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Actress Suzanne Somers Dies of Cancer One Day Before 77th Birthday

Suzanne Somers, ‘Three’s Company’ actress, dead at 76

Also see my second post that explores the huge 9/11 riddle in this story

Suzanne Somers rose to national stardom thanks to her role in the sitcom Three’s Company. She is the second of the show’s three main characters to pass away. Back in 2003, John Ritter died unexpectedly at the age of 54 after suffering an aortic dissection.

Later in her career, Somers starred in a sitcom that aired during ABC’s TGIF called Step by Step. The show featured eight main characters – including a couple who each brought their three children into the household. This plot was basically identical to The Brady Bunch. Both series aired every new episode on a Friday.

In that show, Somers played the mother, named Carol – the same name as the Mom from the Brady Bunch, who was played by Florence Henderson.

Suzanne Marie Somers died a span of 20 years, 35 days after John Ritter:

Henderson was a span of 30,235 days old when she died:

Suzanne Marie Somers = 235 Ordinal and 467 Caps Mixed

She died exactly 46 years, 7 months after Three’s Company debuted:

467 is the 91st Prime number:

Suzanne had Primary birth numerology of 91:(10) + (16) + (19) + (46) = 91

Age 76

Somers died in Palm Springs, California on October 15th. Her passing is now in the headlines on October 16th, which was her birthday. That’s the date leaving 76 days in the year:

"October sixteenth" = 76 (Reduction)

Palm Springs California = 706 Latin and Burbank California = 76 Reduction

John Ritter died in Burbank, California. after falling ill during the taping of his newer sitcom 8 Simple Rules, which lasted a total of 76 episodes:

It was 9676 days after the first episode of Three’s Company:

Human sacrifice, Blood sacrifice, and Skull and Bones all = 76

Somers died in her final day of being 76 years of age:

Florence Henderson would have turned 1076 months old just one day before Somers died:

In astrology, 76 is highly-similar to the glypth for Capricorn on the Zodiac:

Capricorn = 376 Standard, Suzanne Somers = 376 Caps Mixed, Threes Company = 376 Caps Mixed Reverse

Suzanne Somers was 376 Lunar phases old when the show debuted:

Capricorn begins in December 21st, the date written 12/21:

Suzanne Somers has Latin gematria of 1221.

"Suzanne Somers" = 1221 (Latin)

12/21 is also the first day of winter:

Winter brings snow (in my neck of the woods, anyway). In Three’s Company, Somers played a character named Chrissy Snow.

Capricorn = 172, Chrissy Snow = 17 and 1720, John Ritter = 1072, Brady Bunch = 172

The World Trade Center opened 1702 days after construction began:

Winter is opposite the Summer. Suzanne’s last name was Somers.

Somers, Summer, and Winter all = 89, 73, and 37

September 11th (9/11)

Somers passed away 116 days after the start of Summer:

Her death was still in the headlines on 10/16. That’s also her birthday, 10/16:

"Ritter" = 116 (Capitals Added)

116 flipped upside-down is 911

John Ritter died on 9/11 in 2003:

9/11 had a heavy Mercurial theme to it. It occurred under the sign of Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury. The World Trade Center was a palace of commerce, merchandising, and communications. 9/11 was an act of trickery where thieves hijacked planes, a mode of transportation – all elements connected to the Roman god of Mercury.

Ritter’s death fell exactly 110 Mercurial years after the debut of Three’s Company:

John was the son of famous country singer Tex Ritter, whose full name was Woodward Maurice Ritter.

"Woodward Maurice Ritter" = 110 (Reduction)

Ritter on its own sums to 36.

"Ritter" = 36 (Reduction)

John died exactly 36 weeks after the anniversary of his dad’s death:

It was also span of 360 days after his own birthday:

John died exactly 36 weeks into the 36th year since WTC construction:

The 36th Prime number is 151
Suzanne Somers died on 15/10

My next post explains how this all connects to the World Trade Center, or WTC, and The Moon.

WTC = 151 Satanic, The Moon = 151 Reverse Caps

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