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"Charles" = 66 (Ordinal)

University of Virginia Shooting Kills 3, Perp Arrested

UVa shooting suspect is in custody; the 3 students killed were on football team, officials say

On Sunday night, a shooting broke out on a bus in a parking garage on the campus of the University of Virginia. The garage was right next to the drama building, as its occupants had just returned from Washington D.C. to see a play.

All three of the deceased victims were members of the Virginia football team. Unsurprisingly, the team Virginia played the day before the shooting was Virginia Tech, who suffered a similar although much more devastating tragedy in 2007 when a gunman unleashed hell and murdered 32 students.

Virginia’s sports teams are called the Cavaliers. The term Cavalier was first used in the 17th century to describe supporters of King Charles I and his son, King Charles II.

It just so happens that the first King to use the name “Charles” since Charles II just recently took the throne in the UK following the death of the Queen. This shooting, which was allegedly carried at out at 10:15 pm by Christopher Darnell Jones in a Parking garage, occurred on the date Charles III turned a span of 74 years old:

It was also a span of 74 days before the University’s anniversary:

The King, Killing, and Masonic all = 74 and 115. Christopher Darnell Jones = 115

"Parking garage" = 115 (Ordinal)

The number 74 has matching gematria with Virginia.

Seventy four and Virginia both = 127, 53, and 55

Jones was born on a date with Standard numerology of 127:(11) + (17) + (99) = 127


Not only was the shooting on a date with Primary numerology of 66, but it was also the 317th day of the year, which is the 66th Prime number. This connects to both Charles and the shooter, Chris Jones:(11) + (13) + (20) + (22) = 66

"Charles" = 66 (Ordinal)

"Chris Jones" = 66 (Single Reduction)

In Latin gematria, Charles sums to 207. The University is located in Charlottesville, Virginia, a city that is named after a British monarch.

"Charles" = 207 (Latin)

"Charlottesville Virginia" = 270 (Ordinal)

"CVille" = 27 (Reduction)

"Ritual" = 27 (Reduction)

On the date of the shooting, Charles III was 27027 days of age:

The last name of the shooter from the Virginia Cavaliers is Jones.

"Virginia Cavaliers" = 2727 (Squares)

Jones = 27 and 27


Charlottesville was named after Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who died just over two months before the University of Virginia was founded.

Her death fell on November 17th in 1818. According to this article, November 17th was Jones’ date of birth.

Jones was born exactly 181 years after Charlotte died:

"Charlottesville" = 181 (Ordinal)

November 17th is written as 11/17. If you multiply 11×17, you get a product of 187, and 1117 is the 187th Prime number.

The shooting was 187 days before Charlotte’s date of birth:

187 is widely-known as the “homicide” code:

The 2022 Charlottesville shooting fell exactly 222 weeks after the Charlottesville rally:

Rallies about white supremacy? Gun violence with no known motive? Sounds like more Order out of chaos from global government.

"Order out of chaos" = 222 (Reverse)

Chaos, Virginia, Charlottesville, and Virginia Cavaliers all = 89

More Alignments

The shooting was 179 days after Charlotte’s last date of birth:

Football players, Virginia Cavaliers, and The King all = 179

The name of the shooter has immense overlap with the University of Virginia and Charlottesville, Virginia.

Queen Charlotte was known as Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

Mecklenburg Strelitz and Christopher Darnell Jones both = 2079 and 1440

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