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The Mercurial and 9/11 Riddles in Toby Keith’s Death

Country Icon Toby Keith Dies at 62 After Stomach Cancer Battle The "Beer For My Horses" singer was diagnosed in 2021.

This is my second of two posts on the passing of country music superstar Toby Keith:

Mercury / September 11th

Singers/songwriters like Toby Keith connect with their fanbase by communicating eloquent messages in music while making great money traveling the country.

Mercury (mythology)

This is a Mercurial career – the Roman god of Mercury oversees communication, eloquence, messages, travelers, and financial gain.

Toby Keith’s rise to superstardom began after he signed a record deal with Mercury Nashville:

"Mercury Nashville" = 205 (Ordinal)

"Mercury" = 205 (Capitals Mixed)

As I recently mentioned, this video dives into the Mercurial riddle in the death of Kobe Bryant, who died while traveling in a helicopter.

Toby was 205 months old when Kobe was born:

Toby Keith Covel passed away on 2/05

"Toby Keith Covel" = 250 (Capitals Added)

Perhaps the ultimate modern ritual for Mercury was the terror attacks of the 11th of September, or 11/9 in 2001 at the World Trade Center (click to enlarge):

Toby’s real common name, Toby Covel, sums to 119 in Ordinal and 1460 in Standard.

"Toby Covel" = 119 (Ordinal)

"Toby Covel" = 1460 (Standard)

Toby Covel was born 1460 weeks after his father:

Toby’s father H.K. Covel died in a car accident while traveling. JFK was shot while riding in a car.

Toby was 259 days after his birthday when his dad died:

Toby Keith died 259 Mercurial years after his birth:

"John F Kennedy" = 259 (Capitals Mixed)

John F. Kennedy was exactly 193 Mercurial years old when he was Assassinated:

John F Kennedy and Assassinated both = 193 Reverse

JFK and Kobe

193 is the 44th Prime number
JFK won the 44th Presidential Election

Keith was born 44 years, 40 days after Kennedy:

"Killing" = 444 (Sumerian)

Skull and Crossbones, Skull and Crossbones Three twenty two, and Skull and Bones Three hundred twenty two all = 444

The 444th Prime number is 3119

The World Trade Center was destroyed 3119 days after it was bombed:

That date had Primary numerology of 41:

"Mercury" = 41 (Reverse Reduction)

Kobe Bryant died at the age of 41 years, and Toby died 4 years, 10 days later:

"Kobe Bryant" = 41 (Reduction)

The departure of Toby Keith occurred during Brown Lunation # 1250:

John Kennedy = 125 and 172

Kobe Bryant was exactly 172 Mercurial years old when he died:

"Toby Keith Covel" = 172 (Ordinal)

H.K. Covel died a span of 172 days before the 9/11 attacks:

The number 93, known as a Thelemic number, was incredibly significant to 9/11:

Toby’s debut single, Should’ve Been a Cowboy, was released the same month as the World Trade Center Bombing in ’93. The track reached #93 on the Billboard Hot 100.

September 11th falls a span of 9 weeks, 3 days after Toby’s birthday:

Toby died exactly 93 Mercurial years after the 9/11 attacks:

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