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Virginia Shooting Connections to “The Last Boy Scout”

As discussed in my last post, there was a rather unusual shooting at the University of Virginia this weekend, where a former football player gunned down three other football players for no known reason on a bus after the class had gone to see a play.

Yesterday, I was out and about when I overheard the reaction of someone who saw this news story for the first time. After initially expressing shock, she quickly mentioned how this reminded her of a movie from the early 90’s where a football player shoots three other football players on the field. Without hearing anything else, I already knew there would be a connection.

The movie from 1991 is called The Last Boy Scout, starring Damon Wayans and Bruce Willis:

The film’s opening scene takes us to the middle of an intense American football game. During halftime, star running back Billy Cole gets a phone call warning him that he will be murdered if he does not win the game.

After hanging up, the character does what any reasonable person in the same situation would have done – ingested some PCP and took a loaded gun onto the field with him. Cole proceeds to shoot three defenders on the field as he’s carrying the ball towards the end zone.

In my first post on the shooting at UVA, I pointed out how their team name, the Cavaliers, is a reference to supporters of the original King Charles. In the NBA, there’s another team called the Cavaliers who play in Cleveland. In The Last Boy Scout, Billy Cole’s L.A. Stallions are playing in the city of Cleveland.

The title Last Boy Scout also stands out because in 2020, the Boy Scouts of America filed for Chapter 11 / Title 11 bankruptcy.

The Boy Scouts were a span of 110 years, 11 days old when they filed for Chapter 11 / Title 11:

This is of particular relevance this week because on November 11th, or 11/11, FTX filed for Chapter 11 / Title 11 bankruptcy in one of the largest scandals in recent U.S. history.

Film Release

This weekend’s shooting fell on the 317th day of the year. 317 is the word LIE flipped upside-down:

"The word LIE flipped upside down" = 317 (Ordinal)

November 13th is written 11/13. Talmudic texts reveal that gentiles may be circumvented with lies in a legal setting in Baba Kamma 113a. This is another very significant number to lying.

The Last Boy Scout was released exactly 371 months (or 30 years, 11 months) before the “real” shooting:

Running back Billy Cole is portrayed by actor Billy Blanks. This is an intriguing name, given that he would have been firing blanks on set during filming of the scene.

"Billy Wayne Blanks" = 371 (Capitals Mixed) and "Forty one" = 731 (Latin)

Billy Wayne Blanks wears # Forty-one in the film as Billy Cole.

"Football team" = 41 (Reduction)

One of the three Virginia players to be killed wore #41 for his Football team:

The shooting began at 10:15 pm. The other two players reportedly killed by Christopher Darnell Jones wore #1 and #15:

"Christopher Darnell Jones" = 115 (Reduction)

Killing = 115 Reverse and 115 Latin

41 + 1 + 15 = 57

570 is the number that the “real” shooter Chris Jones shares with the shooter in the Last Boy Scout, Billy Cole.

"Chris Jones" = 570 (Fibonacci) and "Billy Cole" = 570 (Sumerian)

"Charles III" = 57 (Reduction)

Chris Jones and Boy Scout both = 120 and 172, Last Boy Scout = 172

Billy Blanks

Billy Blanks would go on to become a national celebrity following his creation of the exercise program called Tae Bo. Remarkably, this has matching gematria with both Christopher Darnell Jones and University of Virginia.

Tae Bo, Christopher Darnell Jones, and University of Virginia all = 268

The actor’s name also has matching 119 gematria with University of Virginia. This is currently Virginia’s 119th season of college football. The Boy Scouts of America were founded in 1910.

"Billy Blanks" = 119 (Ordinal) and "University of Virginia" = 119 (Reduction)

The shooting in Charlottesville fell 90 months, 11 days after Princess Charlotte was born:

119 and 911 are both connected to 116.

"Cavaliers" = 116 (Capitals Added)

The Last Boy Scout was released on a date with Standard numerology of 116:(12) + (13) + (91) = 116

"Last Boy Scout" = 1106 (Latin)

It was also exactly 116 months after Francis became the 266th Pope:

"Charlottesville Virginia" = 2066 (Latin)

In my first post, I mentioned the number 187, as the shooting fell 187 days before Queen Charlotte’s birthday. Queen Charlotte died on 11/17, which was Jones’ birthday, a number which is heavily-connected to 187. We shouldn’t be surprised that this number is found in the Ordinal value of Blanks’ full name.

"Billy Wayne Blanks" = 187 (Ordinal)

I also explained how the shooting was a celebration of King Charles’ 74th birthday, which corresponded with the date in England when the shooting began on Sunday night.

Blanks was a span of 74 days after his birthday:

Blanks’s initials are B.B., which represents 2-2 in gematria. Christopher Jones killed Perry, Davis, & Chandler from his Football team the year ’22.

Christopher Jones and Perry Davis Chandler both = 202 Ordinal

"Football team" = 202 (Reverse)

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