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Little League Star and MLB Player Sean Burroughs Dies @ 43

Little League World Series hero, Olympic gold medalist Sean Burroughs 'tragically passed away' at 43 Burroughs collapsed shortly after dropping his son off for a Little League game

Tragically passed away and Sean Burroughs both = 78

Sean Burroughs died at a span of exactly 2278 weeks of age:

Little League World Series

Sean Burroughs, whose last MLB game was played with the Minnesota Twins, was a former Little League baseball star who was dropping his son off at a Little League baseball game.

Sean Burroughs, Minnesota Twins, and Little League baseball all = 183

He led his team to the Little League baseball World Series championship in 1993.

In Standard, Little League baseball and World Series both = 993

Former Major Leaguer Sean Burroughs had one of the best performances in Little League World Series history when he threw back-to-back no-hitters at the 1993 event.

The Final was 11 months, 16 days after his birthday:

Two no-hitters = 1116

Sean Patrick Burroughs = 1116 and 1506

He passed away 15 weeks, 6 days before the anniversary of that date:

Eclipse (Deficiency) = 156 Hebrew, Eclipse the Sun = 156 English Ordinal

Eclipses always occur 1, 5, or 6 Lunar phases apart

Last month, the second of two Total Solar Eclipses swept over the United States on April 8th, or 4/8:

Sean Patrick Burroughs and Little League World Series both = 4008

Burroughs and Little League both = 48 in Reduction

The Sun is an average of ~93 million miles from Earth. Burroughs found success in the ’93 Little League World Series.

"Sean Patrick Burroughs" = 93 (Reduction)

When it comes to the number 93 in the U.S., it’s impossible to ignore the significance of this number to Minneapolis, Minnesota93 (click to enlarge):

This story is synced up with two of the teams shown with 93 gematria, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Minnesota Twins.

Age 43

"Forty three" = 59 (Reduction)

Sean Burroughs died on 5/9 at age 43

Sean died 4 weeks, 3 days after the Great American Eclipse:

The two Eclipses over America are also known as the Twin Eclipses. Sean made his last Major League appearance in 2012 for the Minnesota Twins on April 30th, or 4/30:

As news of Burroughs’ death broke, the Minnesota Timberwolves were hosting the Denver Nuggets, who handed them their 43rd playoff defeat in franchise history:

The 43rd Prime number is 191
The Twins were founded in 1901

Prior to his short stint with the Twins, Burroughs played the 2011 season with the Arizona Diamondbacks, who just lost the World Series on the first day of November.

Burroughs died a span of 191 days after the last game of the World Series:

"Diamondbacks" = 191 (Capitals Mixed)

"Total solar eclipse" = 191 (Latin Ordinal)

That was the 119th edition of the World Series, which has the same digits as both 191 and 911. See my post to learn about the wealth of 9/11 riddles for the destruction of the Twin Towers.

The Tower

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been talking about an ongoing riddle with the Tarot, which was confirmed by last week’s release of the film Tarot.

Sean Burroughs was an extra in the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Judgment is one of the more famous cards from the Tarot’s Major Arcana.

Lately, however, I’ve been focusing specifically on The Tower.

"The Tower" = 1068 (Standard)

"Sean Burroughs" = 168 (Ordinal)

"New York City" = 168 (Ordinal) and "New York City New York" = 1068 (Fibonacci)

Prior to moving to Minnesota, the Twins were based in Washington, D.C., which was the other site of the 9/11 attacks.

Sean Burroughs was born just one day after September 11th, which was the 256th day of a leap year:

"Tower" = 256 (Satanic)

The date of Burroughs’ passing had Primary numerology of 58. This is a pretty significant number in regards to Solomon’s Temple and the Twin Towers:(5) + (9) + (20) + (24) = 58

On May 9th, the Twins won a road game against the Toronto Blue Jays, whose home is the Rogers Centre, which sits at the base of the CN Tower – which until 2009, was the tallest Tower in the world.

The win gave Minnesota their 9199th victory in franchise history:

9199 is the 1140th Prime number

"The Tower" = 114 (Ordinal) and "The Tower XVI" = 1014 (Sumerian)

"Burroughs" = 114 (Reverse)

"Major League Baseball" = 1140 (Latin)

The 1993 Little League World Series was advertised as the 47th in the event’s history:

"Forty seven" = 1616 (Standard)

Burroughs died a span of 1601 weeks, 6 days after winning the LLWS:

Sean won the LLWS championship a span of 16 days before his birthday:

"Tower" = 161 (Capitals Mixed)

The Tower is the 16th card of the Tarot:

"Sixteenth" = 124 (Ordinal)

This is the Twins’ 124th season in the AL

End of MLB Career

Burroughs was born on the 12th of September, or 12/9:

Burroughs, Little League, The Diamondbacks, and The Arizona Diamondbacks all = 129

He won his Little League championship on a date with Standard numerology of 129:(8) + (28) + (93) = 129

Burroughs died 12 years, 9 days after his last MLB game:

It happened on May 9th, which is typically the 129th day of the year:

His MLB career ended 246 days after the date of his LLWS heroics:

"Sean Patrick Burroughs" = 246 (Ordinal)

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