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Grandson Says Jimmy Carter “Coming to the End”

Jimmy Carter 'coming to the end,' but 'he's still there,' grandson says at forum Jason Carter recalled telling Jimmy Carter that when people ask how he's doing, he doesn't know what to say. "Well, I don’t know myself," Jimmy Carter joked, he said.

In August of last year, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter was said to be in the final chapter, prompting me to make this post in the event the story was indicative of something more.

Needless to say, Carter is still alive, and it was actually his wife Rosalynn who passed away first. See my series of posts on Jimmy’s First Lady from November.

I don’t want to spend too much time on something that hasn’t happened, so I won’t have any date-to-date graphics here…but I thought it was pretty interesting that a story like this came up this week, because we’re a few days away from the May 19th anniversary of the death of Jackie Kennedy, whose life was very much a riddle synced to the Carters.

Next week is also the birthday of Georgia musician Andre 3000, who was the main topic of my third post on Rosalynn Carter. Maybe the riddle is too good, but there’s a lot of interesting alignments with his birthday this year.

May 27th falls a span of 30 years, 9 days after the death of Jackie Kennedy.

"Jackie" = 39 (Ordinal)

Jimmy and Carter both = 390 Sumerian

Perhaps my recent Derby win has gotten to my head, but even if nothing happens, I can’t help but wonder if the existence of this news story is because of this upcoming alignment. Almost like a sports game where all the numbers line up perfectly, only for the team to lose…

Georgia Guidestones

Jimmy and Rosalynn were both born in GeorgiaMay 27th falls exactly 22 months, 3 weeks (or 691 days) after the Georgia Guidestones were bombed.

Eclipse of the Sun = 691, 177, and 69, James Earl Carter Jr = 177 and 69

The date is also a span of 6 months, 9 days after the death of his wife Rosalynn.

Eclipse, Eclipse of the Sun, and Eclipse the Sun all = 69

The Georgia Guidestones riddle is connected to George H.W. Bush, the most recent president to die. The 27th will also be a span of 5 years, 180 days after he passed away.

George Herbert Walker Bush and Eleanor Rosalynn Carter both = 1518 Sumerian

Bush’s son George W. Bush was in office during the 9/11 attacks. Rosalynn died on 11/19.

James Earl Carter = 1191 Trigonal and Eleanor Rosalynn Carter = 1191 Latin

May 27th is:

  • 1 year, 99 days after Jimmy entered hospice
  • 191 days after the death of Rosalynn
  • 1 month, 19 days after the 2024 Eclipse

It’s also 49 days after the Eclipse. May 27th, or 27/5 is also the birthday of Georgia musician Andre 3000, who turns 49 on that date:

"Thirty ninth President" = 275 (Ordinal) and "Carter" = 275 (Satanic)

Andre 3000

It will also be just two days before John F. Kennedy‘s 107th birthday. Andre 3000 is also part of Outkast.

In 2001, the same year as 9/11, the film Volcano High was released. Andre 3000 did the voice-over for the English dub.

"Volcano" = 107 (Reverse)

"Thirty nine" = 142 (Ordinal)

The 142nd Prime number is 821. Volcano High came out a span of 8021 days after Rosalynn’s death was in the headlines (Nov. 20th) and 8210 days before May 27th.

"Andre Three thousand" = 821 (Latin)

May 27th falls exactly 6 years, 40 weeks after the 2017 Eclipse on 8/21.

"Volcano" = 604 (Standard)

In Satanic gematria, Skull and Bones = 604 and Secret society = 640 Reverse

Skull and Bones

Thirty ninth President = 2057. The date in question is writte as 5/27 or 27/5, the same digits in the Extended gematria of Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones = 572 and 752

Skull and Bones = 149, 59, 41, and 76. James Earl Carter = 149 and 59, James Carter = 41 and 76

May 27th is exactly 33 weeks after Yale’s 322nd anniversary.

Jimmy Carter and Smith both = 322

But more intriguing is that it’s also 135 days before Yale’s 323rd anniversary. Rosalynn died on the 323rd day of the year.

Jimmy Carter and Eleanor Carter both = 135 Ordinal

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