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Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico Shot

Slovak PM Fico no longer in life-threatening condition after being shot, minister says

Earlier today, Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot following a government meeting.

The name Fico reminds me of the American company FICO, the firm tasked with keeping tabs on the credit stores in the country.

FICO, or Fair Isaac Corporation, is headquartered in Bozeman, Montana:

In 2020, actor Chad Boseman, the star of Black Panther, passed away at the age of 43 (or 42?). See my post on that from when it happened.

FICO does not have an official founding date, but the city of Boseman does.

The city of Bozeman is exactly 1976 Lunar phases old:

Chadwick Boseman was born in 1976:

Chadwick Boseman was a span of exactly 525 months old when he died:

"Robert Fico" = 525 (Standard)

Robert Fico is the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic.

"Slovak Republic" = 1120 (Standard)

Boseman was born 112 years, 112 days after Bozeman’s incorporation:

FICO scores, Fair Isaac Corporation, and The Brotherhood of Death all = 112

Fico born on a date with Primary numerology of 44 and 107, which was also the 107th day of the year:(9) + (15) + 1+9+6+4 = 44 and (9) + (15) + (19) + (64) = 107

Today’s Shooting had Standard date numerology of 44 and 17:(5) + (15) + (24) = 44 and 5 + 1+5 + 2+4 = 17

Shooting = 44 and 107

Someone tried to Kill Fico 44 months, 17 days after Chadwick died:

Kill = 44 and 17

Boseman’s full name matches Fair Isaac Corporation.

"Chadwick Aaron Boseman" = 1008 (Standard) and "Fair Isaac Corporation" = 1008 (Fibonacci)

18 is 6+6+6

Robert Fico, Black Panther, and Montana all = 666 Sumerian, Brotherhood of Death = 666 Base Sum

Skull and Bones

Yale University, home to Order 322, which use the Skull and Crossbones = 223, turned 322 years old in 2023:

The secret society is also known as The Brotherhood of Death.

"The Brotherhood of Death" = 220 (Ordinal)

Fico was shot a span of 322 years, 220 days after Yale University was founded:

"Prime Minister" = 220 (Capitals Added)

"Robert Fico" = 220 (Capitals Mixed)

Robert Fico became Prime Minister 2 weeks, 2 days after Yale’s anniversary:

"FICO scores" = 220 (Capitals Mixed)

Chadwick Boseman played the main character of Black Panther prior to succumbing to Colon cancer.

"Black Panther" = 220 (Capitals Mixed)

"Colon cancer" = 220 (Reverse Caps Added)

Lee Hsien Loong

220 is also the Ordinal value of 419, which will be explored in the next section.

Four hundred nineteen = 220 and 439

Boseman was also a span of exactly 43 years, 9 months of age:

"Slovakia" = 439 (Fibonacci)

439 is the 85th Prime number

Chad Boseman and Chadwick Boseman both = 85

On the same day that Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot, Lee Loong, the Prime Minister of Singapore, spent his final day in office after nearly 20 years in the role.

Lee Loong = 85 and 131

Chadwick Boseman died a span of 131 days after the date John Bozeman died:

Chadwick Boseman and Fair Isaac Corporation both = 131

"Ritual human sacrifice" = 131 (Reverse Reduction)

Loong was the Prime Minister for a span of exactly 1031 weeks:

1031 is the 173rd Prime number

FICO was originally founded as Fair, Isaac, and Company.

"Fair Isaac and Company" = 173 (Ordinal) and "FICO" = 173 (Satanic)

Four hundred nineteen (419)

Robert Fico was shot on 5/15
5/15 falls 419 days after 3/22

"Robert Fico" = 419 (Fibonacci)

Lee Hsien Loong is the full name of the Prime Minister of Singapore.

Lee Hsien Loong = 419 Standard and Reverse Caps, Singapore = 419 Satanic

The full name of FICO is Fair Isaac Corporation.

"Fair Isaac Corporation" = 419 (Capitals Mixed)

419 is the 81st Prime number

"Chadwick Aaron Boseman" = 81 (Reduction)

The 81st day of the year is 3/22:

More Notes

Fair Isaac Corporation, Lee Hsien Loong, The Brotherhood of Death, and Robert Fico all = 211

Fair Isaac Corporation, or FICO, is currently 68 years old:

FICO, Lee Hsien Loong, and Chadwick Boseman all = 68

Lee Hsien Loong = 140, Singapore and Montana both = 104

Fico was born 104 months, 14 days after the first day of 1956, when FICO was founded, and was shot exactly 716 months later:

Fourteen = 104 and 716

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