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Death of Suzanne Somers Linked to Tom Brady and Brady Bunch

My last post showed how the numerology of The World Trade Center was synced up to Three’s Company actress Suzanne Somers. You can see my first post on that story by clicking here.

The World Trade Center, Threes Company, and Suzanne Somers all = 322 Caps

I briefly mentioned a connection between the death of Carol from the Brady Bunch to the retirement of Tom Brady. This actually runs pretty deep.

Tom Brady retired 322 weeks after Florence Henderson died:

It’s been 22 years, 3 weks since Brady took over for Bledsoe:

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady = 2023 Latin and 2203 Standard

"Skull and Crossbones" = 885 (Latin)

Tom Brady was 8805 weeks old on 9/11:

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady = 259 Ordinal and Yale University = 2059 Latin

“Israel’s 9/11” happened exactly 273 Lunations after the 9/11 attacks:

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr = 2703 Latin and 116 Reduction

“Sacrifice” Code

Tom Brady has Reduction gematria of 46.

"Tom Brady" = 46 (Reverse Reduction)

Tom Brady was 46 years, 73 days old when Somers died:

Sacrifice = 46, 73, and 226

Brady’s retirement was connected to the death of Carol Brady, who was played by Florence Agnes Henderson.

"Florence Agnes Henderson" = 226 (Ordinal)

Henderson died 17,226 days after The Brady Bunch premiere:

Tom Brady retired 2260 days after Florence Henderson died:

On Step by Step, the family’s name was Lambert.

Lambert = 226 Primes and 2206 Reverse Standard

“Blood sacrifice” / “Killing” Codes

The two Carols were born exactly 661 weeks apart:

661 is the 121st Prime number

Blood sacrifice = 121 and 257

Suzanne’s death fell a span of 257 days after Tom Brady retired:

257 is the 55th Prime number
Brady’s last title was won in Super Bowl 55

"Sacrifice" = 55 (Single Reduction)

On Three’s Company, Somers played Chrissy Snow while John Ritter played Jack Tripper.

Chrissy Snow and Jack Tripper both = 55 Reduction

The Brady Bunch ended exactly 55 Lunar phases after it started:

Brady Bunch = 55 Reverse Reduction and 740 Latin

Suzanne was a span of 70 years, 40 days old when Florence died:

Killing = 74 and 115 Ordinal and 115 Latin

Somers died on 10/15

Somers, Winter, and Summer all = 115 Caps Added

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