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Shane McMahon Tears Quad – Vince / Donald Trump Connections

Vince McMahon, the longtime owner and chairman of WWE, is back in the saddle this week to oversee a sale of the company to Endeavor Group Holdings, who also own the UFC.

Vince McMahon and Donald Trump have been linked together for a very long time. They have a friendship that appears to have blossomed in the 80’s when WrestleMania 4 and 5 were both held at a venue branded after Trump’s name. Particularly noteworthy since Trump was the 45th president.

In 2007, Trump appeared on WWE television for several weeks in the lead-up to WrestleMania 23, where he would manage a Hair vs. Hair match against Vince:

His involvement continued in 2009, when he appeared on Monday Night RAW to purchase the show for a week before selling it back:

After Donald Trump became the president in 2017, he chose Vince’s wife Linda McMahon to be in charge of Small Business Administration at the White House.

This Weekend

Earlier this week on March 31st, I made this post about Donald Trump being indicted for his involvement in a hush money scandal:The latest on former President Trump's indictment

Also on March 31st, it was reported that Vince McMahon had returned to WWE as an employee of the company after stepping down in July of last year after his own hush money scandal (see my post on that story):Vince McMahon is officially a WWE employee again That was revealed in a new SEC filing that also gives Vince control over his life story, and CEO Nick Khan a nice raise.

A couple years before Donald and Vince squared off at WrestleMania 23, McMahon allegedly tore both quadriceps while furiously entering the ring after a botched ending to the 2005 Royal Rumble. See my post on why I believe that incident was a staged botch. It was centered around the “Lie” code, which is represented by the number 113.

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Vince tore both Quadriceps exactly 113 weeks before his Hair vs. Hair match in Detroit, MI:

Quadriceps, Hair vs Hair, and Detroit, MI all = 113 Ordinal

Their match was dubbed the Battle of the Billionaires.

"Battle of the Billionaires" = 113 (Single Reduction)

Why do I bring this up? Well at WrestleMania 39 Night 2, Vince’s son Shane McMahon made a surprise return to fight The Miz – however, just like his father eighteen years ago, he tore his quadriceps very shortly after enting the ring:

What makes this super intriguing?

Shane’s opponent, The Miz, has a middle name of Gregory:

Trump is being indicted for his alleged involement with Stormy Daniels, whose maiden name (and now middle name) is also Gregory:

Donald Trump’s WWE theme song was called Money Money Money. Shane McMahon’s WWE theme song is called Here Comes the Money.

Shane’s return was very unexpected, as last year, it was reported that Shane McMahon was kicked out of WWE for his involvement in what was considered to be a very bad Royal Rumble match:

The Royal Rumble…the same event that Vince tore his quads at.

WWE is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. One day after WrestleMania, the Connecticut Huskies won the college basketball national championship.

JFK / 666

My post on the 2005 Royal Rumble also explains how Vince McMahon, whose middle name is Kennedy, is connected to assassinated president John F. Kennedy.

WrestleMania Night 2 fell 59 years, 131 days after the death of John F. Kennedy:

John F Kennedy = 59 and 131

The name Kennedy sums to 666, as does Kennedy McMahon and Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

"Kennedy" = 666 (Reverse Sumerian)

"Kennedy McMahon" = 666 (Latin)

"Vincent Kennedy McMahon" = 666 (Reverse Caps Mixed)

Vince McMahon turned 6666 days old the day after JFK was assassinated:

Recall when he launched the WWE Network for a monthly fee of $9.99.

Many people believe the true number of the Beast is not 666, but actually 616.

Vince McMahon = 669 Standard and 919 Latin

Donald Trump has matching Reduction gematria with Six six six.

Donald Trump and Six six six both = 48 and 60

Vince McMahon is 294 days older than Donald Trump:

Six hundred and sixty six and Six hundred threescore & six both = 294 Ordinal

In Ordinal, both Six six six and Triple sixes sum to 156.

Trump returned to purchase Monday Night RAW on 15/6, which was 2 years, 75 days after their WrestleMania match:

"Six hundred sixty six" = 275 (Ordinal)

Donald purchased RAW on a date with Primary/Reduced numerology of 50 and 23:(6) + (15) + (20) + (09) = 50 and 6 + 1+5 + 2+0+0+9 = 23

Donald = 50 Ordinal and 23 Reduction

The 50th Prime number is 229
The 229th verse of Revelation reveals the number of the Beast as 666

2÷3 = 0.666

23 / 63

JFK was born in 1917 and died in 1963. In Standard English Gematria, the numbers 63 and 23 have this value.

"Sixty three" = 1917 (Standard) and "Twenty three" = 1963 (Standard)

Donald sums to 23 in Reduction.

"Donald" = 23 (Reduction)

Trump had a Hair vs. Hair match with Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 23:

Two years later, Trump returned to WWE, purchasing Monday Night RAW.

Trump turned 63 years old the day before:

"Money" = 63 (Reverse)

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