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Comedian Leo Gallagher Dies @ 76

Gallagher, watermelon-smashing comedian, dead at 76

Gallagher’s first name was Leo, which happens to be a sign of the Zodiac. Wouldn’t it be funny if Leo was born under Leo?

Oh right…Gallagher was born under Leo, on the 24th of July, the date written 24/7. He has reportedly died on November eleventh.

"November eleventh" = 247 (Reverse)

Leo Gallagher was almost undeniably the biggest comedian of the 1980’s. As a kid, I remember seeing a lot of him on TV, but I could never understand why people would want to sit close to the stage and get covered in slop.

At the end of his shows, Gallagher would take a sledgehammer and destroy a number of fruit items, culminating with a watermelon. In 1986, Peter Gabriel released the song Sledgehammer, the video for which was the most-played in the history of MTV. This record will never be broken for obvious reasons.

In that video, Peter Gabriel’s face turns into a bunch of assorted fruit:

Gallagher’s full name has matching Ordinal gematria with Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer. “Death” = 228 (Sumerian).

Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr and Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer both = 228 Ordinal

The name Gallagher sums to 71 in Ordinal, matching the values of both Peter and Peter Gabriel.

Gallagher, Peter, and Peter Gabriel all = 71

Gabriel is the name of an Archangel. Gallagher died on 11/11, and 1111 is considered to be an Angel number.

Song Release

The song Sledgehammer was released on the 21st of April, or 21/4.

"Sledgehammer" = 214 (Reverse)

The Primary numerology of that date was 130:(4) + (21) + (19) + (86) = 130

Gallagher and Gabriel were born exactly 1300 days apart:

"Leo Gallagher" = 58 (Reduction)

The 58th Prime number is 271

Sledgehammer came out 271 days after Gallagher’s birthday:

Gallagher died 271 days after Peter Gabriel’s birthday:


Gallagher, whose sledgehammer was called the Sledge-O-Matic, died on November eleventh, the date leaving 50 days on the calendar:

Sledge O Matic = 50 and 211, "November eleventh" = 211 (Capitals Added)

In Ordinal, Sledgehammer sums to 110.

"Sledgehammer" = 110 (Ordinal)

Gallagher passed away 110 days (or 111 w/ end date) after his birthday:

Sledgehammer was released on a date with Standard numerology of 111, which was also the 111th day of the year:(4) + (21) + (86) = 111 and April 21st is the 111th day of the year

Gallagher, born in Fort Bragg, NC, died on 11/11

"Fort Bragg NC" = 111 (Ordinal)

Before launching his solo career, Gabriel was the front man for the band Genesis.

"Genesis" = 111 (Reverse)

Peter Brian Gabriel and Genesis both = 666

Eleven eleven syncs up with Watermelon and Gabriel.

Eleven eleven = 126, 54, and 54, Watermelon = 126 and 54, Gabriel = 54

Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr., the master of the Sledge-O-Matic, died in Palm Desert, California.

Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr and Palm Desert California both = 339 Reverse, Sledge O Matic = 339 Primes. Sledge-O-Matic and Palm Desert both = 113 Ordinal

44 / 64

The words Comedian and Kill both sum to 64 and 44.

Kill = 44 and 64

Earlier this year, comedian Louie Anderson died on a date with 64 and 44 numerology. Last year, comedian Norm Macdonald died on a date with 64 and 44 numerology. On November 11th, Gallagher died on a date with 64 and 44 numerology:(11) + (11) + (20) + (22) = 64 and (11) + (11) + (22) = 44

"Gallagher" = 44 (Reduction)

Peter Gabriel was born exactly 44 Lunar phases after Gallagher:

Peter and Peter Gabriel both = 64

Peter Gabriel was born on the 44th day of the year, which is the beginning of Lupercalia, an ancient holiday celebrated by sacrifice.

Lupercalia = 44 and 64

Lupercalia, Gallagher, and Comedian all = 172

Eclipse Code

The sign of Leo, which Leo was born under, is the only sign ruled by the Sun.

Sledgehammer came out a span of exactly 444 months before the 2023 Hybrid Eclipse:

Gallagher would be turning 4004 weeks old the day before it:

Why is that eclipse so significant? That Hybrid Eclipse, which belongs to Saros # 129, falls on the date 4/20.

Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer = 129 and 420

The artist / song title also has gematria of 120 and 659, which stands out because the 120th Prime number is 659.

Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer = 120 and 659

120 is the Ordinal value of Golden Ratio.

"Golden ratio" = 120 (Ordinal)

The Golden Ratio is ~1.61

Peter Gabriel was born 161 days before Gallagher’s birthday:

Gallagher’s death fell 161 days before the anniversary of Sledgehammer, and a span of 161 days before that Hybrid Eclipse:

Recall how the Golden Ratio also got a tribute in the Chapter 11 / Title 11 bankruptcy filing for FTX, which also happened on the date 11/11.

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