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Super Bowl XLV Between Packers and Steelers – The JFK Mega-Riddle

Super Bowl XLV (Wikipedia)

This post will examine the mega-riddle involving Michael John McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers leading the Green Bay Packers to a win in Super Bowl XLV.

Michael John McCarthy, Aaron Rodgers, and Super Bowl XLV all = 189

Super Bowl XLV was the first Super Bowl to be held in the Dallas area. Dallas is the city where U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. It was won by the Packers, who play in Green Bay, Wisconsin. JFK was born on May 29th, which is the same date Wisconsin was admitted to the Union. Packers coach Mike McCarthy would later go on to coach for the Dallas Cowboys.

The Kennedy assassination was a Mercurial riddle. See this post for some great examples. JFK was born on America’s Mercurial birthday, and died on another exact Mercurial count. As it turns out, Super Bowl XLV was also on this Mercurial count.

Green Bay won Super Bowl XLV exactly 389 Mercurial years after JFK was born:

389 is the 77th Prime number

"Green Bay" = 77 (Ordinal)

The Steelers franchise was 77 years old at the time:

The Packers beat Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers 17,243 days after Kennedy was killed:

Pittsburgh Steelers = 243 and 243, Roethlisberger = 243 Reverse Caps Added

Green Bay entered and finished the 2010-11 postseason with 540 losses in franchise history, including the playoffs.

Kennedy = 504, JFK = 54, Green Bay = 540, Mike = 54, Super Bowl XLV = 54 and Forty-five = 54

54 × 54 = 2916
The Packers ended Super Bowl XLV with a 29-16 playoff record

But really…this is all about the number 13.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy = 233 Ordinal, Thirteen and Forty five both = 233 Reverse Caps Mixed

233 is the 13th Fibonacci number

Super Bowl XLV – The Ultimate Thirteen (13) Game

Tomlin was born 4 months, 5 days after McCarthy’s birthday:

Super Bowl 45 was the Packers’ 45th playoff game
It was against the Pittsburgh Steelers

"Super Bowl Forty five" = 4545 (Squares)

"Pittsburgh Steelers" = 4045 Squares and Reverse Squares

Forty-five is the first number to sum to itself in gematria.

"Forty five" = 45 (Reverse Reduction)

It was their first Super Bowl win since they defeated New England.

New England = 45 and 45 Reduction

The number Thirteen has double gematria of 45.

Thirteen = 45 in both Reduction methods

It was the Packers’ 13th NFL Championship
Ben Roethlisberger fell to 10-3 in the playoffs
Rodgers picked up his 31st career win

Rodgers and Green Bay Wisconsin both = 103

His coach in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Mike McCarthy, was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. To win the Super Bowl, he beat his hometown team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania = 103, Pittsburgh = 130 and Steelers = 103

The Steelers franchise was established during Brown Lunation # 130:

Mike McCarthy, whose M.M. initials represent 1313 in gematria, has Primary birth numerology of 103:(11) + (10) + (19) + (63) = 103

Mike McCarthy was born a span of 13 days before the JFK assassination:

The Steelers were established 13 years after the Packers:

Ben Roethlisberger was born 13 days before Mike Tomlin’s birthday:

"Dallas" = 13 (Reduction)

XLV = 1030 Standard, John F Kennedy = 1030 Fibonacci

Super Bowl XLV was a span of 130 days before a Total lunar eclipse from Saros # 130:

"Total lunar eclipse" = 103 (Reverse Reduction)

Green Bay had not won a Super Bowl since 31

Super Bowl 31 was exactly 13 months before a Total solar eclipse from Solar Saros # 130:

The 13th Triangular number is 91
Super Bowl XLV ended the NFL’s 91st season

"McCarthy" = 91 (Ordinal)

The number Thirteen has matching 99 gematria with Packers.

Thirteen and Packers both = 99

Michael John McCarthy sums to 1399, which matches the gematria of Lyndon Baines Johnson, who took over as president for JFK.

Michael John McCarthy and Lyndon Baines Johnson both = 1399 in Extended methods

The number Thirteen has Latin gematria of 347.

"Thirteen" = 347 (Latin)

347 is the 69th Prime number

JFK was born exactly 69 years after Wisconsin’s admission during Brown Lunation # -69:

The Green Bay Packers were led by Mike McCarthy to a win in Super Bowl XLV.

