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A.J. Hawk’s Eye Injury Synced to Packers-Steelers Game

My last post discusses the major 666 riddle with the Packers-Steelers game in Pittsburgh. The Steelers entered the game with 666 franchise wins, and played Green Bay 666 weeks after the same two teams met in Super Bowl XLV.

A major part of the Packers’ defense when they won that game was linebacker A.J. Hawk, who spent a total of nine seasons playing for the franchise. After a couple more seasons with different teams, Hawk retired and took up a career in media, albeit through a route a bit more unconventional than many of his comtemporaries, as he is a webcam co-host of The Pat McAfee Show, which only recently began airing on ESPN.

The Packers-Steelers game was synced up to the Star-Spangled Banner, an ongoing theme with the Packers this year.

"Star Spangled Banner" = 666 (Latin)

In that Latin method, Six six six sums to 1197.

"Six six six" = 1197 (Latin)

AJ Hawk attended Ohio State, whose football team just played their 1197th game in school history (adjusted NCAA record):

Ohio State University was established 666 months after the Star-Spangled Banner was written:

Ohio State’s mascot is the Buckeyes. This morning, AJ Hawk showed up on the show sporting an eye patch after suffering an Eye injury:

Pat McAfee is 13,344 days old:

"The Star Spangled Banner" = 344 (Reverse)

Ohio State and Ohio State University both sum to 112.

Ohio State and Ohio State University both = 112

AJ’s injury occurred 112 days before the National anthem’s anniversary and 131 days before Ohio State’s:

His injury was caused by his son Axel Hawk.

Ohio State and Axel Hawk both = 131 Reverse

Today is also 131 days after Independence Day:

AJ Hawk was 14,555 days old for Sunday’s Packers-Steelers game, and 55 days before his birthday:

"OSU" = 55 (Ordinal)

Aaron James Hawk, who went OSU (or Ohio State), wore # 50 for the Packers, who selected him with the 5th pick in the Draft. He even racked up 55 tackles for loss and recovered 5 fumbles while he played there.

Aaron James Hawk and Ohio State both = 50

He wore # 54 for the Falcons.

"AJ Hawk" = 54 (Ordinal)

AJ Hawk got hurt 54 days before his birthday:


Herbert Hoover grew up in the 33rd state, Oregon (OR = 33). He signed the National anthem into law on March 3rd, or 3/3, and died exactly 33 years. 33 weeks later. He was the president until 1933.

Hawk was born a span of 19,303 days after the National anthem became official:

Pat McAfee was born 117 days after AJ Hawk’s birthday:

Ohio, Buckeye, and Buckeyes all = 117

The GB-PIT game fell 56,117 days after Ohio State was founded:

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