, James Earl Carter, whose Vice President was Walter Mondale.

"James Earl Carter" = 1191 (Trigonal)

Jimmy Carter was born 1191 days before Walter Mondale:

Jimmy Carter was 99 years, 1 month, 19 days old when his wife passed away:

Jimmy Carter was 99 years, 1 week, 1 day old for Yale’s anniversary and will be 99 years, 191 days old for the 2024 Total solar eclipse:

"Total solar eclipse" = 191 (Latin Ordinal)

"Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry" = 1911 (Latin)

The 2024 Eclipse falls on the 99th day of a leap year. 2017’s Eclipse of America was the first coast-to-coast Eclipse in 99 years.

"Rosalynn Carter" = 990 (Latin)

Eclipse and Masonry both = 39
Jimmy Carter was the 39th U.S. President

Jimmy and Carter both = 390 Sumerian

The 39th President was 39 months older than his Vice President:

Jackie died 39 weeks after Rosalynn’s birthday:

Jackie and Hospice both = 39

Carter died in Hospice at her home in Plains exactly 39 weeks before her 97th birthday:

Carter, Plains, and Death all = 97

“First Lady”

Jimmy Carter and Plains both = 141

The wife of Jimmy Carter died in Hospice care in Plains 141 days before the 2024 Great American Eclipse:

"Hospice" = 114 (Reverse)

"President of the United States" = 114 (Reduction)

JFK’s First Lady was born a span of 101 weeks, 4 days after Jimmy Carter’s:

First Lady = 114 Ordinal and 1140 Standard

Rosalynn was born a span of 1 month, 14 days before Jimmy’s birthday:

Rosalynn Carter was born 11 weeks, 4 days after JFK’s birthday:

JFK was assassinated a span of 1 month, 14 days after Yale’s anniversary:

Kennedy would have been 28,114 days (or exactly 1029 Sidereal months) old when his First Lady died:

"First Lady" = 129 (Reverse)

JFK was 1 month, 29 days after his birthday when his First Lady was born:

First Lady sums to 710 in Latin.

"First Lady" = 710 (Latin)

Carter’s First Lady was born 710 days before JFK’s:

Jackie Kennedy died 7 months, 10 days after Yale’s anniversary:

Rosalynn Carter was born 2710 months after Yale was established:

"Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis" = 271 (Ordinal)

Plains = 71 and Plains GA = 271

Rosalynn & Jackie

Rosalynn Carter died 10776 days after Jackie Kennedy:

Onassis = 96 and 93

Rosalynn Carter passed away at 96 years, 93 days of age:

Rosalynn’s passing on November 19th had a Life Lesson number of 37:(11) + (19) + 2+0+2+3 = 37

Onassis = 370 and 420

Rosalynn died 4 months, 20 days before the 2024 Great American Eclipse:

"First Lady" = 42 (Reduction)

November 19th also leaves 42 days in the year:

Rosalynn died a span of 42 days after Yale’s anniversary:

"Eleanor Smith" = 1994 (Reverse Standard)

Jackie Kennedy died in the year 1994 on the 19th of May, or 19/5:

Rosalynn Carter and Hospice care both = 195 Reverse, James Earl Carter = 195 English Qaballa

Forty-four (44)

JFK won the 44th Presidential election

John Kennedy was born a span of 4444 days before Jackie:

Rosalynn was born a span of 44 days before Jimmy’s birthday:

JFK has the same birthday as Wisconsin.

"Wisconsin" = 44 (Reduction)

JFK was killed in Texas exactly 44 years after an Annular Eclipse that began in Texas:

"Kill" = 44 (Ordinal)

The JFK assassination happened a span of 44 days after Yale’s anniversary:

The 44th Prime number is 193

John F Kennedy and Assassinated both = 193 Reverse

John F. Kennedy was exactly 193 Mercurial years old when he was Assassinated:

Read more about the Skull and Bones code:

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