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Haas and Alpine Teams Crash Into Each Other on First Lap

Ferrari's Charles Leclerc wins home F1 race in Monaco, breaking the 'curse'

This is my third of four posts on today’s Grand Prix.

MoneyGram Haas F1 Team

This was F1’s 1109th Grand Prix
USA’s worst terror attack was on 9/11
1109 is the 186th Prime number

The only American team on the grid is called MoneyGram Haas F1 Team.

"MoneyGram Haas F1 Team" = 186 (Ordinal)

The outfit’s two drivers are Nico Hulkenberg & Kevin Magnussen:

"Nico Hulkenberg & Kevin Magnussen" = 1776 (Standard)

The United States was founded in 1776:

First Lap Crashes

On the very first lap of the 1109th Grand Prix, the two Haas drivers collided with one another and crashed out of the race:

The two Haas drivers were born 61 months, 16 days apart:

Kevin Magnussen is 60 months, 11 days older than the Monagasque winner:

In the process, they collected a Red Bull driven by Sergio Perez.

"Sergio Michel Perez Mendoza" = 116 (Reverse Reduction)

The 911th Prime number is 7109

Checo Perez = 719 and has matching 104, 166, and 59 gematria with Twin Towers

This was the first time in the team’s decade-long history that Haas lost both of their cars on the first lap.

911 is the 156th Prime number

Plane, New York New York, and Twin Towers all = 156

Magnussen was 11556 days old when he crashed into Checo Perez:

Checo Perez and Magnussen both = 156 Caps Added

Haas is owned by Gene Haas.

"Gene Haas" = 156 (Reverse)

The 119th Prime number is 653

"Magnussen" = 653 (Standard)

Nico Hulkenberg was 13430 days old:

Charles Leclerc = 343 Latin and 403 Standard

Sergio Pérez was a span of exactly 403 weeks old when Charles Leclerc was born:

"Charles T Kowal" = 403 (Reverse Caps Mixed)

Checo wrecked out at 12540 days old:

Charles Leclerc and Charles Kowal both = 254

Charles Leclerc won the Monaco GP 2254 days after his F1 debut:

September 11th is the 254th day of the year:


The Twin Towers fell within sight of the Statue of Liberty:

The Statue of Liberty was a gift to America for gaining its independence by France. There’s also a French team on the grid – Alpine Renault, who contract two French drivers, Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon:

"Alpine" = 113 (Capitals Mixed)

Later in that same first lap, shortly after the American team crashed, Ocon’s wheels made contact with his teammate’s, comically launching his car into the air:

Esteban Ocon was 10113 days old:

"Esteban Ocon" = 113 (Ordinal)

Indeed, 9/11 and America’s response was a pack of Dishonest Mainstream Illusions.

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