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Eclipse and Yale riddles for F1 Race at Red Bull Ring

This is my second of two posts on this topic.

Eclipse Code

The 9/11 attacks occurred right along the 74th western meridian:

The Austrian GP falls a span of 74 days before September 11th:

Jesus, Killing, Cross, Messiah, Gospel, and Parables all = 74 Ordinal

"Red Bull" = 74 (Ordinal)

The movie 1941 starring Treat Williams was released during Brown Lunation # 704:

Total solar eclipse = 704 and 74

In the Gospels, the crucifixion is accompanied by daytime darkness, like an Eclipse of the Sun.

Eclipse of the Sun and The Jesuit Order both = 177 Ordinal

"Austria" = 177 (Capitals Mixed)

Steven Spielberg was born 1707 days after F1 team founder Frank Williams:

"Max Verstappen" = 177 (Reverse)

"September 11th" = 177 (Reverse)

"Backlinie" = 177 (Reverse)

Society of Jesus191. The date 9/11 falls 191 days after Jos Verstappen’s birthday. 191 is the 43rd Prime number.

This will be the 43rd Austrian GP

Jesus Christ = 43 Reduction and 1275 Latin

Jules Bianchi would have been 12750 days old for the race:

Max will be a span of 275 days after his birthday:

Jos Verstappen was born in 1972, the same year Building 1 of the World Trade Center was completed.

Francis will be 31972 (or a span of 31973 days) days old on that date:

The World Trade Center opened in 1973 and was destroyed during Brown Lunation # 973:

Christian Horner was born in 1973:

He was born a span of 227 days after the World Trade Center opened:

Horner will be 227 days after his birthday for the Austrian GP:

September the eleventh and Steven Spielberg both = 227


Avi Loeb – Skull and Bones

In August, I made this other post about Steven Spielberg after a bizarre news story about a Harvard professor was published, where he told us how humanity will view alien intelligence.

"God" = 61 (Latin)

"Steven Allan Spielberg" = 1300 (Latin)

"Skull Bones" = 130 (Ordinal)

Skull & Bones is headquartered at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, home to Order 322. Red Bull Racing is headquartered in Milton Keynes, England.

Milton Keynes England and New Haven Connecticut both = 219, 294, 84, and 96

See my recent decode on Flight SQ321 and how it was all synced up to Ayrton Senna, who was born on 3/21.

Austria’s Grand Prix begins Max Verstappen’s 322nd month since birth:

Skull and Bones is also known as Order 322.

That story came out 322 days before the race in Austria:

Treat Williams and Steven Allan Spielberg both = 322

Spielberg turned a span of exactly 3022 weeks old the day after Red Bull Racing was founded:

Abrahamic religions and Ancient mystery religions both = 322 Reverse

Christian Horner was 11,322 days old when Red Bull bought Jaguar:

Spielberg was 322 months old when Christian Horner was born:

Yale University will be a span of exactly 322 years, 38 weeks old:

The secret society is also known as the Brotherhood of Death.

Last month, I made this post explaining my numerical connections to Skull and Bones through racecar driver Paul Russo, who died in accordance with the code back in 1976. The date of his death per Wikipedia is the date leaving 322 days in the year:

Austria’s feature race falls exactly 1,322 months, 3 weeks (or 40260 days) after Russo was born:

"Hurricane" = 426 (Latin)

Looking Ahead

Red Bull Ring opened on 5/15
Max got his first win on 5/15

Jesus = 515 and 61

Max’s first F1 win was a span of 60 months, 1 day after Red Bull Ring opened:

This year’s Austrian GP will be held exactly 60 years, 10 months after the first:

"Skull and crossbones" = 61 (Reduction)

Professor Loeb said humanity would see alien intelligence like God. My post explained how the story was a tribute to singer Lisa Ann Loeb.

"God" = 61 (Latin)

"Lisa Anne Loeb" = 283 (Latin)

283 is the 61st Prime number

Max is currently sitting on 59 wins. There are two races between now and Austria, held in Canada and Spain (where Max got his first win).

This means Verstappen would need to win one of those two races in order to have a shot at his 61st win in Austria. The dominance he’s enjoyed at Red Bull for the past two seasons has dissipated, with McLaren and Ferrari right near the top this year, so this certainly seems possible.

But does this mean that Max will actually get his 61st win in Austria? It certainly seems like it. However, this is the Jesus code we’re talking about here, and Jesus was crucified.

Last week, I made this post talking about how there was a comeback riddle for the Minnesota Timberwolves. However, instead of finishing that comeback on a date with 53 numerology, they were eliminated on 5/30, which was the same date as Trump’s courtroom “crucifixion.” Minnesota is the Land of 93, a major Jesus number, so it made sense for them to blow their chances on that date.

It truly does appear as if Losses in sports can be coded just as heavily as Wins. How can someone tell a winning riddle from a losing riddle? Again, is it even possible?

Not only has sports gambling quickly become an industry worth many billions of dollars, but many gambling applications aren’t even turning a profit yet, due to heavy initial startup costs. Therefore, if sports betting is in your plans for obtaining wealth, not only are you fighting against the randomness of human behavior, but you may possibly be fighting against an industry built on making money, where not everyone is making money.

Anyway…will Max take first in Canada for his 60th win next weekend? I believe it’s more likely than winning in Spain, if he is indeed only going to win one of those. Spain is one of the most difficult tracks to overtake, and with a handful of low-speed corners, Ferrari and McLaren may have an edge over the Austrian outfit. Canada, on the other hand, has a few overtaking opportunities, especially at the hairpin, that makes race pace more important, and that’s something Max certainly has.

"Canada" = 60 (Standard)

See how other drivers even sync up with this fascinating date:

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