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Vince McMahon Retires / Entire Kenly PD Resigns

Vince McMahon announces retirement from WWE amid scandal

McMahon’s middle name is Kennedy. I explained his myriad connections to the Kennedy assassination in this post from last year.

On the same day he retired, the entire police department in Kenly, North Carolina allegedly resigned:Entire North Carolina police department resigns after new town manager is hired

Kennedy was the 35th President. Kenly is on the 35th parallel and 78th meridian:

Kennedy = 78

Back in 2005, a wrestler named Ken Anderson made his debut for WWE. He was assigned the name Mr. Kennedy, and was given a very unique introduction where he would state his name, “Mr. Kennedy”, and then dramatically repeat it, to really drive it home. It’s basically what everybody knew him for. Numbers that stood out with him are in the bottom section.

An added layer of synchronicity appeared when Bo Jackson popped up in the headlines shortly after all of this. His real name is Vincent Jackson – recall how former WR Vincent Jackson died in connection to Super Bowl LV:

Vincent Edward Bo Jackson and Vincent Kennedy McMahon both = 232 Ordinal

Vincent Kennedy McMahon, Kennedy McMahon, Kennedy, and Bo Jackson all = 666 in various methods

Bo Jackson was born on November 30th, which is the date of the Total solar eclipse in 1331, the most significant eclipse number.

November thirtieth = 1331 Latin

Eclipse Riddle

News of McMahon’s retirement broke while it was July 23rd in Asia and much of Europe. On July 23rd back in 1994, McMahon was found not guilty by jury in a major steroid distribution scandal.

ליקוי חמה מלא (Total solar eclipse)

Today is a span of exactly 28 years, 0 days or 10,227 days after his acquittal:

Today is the 22nd of July, written 22/7

In Hebrew, the phrase for total eclipse sums to 227:

Vince retired 227 days before Mr. Kennedy’s birthday:

Today is 7 months, 22 days after Bo Jackson’s birthday:

Eclipses of course involve the Sun and Moon. Today is the last day of Cancer, the only sign ruled by the Moon, and it’s the first day of Leo, which is the only sign ruled by the Sun. The year is 2022.

Eclipse = 222 Standard

Eclipses always occur 1, 5, or 6 lunar phases apart. The Hebrew word for Eclipse sums to 156:

WWE = 156, World Wrestling Entertainment = 156

McMahon has matching gematria with both Kenly and North Carolina.

McMahon, Kenly, and North Carolina all = 67

This is also the Reduction value of Total solar eclipse, which sums to 704 in Latin.

Total solar eclipse = 67 and 704

Today is exactly 704 months after the JFK assassination:

The Sun is represented by White, with the Moon turning it to Black. Look at the hilarious White/Black population of Kenly, North Carolina – 704 white people, and 503 African-American?

Solar eclipse = 503 Standard

Those percentages even make up 47% and 33% of the population.

McMahon’s first two names, Vincent and Kennedy, both sum to 33 like the word Eclipse.

Vincent and Kennedy both = 33

His retirement fell a span of exactly 33 weeks after the last Total solar eclipse, and 33 days before his next birthday:

It’s also exactly 3 years, 3 weeks after the last Total solar eclipse before that:

In the related story, the Kenly PD resigned, risking a loss of Order in the village.

Kenly PD = 33 Reduction

Masonry, Police, Secrecy, Order, and False Flag all sum to 33 in Reduction

The name Vince McMahon matches Eclipse in gematria. He’s accused of having $12 million in hush money paid out to keep his former affairs quiet.

Vince McMahon and Eclipse both = 120

Solar eclipse sums to 134 in ordinal.

Solar eclipse = 134 Ordinal

The 134th Prime number is 757

Vince = 757

Mr. Kennedy

With Vince stepping down, his daughter Stephanie will be taking over most of the executive responsibilities.

Anderson was born 202 days before Stephanie McMahon:

McMahon and Total solar eclipse both = 202

Although he was born in Wisconsin Rapids, Mr. Kennedy was billed as being from Green Bay, Wisconsin, something else he would emphasize during his introduction.

Green Bay Wisconsin = 202 Ordinal

The billionaire princess’s name Steph sums to 22 and 383.

Steph = 22 and 383

383 is the 76th Prime number
She and Ken Anderson were both born in ’76
Vince McMahon is 76 years old
His Tweet said he was 77 years old

Kenneth Anderson = 76 and 77

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