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Charlotte Murders a Part of “The Tower” Riddle

Charlotte shooting: Four officers shot dead, four wounded, in North Carolina home siege

This is my second of two posts on this story.

The Tower

Over the weekend, I recent Super Stream a significant set of riddles in the news connected to The Tower from the Tarot’s Major Arcana, and the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

Charlotte, The Tower, and Sixteen all = 39

Terry Hughes was 39 years, 160 days old when he died in the shootout:

It was also 160 days after North Carolina’s anniversary:

The Tower is card number Sixteen of the Tarot:

Charlotte North Carolin and Terry Clark Hughes Jr both = 106

Oklahoma City Oklahoma, The World Trade Center, Terre Haute Indiana, and OKC Tower all = 106

Oklahoma City officials recently approved the construction of a 1907-foot skyscraper called Legends Tower, which would be the nation’s tallest upon completion. Oklahoma was admitted to the Union in 1907, syncing up with the gematria of Terry Clark Hughes and Charlotte, NC.

Terry Clark Hughes = 1097 Latin and Charlotte NC = 197 Caps Added

Legends Tower has matching 1306 gematria with Mecklenburg-Strelitz, the duchy Queen Charlotte belonged to.

"Legends Tower" = 1306 (Latin) and "Mecklenburg Strelitz" = 1306 (Latin)

The Tower has matching 102 gematria with The Oklahoma City bombing.

"The Tower" = 102 (Reverse)

The Oklahoma City bombing and Oklahoma City bombing both = 102

Timothy McVeigh was 12102 days old when he was killed:

The Al-Qaeda terrorist attacks of 9/11 lasted 102 minutes.

"Al Qaeda" = 102 (Latin)

Charlotte = 102 Ordinal and Charlotte North Carolina = 1020 Satanic

Hughes = 120 (Caps Added)

The April 29th shooting in Charlotte was the 120th day of a leap year:

The Tower and Charlotte, NC both have 1068 gematria.

"The Tower" = 1068 (Standard)

"Charlotte NC" = 1068 (Reverse Sumerian)

In that Standard method, Charlotte, North Carolina sums to 1249, just one off from the number 1248, which connected The Tower to Dallas police shooter Micah Xavier Johnson.

"Charlotte North Carolina" = 1249 (Standard)

"The Tower" = 1248 (Latin)

"Micah Xavier Johnson" = 1248 (Sumerian)

One sixty-four (164)

"Shootout" = 133 (Ordnal)

133 is the sum of the coordinates of Oklahoma City, which has matching gematria with One sixty-four.

Oklahoma City = 133, 191, and 65, One sixty four = 191, 133, and 65, Queen Charlotte = 65

The police killings fell a span of 10604 days after the Oklahoma City bombing:

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has matching 164 gematria with United States Marshals.

"Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department" = 164 (Reduction)

"United States Marshals" = 1064 (Latin)

The shooting in Charlotte fell 164 days after the anniversary of Queen Charlotte’s death:

"Queen Charlotte" = 164 (Ordinal)

Terry Hughes was born a span of 166 years, 4 days after she passed away:

The shooting was in Charlotte’s Shannon Park neighborhood, which has matching 166 gematria with Dallas.

Shannon Park and Dallas both = 166

The Tower and Twin Towers both = 166

The Federal Building in OKC was named after Alfred Paul Murrah.

"Alfred Paul Murrah" = 1066 (Standard)

The 166th Prime number is 983

"Terry Hughes" = 983 (Latin)

Queen Charlotte died at 893 months of age:

Timothy McVeigh

McVeigh would have been 20460 days old on Monday:

The tragedy in Queen City happened on the date leaving 246 days in the year:

"Queen City" = 246 (Reverse Caps Mixed)

Two forty-six yields a value of 194.

"Two forty six" = 194 (Ordinal)

The 1995 Oklahoma City bombing was on the 19th of April, or 19/4:

The building was named after Alfred P. Murrah, who was born in 1904.

The shooting in Charlotte was exactly 1194 weeks after Tim McVeigh died:

McVeigh would have been 12,194 days old on September 11th, 2001:

September eleventh, Two thousand one, and One hundred nineteen all = 194 Ordinal

North Carolina’s statehood fell exactly 1094 weeks after Charlotte was incorporated:

"Jesuits" = 1094 (Latin)

The Jesuits were established in 1540

"The Tower" = 154 (Reverse Caps Added)

"Ritual sacrifice" = 154 (Ordinal)

Terry Hughes = 154 Ordinal and Micah Xavier Johnson = 1504 Standard

These names and numbers remind me of Terry Crews, who was born just three months after Timothy McVeigh on the date leaving 154 days in the year:

"Terry Crews" = 154 (Ordinal)

Crews has Primary birth numerology of 124:(7) + (30) + (19) + (68) = 124

"Sixteenth" = 124 (Ordinal)

"Queen City" = 124 (Reverse)

Crews was 12004 days old when McVeigh was executed:

Both men were born in the year ’68. World Trade Center construction first began on 6/8 in the year ’68.

Hughes, Crews, United States Marshals, and USMS all = 68

See my recent Super Stream to learn more about 68 and how it syncs to The Tower.

The OKC bombing was a span of exactly 1016 weeks after Alfred P. Murrah died:

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