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Kevin Conroy, Voice of Batman, Dies @ 66

Kevin Conroy, Who Gave Voice to Batman for 3 Decades, Dies at 66 With a distinctively deep and raspy voice, Mr. Conroy spent more time playing Batman than any other actor, without ever showing his face.

The renowned voice actor for Batman died on November 10th, written 11/10, the date that leaves 51 days on the calendar:

Batman = 111 and 51, The Batman = 51

The man who has been seen on screen more than anyone else playing Batman was Adam West, who starred in the Batman film from ’66, and the Batman TV series that began in ’66. Conroy, the famous Batman voice, died at age 66.

"Batman voice" = 66 (Reverse Reduction)

Adam West was replaced in his Batman role by actor Michael Keaton, who was born in ’51. Despite not playing Batman in 30 years, Keaton has signed on to play the role in next year’s film called The Flash.

Keaton celebrated his birthday 66 days before Conroy died:

"Keaton" = 66 (Ordinal)

Keaton was born on September 5th, which is the same date that Conroy first appeared as the voice of Batman in Batman: The Animated Series.

Pi / Eclipse Riddle

Conroy was exactly 828 Lunations old on the date he died:

828 ÷ 12 = 69. This means The voice of Batman died on November 10th, written 11/10, at the age of exactly 69 lunar years.

The voice of Batman = 1110 Latin and 69 Reduction

Adam West died on the date 6/9 in 2017. 69 is the Latin value for Pi.

"Pi" = 69 (Latin)

The first three digits of Pi are 3.14. Conroy died on the 314th day of the year:

Conroy was gay. The number 69 is often used as slang for a gay sex act. Eclipse and Circles both have gematria of 69 and 314.

Eclipse and Circles both = 69 and 314

Conroy died 515 days before the next Great American Eclipse:

"Jesus" = 515 (Standard)

This is relevant because the names Kevin Conroy and Kevin have matching gematria with Jesus Christ and Jesus.

Kevin Conroy and Jesus Christ both = 151 and 146, Jesus and Kevin both = 74

Kevin Conroy and Kevin both sum to 61, the Reverse value of Jesus.

Kevin Conroy, Kevin, and Jesus all = 61

The 61st Prime number is 283

Kevin Conroy died a span of exactly 283 weeks after Adam West:

In Latin, The Moon = 283 and Six hundred and sixty six = 2083

The number 666 has significance because not only does Batman equal 666 in Reverse Sumerian, but its Standard value matches 666 in Ordinal.

Batman = 666 and 294, Six hundred and sixty six and Six hundred threescore six both = 294 Ordinal

Michael Keaton, born on 9/5, was 25,999 days old for Conroy’s death:

"Six hundred sixty six" = 95 (Reduction)

Keaton was born in Kennedy Township.

"Kennedy" = 666 (Reverse Sumerian)


Conroy was born on the highly-significant Eclipse date of November 30th, which is connected to 1331, the ultimate Eclipse number, as this was the date of the 1331 eclipse. I just discussed this in my recent decode because it’s also Magnus Carlsen’s birthday.

"November thirtieth" = 1331 (Latin) and "Thirteen thirty one eclipse" = 1331 (Latin)

My research on the 1331 eclipse was one of the things that led me to predict that something very bad was going to happen in the year 2020. Little did I know at the time that 1331 was the year “Black Death” began in China, while 2020 gave us the Coronavirus pandemic.

"Virus of the Mind" = 1331 (Latin)

The newest Batman actor is Robert Pattinson, who portrayed the superhero in this year’s film The Batman.

Pattinson was a span of 13331 days old on November 10th:

Conroy passed away a span of 10 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, and 1 day after the 2012 Batman theater shooting:

1331 is 11 to the 3rd power. Conroy’s birthday is written as 11/30. In 2020, a global Coronavirus pandemic was declared by the World Health Organization on the 11th of March, or 11/3. 11×3 = 33

"Coronavirus pandemic" = 113 (Reverse Reduction) and "Corona" = 33 (Reverse Reduction)

Conroy died exactly 33 lunar phases after the WHO conned the entire world:

Eclipse and Circles both = 33

It’s widely-believed that the Crucifixion of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ occurred in 33 A.D. at the age of 33. Worth noting that Keaton also has this value.

"Keaton" = 33 (Reverse Reduction)

Jesus and 33 are both heavily-connected to the digits 895.

In Latin, Thirty-three = 895, Ritual human sacrifice = 895, Judas = 895, Jesus = 985

Kevin was exactly 895 Sidereal months (lunar orbits) old on the date of his death:

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