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Tucker Carlson Sits Down with Vladimir Putin

What did Vladimir Putin say to Tucker Carlson? Five key takeaways

Every once in a while, something happens that makes you wonder how anyone could deny the clear and obvious usage of occulted numerology in the mainstream media. Despite Tucker Carlson no longer appearing on Fox News, his influence and popularity on the right is as large as it’s ever been.

Carlson is a span of 6066 days (or 199 months, 9 days) younger than Vladimir Putin:

Vladimir Putin first became Russia’s acting president in 1999.

Putin was a span of 19990 days old for the interview:

"Satanic gematria" = 666 (Satanic)

In Satanic gematria, the word Beast sums to 222.

"Beast" = 222 (Satanic)

Tucker was born exactly 222 Sidereal months after Putin, and their birthdays are 222 days apart:

Tucker Carlson = 160 and Six hundred threescore and six both = 160, Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson and The Beast both = 158

Six six six is revealed as the number of the Beast in Revelation, a book which mentions the number 144 on four different occasions.

"Six six six" = 144 (Latin Ordinal)

Tucker was born 144 days before Putin’s birthday:

Putin’s second presidential term began exactly 144 months after his first:

The interview was aired on Tucker’s show, hosted on X.

"X" = 144 (Sumerian)

Tucker was born in 1969 on 16/5

"Six hundred sixty six" = 1650 (Sumerian)

The interview aired 275 days after the anniversary of Putin taking office:

Six hundred sixty six = 275, 211, and 103, Russian president = 211 and 103

Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson = 103 and 319

Putin was a span of exactly 3109 weeks old when he began his second term:

Vladimir, Russia, and The Beast

Vladimir matches Beast while Putin matches The Beast.

Vladimir and Beast both = 88, Putin and The Beast both = 80 and 26

The number of the Beast is written in the King James Bible as Six hundred threescore and six.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and Six hundred threescore and six both = 313 and 389

The four Beasts are first described in Revelation 4:7:

Revelation was written by John of Patmos.

Beast and John both = 47 Ordinal

In Latin, Russia = 470 and President of Russia = 919

It’s true that many people believe the real number of the Beast is 616.

But most people certainly recognize the Beast’s number as 666.

Six sixty six and Triple sixes both = 57

The President of Russia begins his term on May 7th or 5/7, the date leaving 238 days in the year:

"Six hundred sixty six" = 2038 (Latin)

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