Green Bay Packers and Mike McCarthy both = 69, Super Bowl XLV = 609

The first Moon landing was in ’69

Apollo 11 Moon Landing

JFK promised Americans that man would walk on the Moon by the end of the decade. Sure enough, in 1969, NASA took over the airwaves to fulfill his promise.

It’s pretty fascinating that Moon landing has matching gematria with the city he died in, Dallas, Texas. The Packers were founded on the 11th of August, or 11/8.

Moon landing = 118, 178, and 55, Dallas Texas = 118 and 179, Wisconsin = 55

Wisconsin became a state on 5+29+18+48 = 55

179 is the 41st Prime number

Rodgers won the Super Bowl for Green Bay in Dallas.

Rodgers, Super Bowl, Green Bay, and Dallas all = 41

The win gave him a 4-1 playoff record
41 is the 13th Prime number

Super Bowl XLV was held 41 years, 201 days after the first Moon landing:

The Apollo craft made its landing on the 201st day of the year:

"Apollo" = 201 (Latin)

Aaron Rodgers defeated Mike Tomlin to end the 20102011 NFL season.

Aaron Charles Rodgers, Six sixty six, and Mike Tomlin all = 201

Aaron Rodgers was born 20 years, 10 days (or a span of 20 years, 11 days) after JFK died:

State of Wisconsin and Six hundred sixty six both = 211

The Packers got their 666th win in franchise history (regular season) a few months later, in the second game of the 2011 season.

Six six six (666)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration = 666 Reverse, Fake Moon landing = 666 Satanic, Apollo = 666 Fibonacci

Kennedy sums to 666 in Sumerian.

"Kennedy" = 666 (Reverse Sumerian)

The first Moon landing was in 1969

Mike McCarthy was born 16966 days after Kennedy:

Michael John McCarthy = 90 and 99 Reduction

The Moon = 90 and 99

Thirteen and Packers both = 99

Aaron Rodgers was born 66 years, 6 months after John Kennedy:

Mike Tomlin was born 969 days after the 1969 Moon landing:

The Moon landing was 599 months, 9 days after the Packers were founded:

The number 33 is shorthand for 666. The Steelers entered the Super Bowl with 33 total playoff victories.

Super Bowl XLV was the 33rd all-time meeting between the Packers and Steelers:

"Kennedy" = 33 (Reduction)

Kennedy‘s Killing is said to have been committed by an Assassin from a Warehouse. on a date with Primary numerology of 115:(11) + (22) + (19) + (63) = 115

Killing = 115 Reverse and 115 Latin

Assassin and Warehouse both = 115

The Packers were founded exactly 115 weeks after JFK was born:

McCarthy was born 115 years after Wisconsin’s admission to the Union:

Michael Pettaway Tomlin was born 115 days after the anniversary of the JFK assassination and 115 days before July 8th, the date the Steelers were founded:

"Michael Pettaway Tomlin" = 115 (Reverse Reduction)

The game was played 115 days before the next Solar Eclipse:

Man reportedly first landed on the Moon on a date with Primary numerology of 115:(7) + (20) + (19) + (69) = 115

Roethlisberger / Tomlin

Pittsburgh entered the 2010-11 postseason with a toal of 541 regular season victories in franchise history.

Roethlisberger = 541 Latin, Benjamin Todd Roethlisberger = 541 Caps Mixed

The Steelers franchise turned a span of exactly 77 years, 7 months old one day after the Super Bowl:

Ben Roethlisberger was born 777 months after JFK, and 277 days after his birthday:

Ben Roethlisberger = 777 Satanic and 277 Reverse

Super Bowl XLV was played 277 days before McCarthy’s birthday:

277 is the 59th Prime number

John F Kennedy and Jack Kennedy both = 59

Kennedy has Trigonal gematria of 641.

"Kennedy" = 641 (Trigonal)

Roethlisberger and Rodgers were born a span of 641 days apart:

641 is the 116th Prime number

The Packers quarterback was born on a date with Primary numerology of 116:(12) + (2) + (19) + (83) = 116

"Packers" = 116 (Reverse)

JFK has Reverse Trigonal gematria of 520.

"JFK" = 520 (Reverse Trigonal)

Mike Tomlin was exactly 520 Sidereal months old for the Super Bowl:

Tomlin was born a span of exactly 520 weeks before Roethlisberger:


Rodgers won his only Super Bowl in Dallas, Texas.

Rodgers = 356 Standard, Dallas Texas =356 Fibonacci and Reverse Caps Mixed

Pennsylvania, Green Bay, Forty five, and JFK all = 152

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