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The Gematrinator and the “Skull and Bones” code

This is my third and final post on racing driver Paul Russo from Kenosha and the numerology connecting him to Skull and Bones and the Gematrinator.

For quite some time, I’ve been silently aghast at the remarkable numerical alignments my organic numerology shares with the Skull and Bones code. I guess it makes sense – few people (if anybody) have spent more time decoding and sharing Yale’s incredible connections to the Great American Eclipses and its associated digits.

Just as I began blogging about this specific code in 2023, my cousin April passed away (in the month of April of course). The numbers linking the two of us were all too familiar. This was my first clue that even this code has immense basis in the Organic Matrix.

My recent fascination with Paul Russo and his passing in 1976 has led me to similar conclusions. Not only was his demise littered with the same hallmarks, but his cousin’s great-grandson would go on to team up with the Gematrinator to improve not only the site, but its visibility to the world.

Although we did incorporate and launch on specific dates, it certainly wasn’t for the reasons you’ll see below. Check out my original post after the new launch to learn more about the true intent.

Adam reached out to me in 2021 after discovering my Gematrinator_85 channel. As it turns out, he was also born in ’85, but there’s more.

Adam was also born in ’85, 85 days after me:

Yale and Russo both = 85 Caps Mixed

I was born 8005 weeks after the first day of 1832:

I was born 485 weeks after Paul Russo passed away:

Adam and I incorporated Gematrinator_85 in 2022.

Derek Michael J Tikkuri, Gematrinator Eighty Five, and Skull & Bones all = 2022

As mentioned in my last post, I built the first version of the calculator on January 17th, 2017.

The first Gematrinator was built 2220 months, 2 weeks, 2 days after 1832:

The Gematrinator was the first calculator to include Reverse gematria, which was quickly discovered to be an integral part of the code.

"Derek Michael J Tikkuri" = 1198 (Latin), "Reverse gematria" = 1198 (Latin), and "Yale Skull and Bones" = 1198 (Fibonacci)

Yale University was founded on the 282nd day of the year:Evans died 20082 days after One Life to Live debuted:

This is a number I share with both my uncle and Paul Russo.

Derek Tikkuri, Mark Tikkuri, and Paul Russo all = 282 Caps Mixed

Gematrinator_85 was founded exactly 2282 months after the first day of 1832:

"The Brotherhood of Death" = 2082 (Reverse Sumerian)

Skull and Bones is also called The Brotherhood of Death.

"Brotherhood of Death" = 187 (Ordinal)

It was also a span of 1870 days after I built the original calculator:

Yale is located in New Haven.

"New Haven" = 34 (Reverse Reduction)

I was born a span of exactly 3400 days after Paul Russo died:

Paul Russo and Russo both = 34

He died in Clearwater, Florida.

Clearwater Florida = 340 Caps Mixed and Caps Added

Curious, as this has been a number I’ve noted in many suspicious deaths.

"Murder" = 34 (Reduction)

Both 223 and 322 share gematria with 192, which also sums to 322 as I shared in the previous post.

Two hundred twenty three and Three hundred twenty two both = 106 Reduction, Yale = 16 Reduction

"One hundred and ninety two" = 106 (Reverse Reduction)

Clearwater and Russell both = 106

Russo died in Clearwater 10 months, 6 days after his birthday:

I was born 10 months, 6 days before Paul’s birthday:

The new site launched 1 year, 6 days before Yale’s special anniversary:

William Huntington Russell

In my first post, I mentioned how well Russo’s death aligned with William Huntingon Russell.

"William Huntington Russell" = 327 (Ordinal)

Paul Russo was exactly 3227 weeks old on February 13th:

A day I after I first published this post, I noticed this:

I made these posts exactly 322 years, 7 months after Yale’s anniversary:

I was born exactly 5220 weeks after Russell died:

5/22 is the 142nd day of the year

Derek Tikkuri = 522 and 142

My second post on this topic goes into great detail on the number 142.

Derek Michael J Tikkuri = 203 and 337

The 203rd Prime number is 1237

I was born 1237 Lunations (or 1,337 Sidereal months) after William Russell’s death:

More Notes

Paul Frank Russo and Adam James Kavalauskas both = 186

Adam was born on 28/8

William Huntington Russell = 2088 Latin, Yale Skull and Bones society = 288 Ordinal, Clearwater Florida = 288 Reverse

The date of my uncle’s accident had Multiplicative numerology of 288:9 × 2 × 2 × 2 × 2 × 2 = 288

It was 2288 months after the formation of Skull and Bones in 1832:

Derek and Numbers both = 43

Yale, Russo, and Russell = 43

Clearwater = 43 and 1195, New Haven CT = 43 and New Haven Connecticut = 1195 Fibonacci

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