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Popular Football Coach From My High School Dies @ 71 in Car Crash

Remembering Coach Tom Taraska; Wisconsin high school football legend

One year ago this week, I made this video on an apartment fire in my old hometown of Hartland, Wisconsin that resulted in the deaths of six people. Also see my follow-up video that confirmed the synchronicity with the Green Bay Packers, the NFL team from Wisconsin.

I attended Arrowhead High School in Hartland from August of 1999 through December of 2001. During my time there, we had an incredibly successful varsity football team, led by coach Tom Taraska. In 2009, the school even named their football stadium after him.

Taraska has reportedly died following a single-car accident in the Lake Country area on Sunday. I did not play football as a kid because I value my brain cells, but I did briefly meet Coach Taraska on a couple of occasions. I loved the positive energy he gave off, and he seemed like a strong-willed, but kind man. My friends who played on the team had a lot of admiration for him. No doubt, he will be sorely missed in that community.

Seventy-one (71)

Taraska died in a Car crash at age 71.

"Taraska" = 71 (Ordinal)

"Car crash" = 71 (Ordinal)

The Varsity football coach died on 10/15 at Woodfield Court.

Varsity football, October fifteen, and Woodfield Court all = 71

He died at age Seventy-one in a Car accident in Merton, WI.

Seventy one = 45 and 45, Car accident = 45, Merton WI = 45 and 45

The 45th Prime number is 197:

The name of the team he coached was the Arrowhead Warhawks.

Arrowhead Warhawks, Arrowhead High School, Varsity football, and October fifteenth all = 197

Next Birthday

In Reduction, Arrowhead Warhawks sums to 80.

"Arrowhead Warhawks" = 80 (Reduction)

Coach T died in a Car accident 80 days (or a span of 81) before his birthday:

Car accident = 81, Hartland Arrowhead = 81, October fifteenth = 81 and 81

The name Warhawks also stood out because it has matching 104 gematria with Hartland. The NFL is currently running its 104th season in its history.

Warhawks and Hartland both = 104

Date Numerology

The name Taraska is believed to have been derived from the Greek word Tarásios, which comes from the Indo-Proto-European darandos, which means oak.

Taraska’s family believed he had a medical emergency that forced him off the road. He died after striking a Tree on Rybeck Road at Woodfield Court. Is it just me, or is this an oak tree?

"Tree" = 48 (Ordinal)

"Rybeck Road" = 48 (Reduction)

"Woodfield" = 48 (Reduction)

Taraska, who coached Arrowhead in Hartland to nine State Championship appearances and four titles, died on a date with Standard numerology of 48:Arrowhead and Hartland both = 48

The 48th Prime number is 223
This is the year 2023

Coach Taraska made Hartland Arrowhead relevant in Varsity football. Their team mascot is the Warhawks.

Coach Taraska = 223 Reverse, Arrowhead football coach = 1223 Standard, Hartland Arrowhead and Varsity football both = 223 Caps Added, Warhawks = 223 Reverse Caps Mixed

Although he allegedly passed away on Sunday night, no one found out about it until news broke the following morning, October 16th, or 10/16.

"Arrowhead High School" = 116 (Single Reduction)

"Car crash" = 116 (Fibonacci)

116 is an upside-down 911

"Ritual human sacrifice" = 911 (Satanic), "Human sacrifice" = 156 (Capitals Added), "Ritual sacrifice" = 1506 (Reverse Sumerian), "Prince Rogers Nelson" = 1560 (Reverse Sumerian), "Super Bowl Fifty seven" = 1506 (Reverse Sumerian)

Tom Taraska has Ordinal gematria of 119.

"Tom Taraska" = 119 (Ordinal)

Arrowhead and Woodfield both = 119 Caps Added

Organic Matrix

Last night, I made this video on the death of actress Suzanne Somers, who I used to watch on Step by Step. At the end, I dove a bit into the organic numerology connecting her passing to the death of my uncle Dennis in 2014.

Both of them died of cancer. Dennis lived in Port Washington, Wisconsin, which is where the show Step by Step took place. Remarkably, Somers died 3300 days after my uncle.

Above, you may have noticed that I only went to Arrowhead for a little over two years. The summer of 2001 completely transformed my life, and I completely fell apart as a student in my Junior year. My mom pulled me out for homeschooling, although I spent more time working the next couple of years than I did on schoolwork.

My final day at Arrowhead was during the last month of 2001.

Taraska died during my last day of being 2001 weeks old:

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