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Vikings Topple Bills in NFL’s “Game of the Year”

Vikings get improbable 33-30 overtime victory over Bills in game of the year

Immediately after the conclusion of the Minnesota Vikings’ 33-30 upset victory over the Buffalo Bills at Highmark Stadium this afternoon, everyone jumped up and immediately called this the “game of the year”. It’s easy to see why – just look at the win expectancy graph.

Today’s Game of the year took place in Buffalo, New York, on a date with Primary numerology of 66, which was also the 317th day of 2022:(11) + (13) + (20) + (22) = 66

317 is the 66th Prime number

Game of the year = 66 and 222, Buffalo New York = 66

66 is the first multiple of 33. The Vikings scored their 33rd and final points with a 33-yard field goal after going into Overtime tied at 30-30.

"Thirty three" = 66 (Reduction)

The team that calls Minneapolis their home won after first trailing by a score of 10-27.

"Minneapolis" = 127 (Ordinal)

“Christian” Riddle

33 is the age that most Christians would tell you Jesus was crucified at in the year 33 A.D.

The date given by many historians for the crucifixion was April third:

April third = 115 and 511

Today’s win was the Vikings’ 511th regular season victory in franchise history.

April 3rd is the 93rd day of the year:Day of Year: (Apr-3) = 93

The number 93 is vital to Minneapolis and its connection to the crucifixion code. The city sits on the 93rd meridian.

As the Vikings went into Overtime, their division rivals, The Green Bay Packers, started their FOX afternoon “Game of the Week” against the Dallas Cowboys. This game would also end up going to Overtime (only 5.5% of games do).

"The Green Bay Packers" = 93 (Single Reduction)

The Packers, currently led by Aaron Rodgers, have been NFL powerhouses since ’93, when Brett Favre first led them back to the playoffs.

Aaron Charles Rodgers and Brett Lorenzo Favre both = 93

The Christian riddle extends to Green Bay as well. #1 draft pick Christian Watson finally scored his first receiving touchdown in the NFL. Earlier this year, the Vikings beat the Packers in a game with a big riddle for Christian Watson.

Watson is the son of former NFL safety Tim Watson, whom the Packers drafted in ’93 out of “Howard” = 93.

Tim Watson was a span of 93 days after his birthday:

In 2018, Tim Watson changed his name to:

"Tazim Wajid Wajed" = 93 (Reverse Reduction)

Christian wears #9 and beat #3 on the play. He went on to finish with 3 touchdown receptions:

"Christian Justus Watson" = 303 (Ordinal)

Tim was also a total of 19085 days old:

"Jesus" = 985 (Latin)

Packers Head coach Matt LaFleur was born on a date with Standard numerology of 93:(11) + (3) + (79) = 93

Head coach = 93, Matt LaFleur = 903, Coach Matt LaFleur = 93

Matt LaFleur took over for head coach Mike McCarthy, who won a Super Bowl with the team in 2011 but was fired towards the end of the 2018 season. This game was the first time McCarthy went against Green Bay while coaching a different team.

Ninety three and McCarthy both = 143

Today’s game fell a span of 1043 days after he was hired by the Cowboys:

This is also a span of exactly 149 weeks. McCarthy enters the game with 149 total regular season wins, meaning he was looking for his 150th career victory.

"Green Bay Packers" = 150 (Ordinal)

Had McCarthy gotten his way, the Green Bay Packers, who fired McCarthy in 2018, would have fallen to 20-18 against Dallas all-time.


Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers won Super Bowl XLV.

Michael John McCarthy, Aaron Rodgers, and Super Bowl XLV all = 189

On the 18th of September, or 18/9 in the year ’93, a football-themed movie called Rudy premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Rudy was a college football player at Notre Dame.

Notre Dame = 41 and 49

The Cowboys had trouble with an unlikely foe – Rudy Ford, a journeyman who despite having only one career interception, picked Dak Prescott off twice and made several other big plays.

Today is a span of 410 days (or 409 without the end date) after Rudy‘s first viewing:

Rudy Ruettiger is 27,111 days old:

"Rudy Ford" = 111 (Ordinal)

Rudy Ford was born on November 1st, or 11/1 in the year 1994:

Today was the 994th game in the history of the Buffalo Bills franchise. They were defeated by the Vikings, who entered the game with 994 total games played in their franchise history.

"Total solar eclipse" = 994 (Standard)

Total solar eclipse and Johnathan Rudy Ford both = 202 and 257

During Jesus’ crucifixion, darkness fell over the sky, akin to a Total solar eclipse.

Minnesota = 515 and 110, Jesus = 515 and 110

Minnesota was the 32nd state admitted to the Union.

"Christ" = 32 (Reduction)

Thirty two and Crucifixion code both = 158 and 85

The Vikings clinched the game with an interception made by Patrick Peterson, whose middle name is essentially Demon:

It’s interesting that these two teams are playing each other this weekend. Wisconsin, where the game is being held this weekend, is home to the EAA, which is the largest air show in the world. Yesterday, disaster struck an air show in Dallas when two planes collided in mid-air, killing six:

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