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Super Bowl 58 – Skulls, Bones, and Guidestones

This is my third of a series of posts on this game:

Secret society and Freemasonry both = 58

The Secret society of Freemasonry is steeped in the traditions and reverence of Solomon’s Temple, which was one of the two destroyed temples in ancient Jerusalem.

Solomons Temple, Second Temple, Herods Temple, and Third Temple all = 58

George W. Bush was the president when the Twin Towers in New York City were destroyed.

"George W Bush" = 58 (Reduction)

Bush, just like his father, graduated from Yale University as a member of the Skull and Bones secret society. This past October, Yale had a very special anniversary:

That October 9th date aligned with the Super Bowl in a way that paid tribute to the main character of the game, Travis Michael Kelce.

Super Bowl LVIII was played 17 weeks, 6 days (or 125 days) after Yale’s 322nd anniversary:

In Ordinal, Travis Michael Kelce = 176 and Travis Kelce = 125

Yale University and The Kansas City Chiefs both = 205 and 79

Skulls, Bones, and Guidestones

The Skull and Bones society is synonymous with the number 322:

The Super Bowl, which ended the 2023 NFL season, ended on a touchdown scored by Carey Mecole Hardman.

"Carey Mecole Hardman" = 322 (Reverse)

Hardman was traded to KC from the Jets, whose quarterback was supposed to be Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers was drafted by Packers GM Ted Thompson, who died in Atlanta, Texas, the same weekend that Hank Aaron died in Atlanta, Georgia. Hammerin’ Hank has his #44 retired in both Georgia = 44 and Wisconsin = 44 (Packers).

Thompson died 3 years, 22 days before Super Bowl LVIII:

223 is the Standard value of Las Vegas, Nevada in Hebrew:

Before signing with Kansas City, winning coach Andy Reid was the long-time coach for Philadelphia.

"Philadelphia" = 223 (Reverse)

Hardman went to Elbert County High School, not far from the The Guidestones, which opened on March 22nd, the date written 3/22 or 22/3:

"The Guidestones" = 223 (Capitals Added)

Chiefs coach Andy Reid was 22 years, 3 days old on that date, and his son Garrett Reid was born 3 years, 22 days later:

223 is the 48th Prime number

Guidestones = 48 and 138

Garrett was born exactly 1308 weeks after his father:

Garrett died 138 months before Super Bowl LVIII:

Las Vegas, Chiefs, and San Francisco Forty niners all = 138

Garrett also died exactly 601 weeks before his dad’s overtime win:

601 is the 110th Prime number

Skull and Crossbones = 61 and 110, Fifty eight = 61, Georgia Guidestones = 110

NFL = 61 and 110

Elbert County Georgia, Mecole Hardman, and Super Bowl all = 222

Super Bowl LVIII is a rematch of Super Bowl LIV.

The Guidestones were bombed exactly 2 years, 22 weeks (or 885 days) after Super Bowl LIV:

Skull and Crossbones, Skull and Crossbones Three twenty two, and Skull and Bones Three hundred twenty two all = 885

Kansas City and San Francisco are two cities that share Ordinal gematria of 122. San Francisco even rests on the 122nd meridian.

Kansas City = 122, San Francisco = 122 and 202, and Skull and Bones = 202

122 minutes = 2:02
million people watched SB LVIII

The Georgia Guidestones opened exactly 202 Lunar phases after JFK was killed:

The 202nd Prime number is 1231

The Georgia Guidestones were topped during Brown Lunation # 1231:

Before switching the location to Las Vegas, Super Bowl LVIII was originally scheduled to be hosted by New Orleans.

"New Orleans" = 1231 (Latin)

Spirit of Seventy-six (76)

Taylor Alison Swift was a span of exactly 383 months old for Red’s re-release:

383 is the 76th Prime number

"Skull and Bones" = 76 (Reverse Reduction)

If you want to call someone in Elbert County, you probably have to dial Area code 706.

"Taylor Alison Swift" = 76 (Reduction)

The first game Swift attended was on a date with Primary numerology of 76:(9) + (24) + (20) + (23) = 76

George W. Bush, who was born in New Haven and graduated from Yale as a Bonesman, was born on 7/6:

George W. Bush turned 76 years old on that date:

"Bomb" = 76 (Reverse)

Chiefs and San Francisco both = 76

Hardman was traded back to KC when he was 307 months, 6 days old (or 7 months, 6 days after his birthday):

The Guidestones were bombed 1 year, 7 months, 6 days before the Super Bowl:

Travis Kelce was born a span of 176 days after Garrett Reid’s birthday:

Kelce won the Super Bowl in Vegas 176 days before the anniversary of Garrett’s demise:

"New Haven" = 176 (Reverse Caps Added)

Super Bowl LVIII was played 17 weeks, 6 days (or 125 days) after Yale’s 322nd anniversary:

In Ordinal, Travis Michael Kelce = 176 and Travis Kelce = 125

The Georgia Guidestones, Elberton, and Thirteen all = 125


These numbers trace back to JFK, who I’ve been blogging about recently. Check out this post to see how the recent death of Toby Keith was connected.

The shooting was 125 days after John Kennedy’s birthday:

Garrett Reid, Travis Kelce, and John Kennedy all = 125 and 172

Taylor Swift was born in West Reading, Pennsylvania.

West Reading = 125 and 172, Pennsylvania = 152 and 172

"Kansas City Chiefs" = 172 (Ordinal)

The Vegas shooting was a span of 172 days after Garrett Reid’s birthday:

The Las Vegas festival shooting happened during Brown Lunation # 1172:

The Super Bowl saw a pair of record Field goal kicks.

"Field goal" = 172 (Reverse)

The Georgia Guidestones and John Fitzgerald Kennedy both = 233, 334, 107, and 109

JFK was born in 1917

Overtime = 107 and 109

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