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Cody Rhodes Headlines WrestleMania 39 Against Roman Reigns

This year’s main event features Cody Rhodes, who is the son of legendary wrestler / booker / promoter Dusty Rhodes.

Cody wrestled in WWE for nearly a decade earlier in his career. During his time there, his father Dusty passed away at the age of 69 in 2015. This appears to have sparked a change in Cody, who left WWE the next year, unsatisfied with his position.

In 2018, he and several other wrestlers took a shot at promoting a show and successfully sold out a 10,000+ seat arena in Chicago, which helped spawn the WWE’s first (minor) competitor since 2001, All Elite Wrestling.

Despite being critical of WWE upon his departure, Cody would surprisingly make his return to the company at last year’s annual WrestleMania event. He was shelved early after tearing his pectoral muscle, but came back at the Royal Rumble and is now set to take on Roman Reigns, who has held the belt for longer than anyone since Hulk Hogan.

The next man to defeat Roman will begin the 147th reign in the history of the WWE Championship. While he is better known as Rhodes, Cody’s real birth name was Cody Runnels.

Cody Runnels = 147 Reverse, Rhodes = 1047 Reverse Standard

Ordinal Alignments

His ring name, Cody Rhodes, has gematria of 116 in the alphabetic order.

"Cody Rhodes" = 116 (Ordinal)

Dusty died on the 11th of June, or 11/6

Cody Rhodes will be wrestling 89 days before his 38th birthday:In Ordinal, Dusty = 89 and Cody Garrett Runnels Rhodes = 308

Reigns has been a world champion since the 30th of August, or 30/8 in 2020.

Dusty’s real name was Virgil.

"Virgil" = 77 (Ordinal)

WrestleMania 39 falls 77 years (or 929 months) after Dusty Rhodes was born:

929 is the 158th Prime number

"Dusty Rhodes" = 158 (Ordinal)

“Dusty Rhodes” = 1508 (Trigonal)

Also in Ordinal, the name of the event, WrestleMania Thirty-nine, sums to 282.

"WrestleMania Thirty nine" = 282 (Ordinal)

Cody’s older brother is Dustin Rhodes, better known as Goldust. Dustin was named after his father’s ring name Dusty.

Dusty was exactly 282 months old when Dustin was born:

Dusty Rhodes was born during Brown Lunation # 282:

The Moon

Dusty passed away a span of 347 days after Cody’s birthday at the age of 69:

347 is the 69th Prime number

Cody’s astrological sign is Cancer, which is the only sign ruled by the Moon. The symbol for Cancer resembles the number 69:

Rhodes = 69 and 33

Rhodes was born a span of 69 days before the next Total Lunar Eclipse, and died a span of 69 days after the most recent Total Lunar Eclipse:

Lunar and Eclipse both = 69 and 33

Dusty Runnels = 69 and 192

"Eclipse" = 192 (Latin)

The match falls 192 days before Dusty’s birthday:

Cody’s nickname is The American Nightmare, which is derived from Dusty’s nickname, The American Dream. Inglewood, California is this year’s host for WrestleMania.

The American Nightmare, Inglewood California, and WrestleMania all = 192

If Cody can capture the championship, he will be the 57th different man to hold the WWE Championship. This includes Antonio Inoki and Ted DiBiase, who both held the belt despite WWE not recognizing their runs.

Cody Runnels was born 57 days after the last Total Lunar Eclipse:

Cody Runnels = 57, 51, and 150

Moon sums to 51 in Reverse, as well as 15 when Reduced, like WWE in Ordinal.

Moon = 51 and 15 Reverse

WWE = 51 and 15

Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes were born 5 weeks, 1 day (or 1 month, 5 days)(or 36 days) apart:

The Moon = 36 Reduction and 223 Hebrew

It’s the year 2023

There are 223 Lunations in the Saros, which allows us to predict the next solar or lunar Eclipse.

