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Harvard Professor Avi Loeb Compares Alien Life to ‘God’

Harvard physicist searching for UFO evidence says humanity will view alien intelligence like 'God' 'A very advanced scientific civilization is a good approximation to God,' Prof. Loeb told Fox News Digital

"Harvard physicist searching for UFO evidence says humanity will view alien intelligence like God" = 7800 (Reverse Sumerian)

The man interviewed for this news story about Extraterrestrial life was Abraham “Avi” Loeb.

Abraham Loeb and Extraterrestrial both = 78

Extraterrestrial life = 110 and 271, Abraham Avi Loeb = 110 and Abraham Loeb = 271

The term E.T. was cemented into American culture with the release of the 1982 film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

"E T the Extra Terrestrial" = 271 (Ordinal)

Including his nickname, Abraham “Avi” Loeb sums to 650, syncing up with today’s Primary numerology of 65:(8) + (14) + (20) + (23) = 65

"Abraham Avi Loeb" = 650 (Standard)

Lisa Loeb

"ET the Extra Terrestrial" = 109 (Single Reduction)

Avi Loeb has Primary birth numerology of 109 and 46:(2) + (26) + (19) + (62) = 109

The last name Loeb points us to singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb, who has enjoyed a fair amount of success since her rise to fame in the 1990’s.

Lisa Anne Loeb = 109 and 46

Lisa Loeb is exactly 30 weeks before her 56th birthday:

Lisa Loeb and Avi Loeb both = 30, Abraham "Avi" Loeb = 56

Abraham, also known as “Avi”, was born on February 26th, written 2/26:

Today’s news falls on the 226th day of the year:

Avi Loeb was born a span of 2206 days before Lisa Loeb:

Both were born under the astrological sign of Pisces, which is represented by the Fish symbol.

Fish and Avi Loeb both = 42, 66, and 123, Abraham Loeb = 42 and 66

Lisa Anne Loeb was born on the 71st day of the year:

Lisa Anne Loeb and Pisces both = 71, God = 71 and 71

Eclipse Code

In October, an Annular solar eclipse will pass over the United States.

"Annular solar eclipse" = 215 (Ordinal)

Lisa Anne Loeb = 215 Reverse and Caps Mixed

Avi Loeb was 20 years, 105 days old when E.T. was released:

It’s been 2150 weeks after E.T. was screened at Cannes:

Six six six (666)E.T. director Steven Spielberg is a span of 3999 weeks, 6 days (or 27,999 days) old:

Avi is a span of exactly 3207 weeks old:

This is the Reverse Standard value of Six hundred and sixty-six, which in turn sums to 2083 in Latin.

Six hundred and sixty six = 2083 Latin and 3207 Reverse Standard

Lisa Anne Loeb has matching 283 gematria with The Moon and 666.

Lisa Anne Loeb and The Moon both = 283 Latin

283 is the 61st Prime number

Today is 61 days before this year’s Annular solar eclipse:

Avi is 61 years old and 196 days before his next birthday:

In Latin, God = 61 and Extraterrestrial life = 1096

This means today is also a span of 197 days before his birthday:

"Lisa Loeb" = 197 (Latin)

"Six six six" = 1197 (Latin)

E.T. came out 273 days before Lisa’s birthday, and today is a span of 211 days before it:In Reverse, Six hundred and sixty six = 273 and Six hundred sixty six = 211

666 is connected to 57 through the Eclipse code.

Six sixty six and Triple sixes both = 57

Avi Loeb was born on the 57th day of the year:

"Avi Loeb" = 507 (Standard)

As I repeatedly (and perhaps obnoxiously) point out, 666 is also strongly-linked to 33.

Thirty-three (33)

Above, I pointed out how Abraham was born on 2/26, which was 2206 days before Lisa Loeb, and today is the 226th day of the year. This is another number important to 33.

Thirty three = 156 and 141, both One hundred fifty six and One hundred forty one = 226 Ordinal

"Eclipse" = 33 (Reduction)

Today is a span of 303 days before the anniversary of E.T.’s wide release:

In Ordinal, 33 sums to 156.

"Thirty three" = 156 (Ordinal)

Alien intelligence = 156 and 303

Lisa Loeb is 55 years, 156 days old for today’s news:

Avi Loeb is comparing Extraterrestrial intelligence to that of God, which is quoted in the headline.

God = 55 Reverse and 156 Sumerian

"Extraterrestrial" = 1056 (Latin)

Abraham Loeb was 1056 weeks old when E.T. was shown at Cannes:

Eclipse = 156 Hebrew Standard, Eclipse the Sun = 156 English Ordinal

Today is also a span of 15056 days after E.T. first premiered:

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