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Rowdy Tellez Hits Longest 411-Foot Home Run Ever

Today, I spent some quality time with the family at American Family Field for Game 1 of the Brewers’ NLDS series against the Braves.

We sat on field level down the right field line. In the 7th inning, we got to celebrate as Rowdy Tellez smoked a home run to deep center field. See a clip of it at this link.

The biggest Home run of Rowdy’s young career fell 94 days (or 95 w/ end date) after he was traded to the Brewers from the Blue Jays:

Home run = 94 and 95
“Blue Jays” = 95

It was opposing pitcher Charlie Morton’s 85th and final pitch of the game.

"Rowdy" = 85 (English Ordinal)

It was a no-doubter off the bat, especially from our angle. Any Brewer fan will tell you that a ball that hits the scoreboard was absolutely crushed, and that’s what happened – the ball bounced off of the blue advertisement that runs along the bottom of the giant video board. See the yellow circle below:

See the orange circle near the bottom? That’s a sign indicating that the wall is 400 feet from home plate. Tellez’s home run, which still had plenty of speed behind it, hit the scoreboard about 40 feet up. So imagine my shock when they reported the home run traveled only 411 feet.

Had this ball not hit the scoreboard, it would have easily traveled over 450 feet. So why report that it went 411?

4×11 = 44

Earlier this year, longtime home run recordholder Hank Aaron passed away 44 years after he hit his last home run. See my post from that same day.

Hank’s #44 is retired for both the Milwaukee Brewers and Atlanta Braves, the two franchises he spent his entire career playing for. Those cities are the largest in Wisconsin and Georgia, respectively, the only two states with 44 gematria in Reduction. Their governors are Tony Evers and Brian Kemp, elected on the same day.

Wisconsin, Tony Evers, Georgia, and Brian Kemp all = 44 Reduction

Both the Braves and Brewers are wearing Hank’s #44 on their uniforms this year:

Ryan John Tellez was traded to Milwaukee from the Toronto Blue Jays, where he wore #44:

The 44th Prime number is 193

Ryan John Tellez and Toronto Blue Jays both = 193 Reverse

Tellez has 44 regular season home runs

Rowdy Tellez was 9444 days old when Hammerin’ Hank left the yard:

"Hank" = 444 (Reverse English Sumerian)

The player who also scored on Tellez’s home run was Tyrone Taylor, who was born on January 22nd, the date Hank Aaron died.

Tellez was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers 165 days later:

Rowdy Tellez = 165, Henry Louis Aaron = 195

The game fell a span of 260 days after the death of Hank Aaron:

"Rowdy" = 260 (Satanic)

On the date of his Game 1 heroics, Tellez was 26 years, 206 days old:

The 26th Prime number is 101

The 101st day of the year is 4/11:

On 4/11 in 2019, when Hank Aaron was 4444 weeks old, Rowdy Tellez set the Statcast record for hardest-hit home run ever hit for the Blue Jays. He was 26 days after his birthday. This was 911 days ago:On April 11, he hit a home run with a 115.2 mph exit velocity, the highest for a Toronto Blue Jays home run in the Statcast era (since 2015)

101 represents 11 in numerology. Tellez wears #11:

The 11th Prime number is 31

"Rowdy" = 31 (Full Reduction)

31 squared is 961. Tellez was traded to the Brewers in his 9610th day since birth.

Rowdy’s Statcast record with the Blue Jays on 4/11 fell 218 days after his Major League debut in 2018. His 411-foot home run in Game 1 against the Braves fell 2 years, 180 days later:

In Hebrew gematria, Moon sums to 218. Since the inception of this Blog, I’ve been pointing out how the Moon is heavily-connected to the Brewers.

Moon = 218 in Hebrew

Ryan John "Rowdy" Tellez = 99 and 90, Brewers and The Moon both = 99 and 90

Rowdy Tellez and Moon both = 57 and 51

“Ryan John “Rowdy” Tellez” = 3303. It’s been 3 years, 33 days since Tellez’s Major League debut and a span of 3 months, 3 days since he was traded. He has Primary birth numerology of 133.


MLB uses a system called Statcast to provide the estimated distance of all home runs.

"Statcast" = 113 (Reverse Ordinal)

This number is very often a signal of dishonesty or deception (click to enlarge):

Rowdy hit his big home run in his 1130th day in the Major Leagues:

Tellez was traded to Milwaukee earlier this year, a span of 113 days after his birthday:

Milwaukee and Atlanta have a deep sports connection. The Braves used to be located in Milwaukee. The Atlanta Hawks of the NBA used to be the Milwaukee Hawks. Milwaukee’s replacement franchise, the Bucks, just beat the Hawks in the Eastern Conference Finals en route to an NBA Championship. Legendary quarterback Brett Favre was traded to Green Bay from Atlanta. The University of Georgia uses the Packers’ logo with different colors. As discussed, home run king Hank Aaron’s # 44 is retired in both Milwaukee and Atlanta, the only two franchises he played for.

Wisconsin and Georgia both = 44 Reduction

In 2017, the Falcons played the Packers in the NFC Championship, where an extremely bizarre 411 ritual occurred. At 1:40:40 of this video, you’ll see that the game clock has stopped at 4:11 following an Atlanta touchdown that put the 44th point on the board. The kicker misses the extra point, leaving 44 points on the board.

At that point, they cut to a shot of former president Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn. Some people believe that Jimmy Carter is actually JFK, and that Rosalynn is Jackie Kennedy. “Assassin” = 411, and JFK was assassinated from 411 Elm St. JFK had won the 44th presidential election and died on the 44th anniversary of the longest solar eclipse in over 272 years. That eclipse began in Texas, where he allegedly died.

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