Dusty’s death fell 19 days before Cody’s birthday. The Moon’s Metonic cycle is Nineteen years long. Of those 19 years, 7 of them have a Thirteenth month on the lunisolar calendar.

"Moon" = 197 (Satanic)

Metonic cycle, Nineteen years, and Thirteenth month all = 197

This year’s WrestleMania slogan is WrestleMania Goes Hollywood, as the event is being held in the Los Angeles, California area.

"Los Angeles California" = 197 (Ordinal)

Cody Rhodes will be exactly 1970 weeks old for his Main Event match:

Roman Reigns won the Universal Championship 1907 days (or 272 weeks) after the death of Dusty Rhodes:

The Moon’s diameter can be calculated by multiplying the Earth’s diameter by .272

Dusty died a span of 272 days before the next Total solar eclipse:

Dusty Rhodes was 2072 weeks old when Cody was born:

The real name of Dusty’s first son, Dustin Patrick Runnels, sums to 272.

"Dustin Patrick Runnels" = 272 (Reverse)

According to multiple sources, Cody Rhodes’ given name at birth was Cody Geoffrey Runnels.

WrestleMania Thirty nine = 2072 Latin, Cody Geoffrey Runnels = 2072 Trigonal and 902 Satanic

Roman Reigns’ real name is Leati Joseph Anoa’i.

Leati Joseph Anoai = 272 Reverse and 92 Reverse Reduction

WrestleMania Thirty-nine falls on the 92nd day of the year:

Rhodes / Reigns Synchronicities

Dusty Rhodes’ full name has Reverse gematria of 237, like Rhodes in Latin.

"Virgil Riley Runnels" = 237 (Reverse)

"Rhodes" = 237 (Latin)

Cody’s birth name shares this 237 value.

Cody Geoffrey Runnels = 237 and 276

He will be 37 years, 276 days old for his WrestleMania 39 Main Event:

The match falls on the date leaving 273 days in the year:

Cody ‘s title shot falls 27 weeks, 3 days before Dusty’s birthday:

"The American Dream" = 273 (Capitals Mixed)

Roman Reigns won the Universal Championship 2 years, 7 months, 3 days (or exactly 135 weeks) before WM39:

"WrestleMania Goes Hollywood" = 135 (Single Reduction)

At some point, Cody changed his middle name, becoming Cody Garrett Runnels.

"Cody Garrett Runnels" = 1305 (Latin)

Runnels was born 135 days before the next Total solar eclipse:

Dusty Rhodes would be 1035 Sidereal months (lunar orbits) old:

Recall how Dusty’s birth and death were connected to a Lunar Eclipse.

"Lunar eclipse" = 135 (Ordinal)

The show is technically being held within the city limits of Inglewood, California, which syncs up with Dusty, Cody Rhodes, and The Moon.

Inglewood California, Dusty, and The Moon all = 1304, Cody Rhodes = 1034

Inglewood California, Roman Reigns Cody Rhodes, The American Dream, and Roman Reigns all = 984

Reigns and Rhodes were both born in 1985

"Cody Garrett Runnels" = 1985 (Standard)

The first WrestleMania was held in 1985

“WrestleMania” – More on Dusty

Perhaps Cody was always destined to be in the WrestleMania Main event. His Primary birth numerology is 140:(6) + (30) + (19) + (85) = 140

WrestleMania and Main event both = 140

Dusty died from Kidney failure.

"Kidney failure" = 140 (Ordinal)

His father, Dusty Rhodes, has matching 1031 gematria with WrestleMania.

Dusty Rhodes and WrestleMania both = 1031

1031 is the 173rd Prime number

The American Dream would be 173 days after his birthday:

173 is the 40th Prime number

Dusty’s Life Lesson number was 40:(10) + (11) + 1+9+4+5 = 40

Cody vs. Roman is on April 2nd, or 4/02

"The American Dream" = 402 (Latin)

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