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Former Red Sox Knuckleballer Tim Wakefield Dies @ 57

Red Sox great Tim Wakefield dead at 57 Wakefield became known as a master knuckleball pitcher in his career

Major news out of the world of Baseball today on a date with Primary numerology of 54 and 18:(10) + (1) + (20) + (23) = 54 and (10) + (1) + 2+0+2+3 = 18

Baseball = 54, 54, and 18

This is my first of two posts on this story. My second one explores the Skull and Bones / Eclipse riddles that have been so prevalent as we approach Yale University’s 322nd anniversary.

Today is the final day of the 119th Major League Baseball regular season.

"Ritual human sacrifice" = 911 (Satanic), "Human sacrifice" = 156 (Capitals Added), "Ritual sacrifice" = 1506 (Reverse Sumerian), "Prince Rogers Nelson" = 1560 (Reverse Sumerian), "Super Bowl Fifty seven" = 1506 (Reverse Sumerian)

Wakefield was well-known to baseball fans as he was one of just a handful of successful knuckleball pitchers in modern history. Furthermore, he was also part of the 2004 Boston Red Sox team that broke an 86-year curse to win the World Series.

Wakefield started Game 1 of that series, which ended with a score of 9-11:

Before playing for Boston, Wakefield was a Pittsburgh Pirate.

"Pittsburgh Pirate" = 911 (Latin)

911 is the 156th Prime number

Boston’s starting pitcher on the day Wakefield passed away was Tanner Houck.

Wakefield was born 1560 weeks before Tanner Houck:


It’s being reported that he died of Brain cancerBrain, Cancer, Chemo, and Kill all sum to 44 in Ordinal.

Brain, Cancer, Chemo, and Kill all = 44 Ordinal

The 44th Prime number is 193

Knuckleball and Wakefield both = 193

Cancer shares 26 118 gematria with Tim Wakefield.

Cancer = 26 and 118, Tim Wakefield = 118 and 206

The 26th Prime number is 101

Knuckleballer Tim Wakefield died on October 1st, or 10/1.

Knuckleballer Tim Wakefield and Skull and Bones society both = 101 and 245

Tanner Houck

Boston’s winning starter on the date of Tim’s death was Tanner Houck, which sums to 49. Tim Wakefield wore # 49 for his entire career with both the Pirates and Red Sox.

"Tanner Houck" = 49 (Reduction)

Tanner Lee Houck has Ordinal gematria of 152.

"Tanner Lee Houck" = 152 (Ordinal)

Brain and Cancer both = 152 Standard

Tanner Houck also has matching Reverse gematria with Wakefield.

Tanner Houck and Wakefield both = 167

Wakefield died a span of 273 days before Houck’s birthday:

Tanner Houck debuted 10,273 days after Timothy Stephen Wakefield:

"Timothy Stephen Wakefield" = 273 (Ordinal)

Tanner was born 1429 days after Wakefield’s debut:

1429 is the 226th Prime number

Tanner Lee Houck and Sacrifice both = 226

Tanner and The Moon both = 90, 27, and 36

The Moon / “Sacrifice” Code

Wakefield played his first MLB game during Brown Lunation # 861:

"Boston Red Sox" = 861 (Latin)

The Moon is Earth’s satellite. Wakefield died in Satellite Beach, Florida.

Wakefield died at age 57

Knuckleballer Tim Wakefield, who played the majority of his career for the Boston Red Sox, was born in Melbourne, Florida.

Knuckleballer = 46, Tim Wakefield = 55, 170, and 206, Boston Red Sox = 170, Melbourne Florida = 170

"Moon" = 170 (Latin)

These are the same numbers found in the gematria of Sacrifice.

Sacrifice = 46, 55, 170, and 206

The 46th Prime number is 199

"Tim Wakefield" = 1099 (Latin)

Tim died exactly 253 Sidereal months after the Red Sox won that World Series:

Boston Massachusetts and Knuckleballer both = 253

The Moon is called Luna in Latin.

"Luna" = 60 (Reverse)

Tim died 60 (or a span of 61) days after his birthday:

The 61st Prime number is 283

"The Moon" = 283 (Latin)

77 and 76 – “Secret Society”

The word Knuckle has Ordinal gematria of 77.

"Knuckle" = 77 (Ordinal)

Tim Wakefield lived for exactly 707 Lunar phases:

The Boston Red Sox entered play today with 77 total wins on the season. Houck picked up a win for them today:

Boston, Red Sox, Houck, and Moon all = 77

Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Pirates dealt the Miami Marlins their 77th loss:

Secret society = 77 and 76

In doing so, the Pirates got their 76th win.

"Skull and Bones" = 76 (Reverse Reduction)

"Wakefield" = 76 (Ordinal)

See my next post for more major Skull and Bones connections.

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