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Rainn Wilson Changes Name to Promote Climate Awareness

Rainn Wilson announces name change to raise climate change awareness

Today is November 11th, or 11/11. Rainn Wilson became famous on The Office for playing Dwight Schrute, who gets married to Angela Martin towards the end of the series. Her birthday is listed as 11/11, and 1111 is considered to be an Angel number, appropriate for a woman named Angela:Angela Martin was born on November 11, 1974, in Dayton, Ohio. She has one sister named Rachael who is her best friend. In the series finale, she and her sister speak in a secret language they created when they were little.

Eleven eleven and Dayton Ohio both = 126 and 54

Recently, I built this wild conspiracy theory that Dwight Schrute is a parody of Jim Cornette, a notorious manager and current critic of the wrestling industry, who has always been known for taking the business way too seriously. Dwight Schrute is typically a character that comes to mind when someone thinks about one who takes their job too seriously.

I actually just brought this up to my friend and associate a few weeks ago on Discord. As it turns out, this isn’t just some wild theory with remarkable gematric support – this connection is very real, and this story is a riddle attributed to it.

Dwight Schrute and Jim Cornette both = 165 and 66. Dwight Kurt Schrute III and Jim Cornette both = 262

Both Jim Cornette and Rainn Wilson share birth numerology of 10643, and 87:Jim Cornette and Rainn Wilson both share birth numerology of 106, 43, and 87

Jim Cornette is from Louisville, Kentucky, home to the annual Kentucky Derby.

"James Mark Cornette" = 106 (Reverse Reduction) and Kentucky = 106 and 43

Kentucky Derby

This year was the 148th running of the Kentucky Derby, syncing up with Rainn Wilson‘s common and full names.

Rainn Wilson and Rainn Percival Dietrich Wilson both = 148

Kentucky Derby has gematria of 56 and 70.

Kentucky Derby = 56 and 70

These are the same numbers that explain why Rainn Wilson has the right name to promote Climate change.

Climate change and Rainn Wilson both = 56 and 70

In 2016, world leaders met in Paris, France, to sign an agreement to limit Greenhouse gases.

Paris France = 56 and 70, Greenhouse gases = 70

The number 70 is also the value of one of the most famous climate activists, Greta Thunberg.

"Greta Thunberg" = 70 (Reverse Reduction)

Thunberg is from Sweden, which shares this 70 value. Sweden has remarkable overlap with the name Rainn Wilson.

Rainn = 29 and 34, Wilson = 29, 34, 92, and 70, Sweden = 70, 92, 29, and 34

“Louisville, Kentucky” Riddle

Earlier today, I made this post about the “Magnus” connections in a story was about a border crisis – this story is about a climate crisis. The name Magnus means “Great“, which has the same letters as Greta.

Earlier this year, Magnus resigned from a chess tournament in St. Louis, which not only has the word saint in it, but is also home to MLB’s Cardinals, two elements related to the Jesuit Order. Louisville is home to the Cardinals of the NCAA.

This Jesuit connection is important because earlier this year, I made this video which explained how this year’s Kentucky Derby was a Jesuit magic ritual.

Louisville and Kentucky both have gematria of 136.

"Louisville" = 136 (Ordinal) and "Kentucky" = 136 (Capitals Added)

This year’s Kentucky Derby featured Rich Strike, Epicenter, and Zandon finishing Win-Place-Show. This was a tribute to The Jesuits, who were founded three days shy of a solar eclipse from Saros # 136, which began hours after 13/6/1360.

Rich Strike Epicenter Zandon = 136 and 1336, The Jesuit Order = 1336, The Jesuits = 136

Greta Thunberg is exactly 1036 weeks old today:

Greta Thunberg = 876 Sumerian and Louisville Kentucky = 876 Satanic

Louisville Basketball

In both schools’ first game of the season Wednesday night, the Louisville Cardinals were upset by Bellarmine, another university in Louisville. Bellarmine became well-known at the end of last season because they were denied entry into the NCAA tournament despite winning their conference, due to some odd division transfer rule.

This game was played on November 9th, or 11/09.

"November ninth" = 1109 (Latin)

"James Cornette" = 1109 (Latin)

Check out the score of this game – 67 to 66. I just made this post about the connections between 67 and 66 in the “Magnus” story. That story was about a border crisis – this story is about a climate crisis.

The Louisville game was a span of 6 years, 6 days after the Paris Agreement:Wilson’s news fell 6 years, 7 days after the Paris Agreement:

This past March, Louisville hired a new head coach in Kenny Payne. His full name matches Cornette’s full ring name.

Kenneth Victor Payne = 225 and 303, James E Cornette = 225 and 303

303 represents 33 in numerology.

Jim Cornette was born 1895 days before Kenny Payne:

Louisville entered and left their game against Bellarmine with 1895 recorded wins in school history:


Payne was born in the year ’66. His team scored 66 points in their loss to Bellarmine, who finished last year with a .606 winning percentage. Kenny Payne, who was hired one day after Jim Cornette turned 60 years, 6 months old, has matching gematria with 66. Louisville is named after Louis XVI.

Kenny Payne, Sixty six, and Louis XVI all = 49 and 41

The number 66 is highly prevalent here too. Rainn, a Cornette Doppelganger who also was born in the year ’66, gets his name from the word Rain, which Climate change would affect, even in somewhere like Kentucky, whether or not he Changed his name.

"Rain" = 66 (Reverse)

"Doppelganger" = 66 (Reduction)

"Climate change" = 606 (Sumerian)

"Kentucky" = 660 (Sumerian)

"Changed his name" = 66 (Reduction)

Dwight Schrute and Jim Cornette both = 66

The 66th Prime number is 317

"James Mark Jim Cornette" = 317 (Reverse)

The number 66 even matches Rainn Wilson and Kentucky.

Sixty six = 149, 67, and 1298. Rainn Wilson = 149 and 67, Kentucky = 1298

Headline Gematria

CNN’s headline yields a 303 with the S Exception. I don’t believe this is a coincidence, given how Climate Change is a C.C., or a 33, especially in light of all the other 303 in this story.

Cornette’s “full” ring name was James E. Cornette. The Louisville / Bellarmine game was a span of exactly 33 weeks after the premiere date of The Office.

"James E Cornette" = 303 (Capitals Mixed)

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