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September 11th Riddles in F1’s 1109th Grand Prix

Ferrari's Charles Leclerc wins home F1 race in Monaco, breaking the 'curse'

This is my second of four posts on today’s Grand Prix.

Make sure you check out my post from earlier this month showing how Charles Leclerc is connected to The Tower.

Charles Leclerc was born and raised in Monaco.

Charles Leclerc = 61 and Monaco = 61 and 101

101 is also the Reduction value of September the eleventh, which matches both Louis Alexandre Chiron and Alexander of Jerusalem.

September the eleventh = 101, 227, 313, and 1433, Louis Alexandre Chiron = 101, 227, 313, and 1433, Alexander of Jerusalem = 1433

The 227th Prime number is 1433

September 11th Riddles

The official National Day of Monaco is celebrated on the 19th of November, or 19/11. The Constitution of Monaco was signed in the year 1911.

This was the 1109th F1 Grand Prix

One thousand one hundred nine = 119 and 1161

1109 is the 186th Prime number

To Charles’ left on the podium stood Ferrari teammate Carlos Sainz Jr.:

"Carlos Sainz Jr" = 186 (Reverse)

Sainz got on the podium in Monaco at 10860 days of age:

Charles was born 1806 weeks after his father Hervé:

The race fell 186 days before the date Charles Kowal died:

Charles Kowal has gematria of 254 in Capitals Mixed.

Charles Leclerc and Charles Kowal both = 254

Charles Leclerc won the Monaco GP 2254 days after his F1 debut:

The 9/11 attacks fell on the 254th day of the year:

"Tisha BAv" = 911 (Latin)

Tisha B’Av in 2024 falls on 8/12

Alexandra Saint Mleux was 8012 days old for the race:

The Tower

My first post pointed out how Louis Chiron and Jules Bianchi both have the same date of birth, with the same four digits in their birth years.

Jules Bianchi was born exactly 10 years, 6 weeks after Louis Chiron died:

The Tower is the 16th card of the Tarot’s Major Arcana. Charles Leclerc drives the #16 car for Ferrari.

Charles was born 16 days before the anniversary of Chiron’s discovery:

Sunday was a span of 160 days before the date Chiron was discovered:

In February, Lewis Hamilton announced he would be moving to Scuderia Ferrari to become Leclerc’s teammate.

"Lewis Hamilton" = 160 (Ordinal)

"Scuderia Ferrari" = 106 (Reverse Reduction)

Ferrari’s team principal Frédéric Vasseur has a strong 16 connection to 9/11.

Vasseur was 106 days after his birthday and a span of 12,160 days old on 9/11:

"Albert II" = 1060 (Squares)

The 16th Fibonacci number is 987

"Jules Bianchi" = 987 (Latin)

Sixteenth and Charles Leclerc both sum to 124.

"Sixteenth" = 124 (Ordinal)

"Charles Leclerc" = 124 (Ordinal)

Charles Leclerc was born exactly 5,124 weeks after Louis Chiron:

Louis would currently be 124 years old:

Albert II was 1024 weeks old when for Chiron’s discovery:

"One thousand one hundred nine" = 124 (Reduction)

Nine-Eleven (911)

2060 Chiron was in perfect conjunction to the Sun and Moon for the April 8th Total Solar Eclipse.

The Monaco Grand Prix was held a span of 1 month, 19 days after the Eclipse:

"Eclipse" = 119 (English Qaballa)

He won at Monaco a span of 116 days after Lewis announced he would be his teammate:

The Monaco Grand Prix is held in the Monte Carlo district of the city-state.

"Monte Carlo" = 116 (Ordinal)

"Herve Leclerc" = 116 (Ordinal)

Leclerc was born 116 days after the date Louis Chiron died:

Louis Chiron died 10 months, 19 days after his birthday:

"Kowal" = 611 (Standard)

Charles Leclerc was born a span of 11 months, 9 days after Charles Kowal’s birthday:

Jules Bianchi was born on a date with Primary numerology of 119:(8) + (3) + (19) + (89) = 119

Albert II became Prince a span of 10019 days after Chiron’s discovery:

That date was also a span of 11 months, 9 days before his birthday:

It was also 911 months after the first Monaco GP:

The 119th Prime number is 653

"Albert II Prince of Monaco" = 653 (Latin)

"Scuderia Ferrari" = 653 (Latin)

The 1109th Grand Prix marked the start of the 653rd week since Charles Kowal died:

116 is the first multiple of 58
 Chiron’s final race was at Monaco in ’58
Albert II was born in ’58
The Monaco GP was founded by Antony Noghès
Now it’s been won by Leclerc

"Albert" = 58 (Ordinal)

"Antony Noghes" = 58 (Reduction)

"Leclerc" = 58 (Ordinal)

On the first lap of this year’s race, three cars were knocked out in the same crash – car numbers 1120, and 27.

11 + 20 + 27 = 58

This is a number connected to the ongoing Tower riddle, which is centered around Tisha B’Av and the September 11th attacks.

Solomons Temple, Second Temple, Herods Temple, Third Temple, Jerusalem, and Twin Towers all = 58

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