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MLB Journeyman Pitcher Jim Poole Dies @ 57 From ALS

Former MLB pitcher Jim Poole dead at 57 after battle with ALS Poole was diagnosed in 2021

Jim Poole was born on the 28th of April, or 28/4:

Jim Poole and Cleveland Indians both = 284

Jim Poole, who pitched in the ’95 World Series for the Cleveland Indians, has reportedly died after a battle with ALS at age 57.

Jim poole = 95 and 570, Cleveland Indians = 95, ALS = 95

Poole is actually the third person I’ve blogged about to die at age 57 from ALS. See my post on Bryan Randall from just two months ago, and my post on NFL player Steve Smith from November of 2021. He also died less than a week after the passing of Tim Wakefield, another MLB pitcher, at age 57.

ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is also commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, named after another former Major League Baseball player, Lou Gehrig.

"Lou Gehrig" = 57 (Reduction)

"Moon" = 57 (Ordinal)

Lou Gehrig died 507 Lunar orbits after he was born:

"Rochester" = 57 (Single Reduction)

Henry Louis Gehrig has matching 200 gematria with Cleveland Indians.

Henry Louis Gehrig and Cleveland Indians both = 200

Jim Poole was born 298 months after Lou Gehrig died, and passed away at the age of 20980 days:

Lou Gehrig was born on the 19th of June, or 19/06:

James Richard Poole was born in Rochester, New York.

In Latin, James Richard Poole = 1096 and Rochester New York = 1906

Rochester, New York

Jim died 126 days after the anniversary of Lou’s death:

Gehrig sums to 126, matching Poole’s birthplace of Rochester, New York.

Gehrig = 126, Rochester New York = 1260

Jim Poole died 10206 days after the Indians lost the World Series:

That final game was played 183 days after Jim Poole’s birthday and 183 days before his next:

"Lou Gehrigs disease" = 183 (Ordinal)

It was also 148 days after the anniversary of Gehrig’s death:

Cleveland Indians = 148, Gehrig = 148 Primes, Lou Gehrigs disease = 1408 Trigonal

Rochester has more overlap with ALS.

Rochester New York = 1986, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis = 1986 and 331

Poole was born a span of 331 days after the anniversary of Gehrig’s passing:

"Madden" = 331 (Reverse Satanic)

John Madden

The death of Steve Smith was connected to the release of that year’s Madden NFL game. John Madden, who was born on 4/10, passed away just one month later.

Steve Smith and Madden both = 41

Lou died shortly after his retirement in the year ’41. This connection appears to carry over to this story as well.

"Jim Poole" = 41 (Reduction)

It may seem obscure to tie Madden into this, but also consider how John Madden‘s common and full names have immense overlap with ALS.

John Earl Madden = 124, 61, and 202, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis = 124, ALS = 61, Lou Gehrig = 202

Jim Poole died 647 days after John Madden:

647 is the 118th Prime number

Jim’s birthday was the 118th day of the year:

Death and Homicide both = 118 Latin

"Henry Louis Gehrig" = 1018 (Latin)

Gehrig would have been 1108 months old for the ‘95 World Series:

Stephen Hawking

Henry Louis Gehrig has matching gematria with both John Madden and Madden.

John Madden, Madden, and Henry Louis Gehrig all = 232

See my old post from when Stephen Hawking died if you’d like. He also died of ALS.

Jim Poole died 2032 days after Stephen Hawking:

Hawking died at 27,824 days of age:

"Jim Poole" = 824 (Latin)

Eclipse Code

Hawking died on Pi Day, 3/14
Pi (π) = 3.14

Stephen Hawking was born a span of 31 weeks, 4 days after Lou Gehrig died:

Jim Poole was born a span of 314 days after Lou Gehrig’s birthday:

If you add every permutation of 314 together, 134+143+314+341+413+431 = 1776. Jim Poole was 10776 days old when his Indians lost the World Series.

"Eclipse" = 314 (Satanic)

The next total lunar Eclipse happens in 2025.

"Poole" = 225 (Standard)

It will actually be Pi Day in ’25. Poole died on 10/6.

Pi = 25 and 16

The next Total lunar eclipse falls on Pi Day in '25.

Hawking and Gehrig both = 116

Hawking died exactly 84 months before that Total lunar eclipse:

"Total lunar eclipse" = 804 (Latin)

Lou Gehrigs disease = 84 and 840, Rochester New York = 84, Steve Smith = 840, Madden = 94

The number 108 is very significant to the Moon, Sun, and Lunar eclipses:

Hawking was born on January 8th, or 1/08, matching Gehrig and Mathematics of the circle:

Gehrig and Mathematics of the circle both = 108

Poole 18 died exactly 18 weeks after the anniversary of Gehrig’s death.

His death was also a span of 526 days before that Eclipse:

"Poole" = 526 (Fibonacci)

Poole died a span of 2238 days after the first Great American Eclipse and 185 days before the second:

Poole = 238 Satanic and 185 Latin

More on Poole / Hawking / Gehrig

Just like Stephen Hawking himself, his alignments with Lou Gehrig and Jim Poole simply won’t seem to go away.

Stephen Hawking would have been exactly 1011 Lunar months old when Poole passed:

It’s been 1011 months since Lou’s “Luckiest man” retirement speech:

Poole was from Rochester, and both men died of ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease in connection to the Cleveland Indians and Madden.

Rochester, ALS, Lou Gehrigs disease, and Madden all = 111. Cleveland Indians = 1101 Fibonacci

Poole died of ALS a span of 110 days after Gehrig’s birthday:

Henry Louis Gehrig = 110 and ALS = 110

Stephen Hawking was born a span of exactly 2012 weeks after Lou Gehrig:

"Stephen Hawking" = 212 (Capitals Added)

Naturally, Stephen William Hawking has matching 328 gematria with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Stephen William Hawking and Lou Gehrigs disease both = 328

Jim Poole was born a span of exactly 3280 weeks after Lou Gehrig:

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