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Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, and the Number 13

This is my first of a series of posts on this game:

Super Bowl LVIII has gone down as the game with the highest-ever TV ratings in American history. A huge credit for that goes to worldwide phenom Taylor Swift, who once again attended the game and embraced her boyfriend, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, after his team emerged victorious:

"Swift" = 58 (Reverse)

Super Bowl 58 in Las Vegas finished the ’23 NFL season.

Las Vegas and Swift both = 23 Reduction

It was the was the 104th season in league history.

"Taylor Alison Swift" = 104 (Reverse Reduction)

Recall how the number 104 was central to the NFL’s “Script” commercials that began airing before the season started. See my post on how this was coded into the NFL’s first game of the season as well. Both games saw the team trailing at halftime complete a Comeback.

"Comeback" = 104 (Latin)

Garrett Reid

Travis’s passion isn’t confined to just his romantic relationships. During the game, Kelce stirred up some controversy after angrily screaming at his coach Andy Reid, bumping him and knocking him off-balance in the process:

These posts will also examine how Super Bowl LVIII was synced up with the death of Andy Reid’s son Garrett Reid, who reportedly passed away in 2012 while at an Eagles training facility during the preseason. Before the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV, I made this post that examined some powerful numerical alignments with Garrett’s death.

That post begins by talking about the number 319. Remarkably, I made that post before the game, which ended with a final score of 31-9. But as we will see, that’s not the only Super Bowl his demise can be easily linked to.

Garrett Reid died on the 5th of August, or 5/8:

His father has now laid claim to victory in Super Bowl 58.

Thirteen (13)

If you’ve been reading anything about the Super Bowl the past few days, you probably know all about how important the number 13 was to this game. It’s so obvious that once again, the mainstream media is running their own articles about the game’s numerology.

Rather famously, Taylor Swift’s lucky number is 13:

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12 + 13 = 91

"Taylor" = 91 (Ordinal)

Taylor was born on the 13th day of December, which is also the 347th day of the year:

"Thirteen" = 347 (Latin)

Super Bowl 58  |  5 + 8 = 13

The game went to halftime with 13 total points at a score of 10-3:

The Super Bowl being held in ’24 was the 13th NFL game Swift has attended this year.

"Twenty four" = 103 (Reverse)

"NFL" = 13 (Reverse Reduction)

"Swift" = 103 (Capitals Added)

Garrett Reid was born on April 13th, the 103rd day of the year:

13 × 13 169

The Chiefs outscored the 49ers 16-9 in the second half.

Skull & Bones and Human sacrifice both = 130 Ordinal

Garrett passed away 130 days before Taylor’s birthday:

Super Bowl LVIII was played in Las Vegas.

"Las Vegas" = 130 (Reverse)

Super Bowl 57 was 130 days after Kelce’s birthday, while Super Bowl 58 was a span of 130 days after it:

The game was won on a catch by Hardman.

"Hardman" = 130 (Reverse)

Early in the first quarter, I told my friend I was watching the game with that we’d probably see 13 camera shots of Taylor Swift in the crowd. I can’t be 100% completely positive, but I’m quite certain that the shot of her celebrating the game-winning touchdown was indeed the 13th time she was shown since the broadcast began just before kickoff.

Taylor was born in West Reading, PA. Travis was born in Westlake, OH.

West = 13 and 41

The 13th Prime number is 41

The Chiefs played the 49ers … 4 + 9 = 13

The San Francisco 49ers‘ starting quarterback Brock Purdy wears #13.

"San Francisco Forty niners" = 1313 (Latin)

"Brock" = 49 (Ordinal)

Taylor Swift was still 409 months old for the game:

"NFL" = 49 (Reverse)

This is a Super Bowl rematch, with the two teams having previously met in Super Bowl LIV.

KC played the 49ers in two Super Bowls 4 years, 9 days apart:

Garrett’s death occurred a span of 4 months, 9 days before Taylor’s birthday:

Garrett Reid would have been 40 years, 9 months of age:

Garrett would have turned a span of exactly 490 months old shortly after the game ended:

This year’s Super Bowl, the most-viewed game in America, happened in Las Vegas.

Super Bowl, America, and Las Vegas all = 49 Reverse Reduction

"Las Vegas" = 914 (Latin)

Garrett Reid would have been 14,914 days old for the Super Bowl in Las Vegas:


In Ordinal, Thirteen sums to 99, which is the Reverse value of Kelce.

"Thirteen" = 99 (Ordinal)

"Kelce" = 99 (Reverse)

Travis’s team wears Red. Their opponent, San Francisco, also wears Red.

The sixth act of Taylor’s Eras Tour is called Red, as she released an album by that name in 2012. It was also re-released in 2021 after a dispute with her record label.

Commissioner Goodell has Primary birth numerology of 99:(2) + (19) + (19) + (59) = 99

"Super Bowl 58" = 99 (Reduction)

Andrew Walter Reid, the head coach of the Chiefs, was born on a date with Primary numerology of 99:(3) + (19) + (19) + (58) = 99

Andrew Walter Reid and Chiefs both = 99

In September, I made this video explaining how the death of famous author Hunter S. Thompson in Woody Creek, Colorado was connected to this year’s Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl was played exactly 990 weeks after Hunter S. Thompson died:

Woody Creek Colorado = 90 in both Reduction methods

The first Total Eclipse over America in 2017 was the first coast-to-coast Eclipse in 99 years. The second one in 2024 happens on the 99th day of a leap year:

America = 99 Caps and 129 Latin

Ninety-nine has Ordinal gematria of 129, like Taylor Swift and Tight end in Reverse.

"Ninety nine" = 129 (Ordinal)

Super Bowl LVIII was played a span of 1 month, 29 days before the 2024 Eclipse:

"Taylor Swift" = 129 (Reverse)

The Super Bowl was 129 days after Kelce’s birthday:

The Super Bowl was 4,129 days after Red was released:

"Tight End" = 129 (Reverse)

Thirteen has matching Reverse gematria with Eras Tour.

Thirteen and Eras Tour both = 117

Taylor’s Version of Red came out 117 weeks before the game:

"LVIII" = 117 (Capitals Mixed)

Andy Reid’s full name Andrew Walter Reid name reminds me of Walter Reed, the namesake of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland.

Andy Reid was born 117 days after the anniversary of Walter Reed’s death:

"Forty five" = 117 (Reverse)

Super Bowl 45

The number Thirteen also has gematria of 45 in both primary Reduction or Pythagorean methods.

Thirteen = 45 in both Reduction methods

This year’s Super Bowl was played 13 years after the Green Bay Packers won their 13th NFL Championship in Super Bowl 45. Late last year, I made this post to explain all of the remarkable 13 syncs found in that game.

The physician Walter Reed was renowned for confirming the transmission methods of Yellow fever.

"Yellow fever" = 58 (Reduction)

Walter Reed was born on the 13th of the month, just like Taylor Swift.

Swift was born exactly 13 weeks after Walter Reed’s birthday:

The 13th Prime number is 41

In July of 2023, Taylor performed two shows in back-to-back nights at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, where Kelce plays his home games. Those were the 40th and 41st shows of her Eras Tour.

At the first game his girlfriend attended in person, Kelce scored a touchdown that provided the 40th and 41st points of the game:

On that very same day, the Miami Dolphins scored the most points in an NFL game since 1966. 1966 was the NFL season that ended with the first-ever Super Bowl.

Taylor Alison Swift and Super Bowl Overtime both = 238, 221, 94, and 1966

Kelce was exactly 22 years, 10 months old when Garrett Reid died:

Read more on this game:

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