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Significant “9/11” Syncs in Death of Suzanne Somers

This is a follow-up on my first post on the passing of Suzanne Somers on her final day of being 76 years old.

The Moon

Ritter and The Moon both = 90, 36, and 594

In my first post, I pointed out that Suzanne Marie Somers235 and she died a span of 20 years, 35 days after John Ritter.

The Metonic cycle is a period of 235 Lunar phases that syncs up perfectly with 254 Sidereal months.

September 11th, or 9/11, is the 254th day of the year:

Somers was 20054 days old for the 9/11 attacks:

Why else is the Moon important?

The Moon rules just one sign on the Zodiac – the sign of Cancer. Suzanne Somers reportedly died from cancer. In 2009, Somers published a book about alternative treatments for cancer called Knockout:

Knockout was published exactly 423 weeks after 9/11:

Henderson was a span of 40 years, 23 days old for the show’s finale:

It’s been 295 Sidereal months since The World Trade Center was destroyed:

"The World Trade Center" = 295 (Reverse)

9/11 Riddles

Somers’ death was one of the top stories on her birthday, October 16th, or 10/16. John Ritter unexpectedly died in 2003 on September 11th, or 9/11:

Somers was a span of 11109 days old when Three’s Company premiered:

John Ritter was 13,119 days old for the show’s finale:

Later in her career, Somers starred in a TGIF sitcom called Step by Step.

The premiere of Step by Step fell 9 years, 11 days (or 119 months) before 9/11:

Step by Step was a copycat of the Brady Bunch. Somers played a character named Carol – the same name as the Mom from the Brady Bunch, who was played by Florence Henderson.

"Brady Bunch" = 1160 (Standard)

Somers died exactly 1109 Lunar phases after Florence Henderson was born:

Somers died a span of 18,119 days after The Brady Bunch ended:

Speaking of Brady…this is the first NFL season without Tom Brady, whose NFL career as a starting quarterback began the first game after 9/11. He retired earlier in 2023, the year of “Israel’s 9/11.” Brady finished his career with the Buccaneers, one of the NFL’s Skull and Bones teams. See my next post for more on that link.

“World Trade Center”

The World Trade Center has matching 322 gematria with both Three’s Company and Suzanne Somers.

The World Trade Center, Threes Company, and Suzanne Somers all = 322 Caps

Suzanne left our plane on the date leaving 77 days in the year, just one day before turning 77 years old:

Three’s Company’s first episode aired in 77.

World Trade Center = 77 and 94

John Ritter would have been exactly 900 months, 4 weeks old when his co-star died:

World Trade Center sums to 1337.

"World Trade Center" = 1337 (Standard)

Somers and Ritter were born 1 year, 337 days (or a span of 100 weeks, 3 days) apart:

"WTC" = 1003 (Latin)

John Ritter would have been 1003 Sidereal months old when Somers died:


The 337 seen above is the 68th Prime number. Construction on the World Trade Center in New York City began in the year ’68, the same year 9-1-1 was designated as the emergency dialing code by AT&T.

Suzanne’s death fell on a date with Primary numerology of 68:

John Ritter turned 680 Lunar phases old the day before he died:

John was the son of famous country singer Tex Ritter.

Tex was 68 years of age when he passed away:

Just hours before we learned of Suzanne’s death, CNBC posted this article about a 68-year-old man who was hired by AT&T in the year 73:

68-year-old engineer spent 50 years at one company and ‘always’ told his bosses to ‘leave me alone’: ‘Let me learn the job’

Published at 10:15 on 10/15

The WTC officially opened in ’73, just one day after the first cell phone call was made in NYC, which was thanks in part to the antennae on top of the Twin Towers. Above, I pointed out how Suzanne died 73 days after Tom Brady’s birthday.

Today is a span of exactly 730 weeks after her book on cancer:

John Ritter died 730 days after the 9/11 attacks:

Somers, Winter, and Summer all = 73

Sacrifice and Ritual sacrifice both = 73

The 73rd Prime number is 367

WTC = 703 Standard and World Trade Center = 367 Caps Mixed

Ritter was born a span of 703 days after Somers:

Somers was 703 Lunations old when Ritter died:

Step by Step took place in the Wisconsin city of Port Washington.

"Port Washington" = 73 (Reduction)

Step by Step aired for exactly 73 Lunar phases:

Run on ABC’s “TGIF”

Thirty-three (33)

The 156th Prime number is 911:

Three’s Company aired for a total of 7 years, 156 days:

Thirty three = 156 and 141, Suzanne Marie Somers = 1410 and 1506

Step by Step aired for a span of 5 years, 330 days (or 2,156 days):

The 9/11 attacks happened 33 years after World Trade Center construction began:

"Twin Towers" = 330 (Capitals Mixed)

John died 330 days after Suzanne’s birthday:

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