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Will “The Tower” Riddle Be Part of the Miami Grand Prix?

Miami GP: Ferrari reveal images of new 'blue' car for Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz in sixth F1 race of 2024

This is my first of two posts on this weekend’s Miami Grand Prix (before it happens, anyway).

“The Tower”

For the last week, I’ve been Blogging about the significant Tower riddle in the news lately. See my last Super Stream and my last post to learn more.

Charles Leclerc has matching 124 gematria with Sixteenth. Next year, he will be teammates with Lewis Hamilton.

"Charles Leclerc" = 124 (Ordinal)

"Sixteenth" = 124 (Ordinal)

Lewis = 1024 Latin and Hamilton = 124 Reverse

The Miami GP will be held 1 year, 240 days after Charles III became the King:

These are the same three digits found in the date 4/21, which was the Queen’s birthday. This was also the date of the last F1 race in China.

In 2021, the number 124 is what led me to predict a death in the Royal Family for the 12th of April or 12/4 back in 2021. The Queen’s husband Prince Philip wound up dying just three days before that date.

The main reason I made that prediction was because of Kevin Charles King, who had one of the worst games as a defender in playoff history on January 24th, or 1/24. King has Primary birth numerology of 124:(5) + (5) + (19) + (95) = 124

Notice how he was born on May 5th. The Miami Grand Prix will be held on his birthday. Rather unusually, King just recently signed with the Atlanta Falcons last month after two seasons out of pro football.

Charles Leclerc was born a span of exactly 128 weeks after Kevin King:

"The Tower XVI" = 128 (Reverse)

Sixteen (16)  and Thirty-three (33)

The Tower XVI and Charles Leclerc both = 61 Reduction

The Tower is the 16th card of the Tarot. Charles Leclerc, who was born on the 16th day of the month, drives the #16 car for Scuderia Ferrari, who has won 16 Constructors’ Championships:

Kevin King was born 16 days after the Oklahoma City bombing:

Formula One is currently being dominated by Red Bull driver Max Verstappen.

Leclerc was born 16 days after Max:

"Max" = 16 (Reverse Reduction)

The Miami GP falls Seven days (or One week) before Kevin King turns 10600 days old:

One week, Seven days, and Sixteen all = 16 Reduction

Prince Louis was born 33 years, 106 days (or 12,160 days) after Lewis Hamilton:

"Lewis Hamilton" = 160 (Ordinal)

See my post on Hamilton’s move to Ferrari from February.

This weekend is 1515 weeks after The Oklahoma City bombing:

The Oklahoma City bombing and Thirty three both = 1515 Standard

Thirty-three has Latin gematria of 895. This is a number that connects King to Leclerc.

"Thirty three" = 895 (Latin)

Kevin King was born during Brown Lunation # 895:

He was born 895 days before Charles Leclerc:

Leclerc and The Tower both = 166

Miami International Autodrome

The Tower has matching 39 and 42 gematria with Sixteen and Charles.

The Tower and Sixteen both = 42 and 39

Charles = 39 and 42

Miami International Autodrome = 309 and 420

The Oklahoma City bombing was on the 19th of April, or 19/4:

"Miami International Autodrome" = 1094 (Latin)

In Reduction, Miami International Autodrome sums to 168.

"Miami International Autodrome" = 168 (Reverse Reduction)

The Tower = 1068 Standard and 102 Reverse

"Kevin Charles King" = 168 (Ordinal) and "Kevin King" = 102 (Ordinal)

The Miami Grand Prix will be held 102 days after the anniversary of King’s fail:

"Miami Grand Prix" = 1020 (Standard)

Prince Louis

Prince Louis of Wales has matching 102 gematria with The Tower.

Louis = 102 and Prince Louis of Wales = 102

The race falls on the 126th day of a leap year:

"The Tower" = 612 (Reerse Sumerian)

Prince Louis will be 6 months, 12 days (or 2204 days) old for the race:

"Sixteenth Tarot card" = 224 (Ordinal)

More Notes

King will turn exactly 348 months old:

"Leclerc" = 348 (Sumerian)

Charles Leclerc and Kevin Charles King both = 246 Caps

Charles Marc Herve Perceval Leclerc = 299 Ordinal and Miami Florida = 299 Standard

"The Tower XVI" = 299 (Capitals Added)

This is the 1107th Formula One Grand Prix

"Monegasque" = 117 (Ordinal)

The race is exactly 117 weeks after the Dolphins hired coach number Thirteen:

"Thirteen" = 117 (Reverse)

See my decode on McDaniel’s hiring in 2022, which showed how Miami and the Dolphins are coded up-and-down with the number 13.

May 5th will be 1 year, 300 days since Leclerc’s last win:

Read on for more:

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